Is rocket power that makes air power superfluous

The well-being of absolut state depends directly on the national army. What it is more efficient, the fewer threats it will be to the security of the country. However, it is necessary to understand the fact that the army is a systematic concept that has internal functions and specific structural components. For each of the similar elements, there are a number of specific functions required to ensure that the defense of the state is ensured. It is also necessary to remember that the army performs important tasks, both in times of war and in peaceful tasks. In the classic version it consists of several basic elements, namely: navy, land, air forces.

In specially developed countries there are other troops, for example, in the Russian Federation there are cosmic. The special elite troops are sewn on, which are placed by special functions. It is about such national military formations of the Russian Federation, which will be discussed in the next article.

The essence of the concept

To get into Russia's elite troops, you hardly need to train well. Many experts recommend starting physical training before the instrument of the air forces falls to both Weil forces and officers who have graduated from special universities. Knowledge of marial arts or military training is welcome. This type of troops is the most promising in the Russian Federation because of the recruitment of pages in GRU, FSB and other classified special departments.


We checked Russia's elite troops. Note that this list may vary over time. Still, the rating is based on the facts of combat ability and detailed population surveys. The article also includes the answer to the question of how to join the elite troops of Russia. In conclusion, add that the army is the many strong and purposeful people. If you are one hundred percent confident of everything, then the elite of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are waiting!

The theory indicates that each military conscipt in the Army of the Russian Federation must independently choose a direction for its service.

Have the wishes of the corporations been taken into account?

In 2017-2018, it is envisaged that every military citizen will be selected from the army service selection. Therefore, it is recommended to communicate with doctors in advance during the drafting of the commissions and when communicating with the military commissioner. It is recommended to provide arguments for the decision made. For example, for service in tractor or automobile troops, it is advisable to take care of special certificates. Even so, it is not always possible to start a service in the field of interest. In any case, in any case, it is the type of service in the Army of the Russian Federation, it is advisable to determine yourself and try to use its legal right.

Directions of Army Service: Brief information

For example, the fleet, special forces, marine infantry, border troops, intelligence battalions are one of the most prestigious directions. Most men with ideal health and physical shape choose these options.

Fewer people want to serve in the internal forces and in Stroybat. Despite the presence of respect, the terms of service are not suitable for everyone.

Many recruits focus on the location of the military unit. Sometimes you can withdraw from the territorial problem if the military man has a certain dream and a desire to put it into practice, to implement it.

The skills, characteristics of the physical forms are taken into account. If a man swims badly, he will not be able to become a Marine.

At the same time, 2 meter men can not be tankers, paratroopers, washers.

Personal desires and physical abilities are not always correlated, so that every military citizen must be prepared for certain deviations from existing personal desires.

Types and type of troops of the Army of the Russian Federation

In Russia, the troops are divided into the following types of species:

  • ground forces - a view that includes a large number of soldiers with different skills and levels of training. Among the differences there is great fire and thrust power, optimal maneuverability, a tendency towards independence;
  • Air Force - the appearance of the armed forces, the representatives of which beat the enemy, carry out air intelligence and air transport. Activities are based on the use of airplanes and helicopters;
  • The Navy is created to hit another objects that belong to the enemy side. Soldiers are only allowed to serve if they are in good health and have a good, quick response;
  • strategic target missile troops solve strategic tasks during nuclear war. The main weapons are modern missile complexes, which largely depend on the activities of military giant men and the success of the result. In RVSN, the battlefield must carry everything from ordinary and with the commander-in-chief so that the recruits have perfect health and developed physical form;
  • space troops - a new genus of the Russian Federation. Representatives of the space forces ensure the security of the state in the space sphere. This is necessary to maximize protection from possible missile attacks. Every representative of the space forces should be in perfect health (Category A);
  • The airborne troops engaged in the enemy's stern, destroying nuclear products. The main task is to capture and interfere with important facilities in order to improve the effectiveness of combat in the territory of the enemy, violation of the management system and the work of the enemy behind. The airborne forces operate successfully with ground forces;
  • The rear of the armed forces provides the armed forces of the Russian Federation with material resources for effective combat, guaranteed medical care for wounded soldiers and sick people, organization and implementation of sanitary and hygienic measures.
  • Engineering troops are equipped with modern high-performance equipment to carry out complex and specific work, create water, anti-tanks, anti-personnel, anti-transport barriers on the path of potential enemy troops.

Each soldier, taking into account the physical preparation and state of health, is entitled to choose the appropriate direction of army service. Employees of the military registration and registration offices take into account the wishes of military citizens whenever possible. In the absence of the possibility of soldiers, it should be understood that we must agree to the proposals of the military registration and accounting office for carrying out debts to the homeland.

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When working in a professional army through a military registration and accounting office and contract center, in most cases you have no choice. The direction will give the part that can experience the staff shortage severely. When moving to another site, we recommend preparing documents on commissioning the commission and receiving personal matters from our military registration and accounting office. We will understand where it is best to serve under a contract in Russia.

Choice of a type of troop

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the native of the troops in which you want to work. The service is most often in the same troops in the class. The final selection is made in the part where you will feed documents. Candidates Suitable parts with profile are determined by the criteria:

  • health indicators;
  • personal qualities;
  • physical form;
  • preferences.

For some articles there is an additional selection. For example, those who wish to serve as snipers must go through a series of tests that will determine if they are suitable for that position.

The part has the right to conduct additional tests, including the verification of personal qualities, psychological stability and physical form.

An additional choice has been introduced in almost all Elite guidelines, but can only be used in popular parts. There are too many applicants in a number of cities too, serving so often that you are serving under the contract you will have to try to get to the location you want.

Choice of a place

The most important thing is to choose a settlement where it will live and serve well. Areas are popular:

  • Kaliningrad;
  • Murmansk;
  • Leningrad;
  • Moscow.

As for cities, the most popular, the most popular, Seversk and Moscow. In the capital to get a job in the military unit is extremely difficult. Because of the opportunities that this city offers, young people who have families strive for it. Almost all of them set the goal of earning money and settling in the capital.

All young people who have reached the calling age, sooner or later, think about the topic of where to serve, go into the army, and what qualities you need to get into the division you want. It all depends not only on the desire, but also on physical training, skills and state of health. The information presented in the article will help determine which troops is advisable to get to a potential fighter, given his preferences and medicinal properties.

Is it possible to choose the direction of army service yourself?

According to the generally accepted rules, during a draft campaign, a young man will of course ask his wishes to the troops in which he would like to pass on the urgent service and, based on his response, a note of his preferences. The distribution of newly minted soldiers, however, does not depend particularly on their personal wishes, mainly choosing the so-called "buyers" who choose fighters. Of course, there are cases when recruits' preferences based on good causes or a place of residence are taken into account.

Another way to send to the service is precisely in the areas that I want me to present the military commissioner with weighty arguments. For example, if a young man wants to indicate the duty of his homeland, who is served by the driver of the military transport, it is very useful to take care of the presentation of automobile rights. It doesn't matter whether or not the recruit can get on that military unit they noticed, try again.

Unofficial troop ratings

The residents of Russia formed a special ranking of military units. Of course, it has no official status, but in most cases concerns the choice of potential recruits. According to this list, the top of the line is Marine Infantry and Fleet, Special Purpose Troops, Intelligence, and Cross-Border Military Units. It is these instructions that are in great demand and considered elite. There are men in excellent health and in excellent physical shape.

Wherever they want to serve in the army - this is in the division of the building housing district or the internal troops. This is due to the specific conditions for wearing the army service in these military units, not all suitable.

Often the choice is affected by the territorial location of the service. Many want or are afraid to leave far from home, but there are also those who do not pay attention to the location of the part and are guided by their dream, these military-minded young people make maximum efforts to achieve the goal.

During the decision in which he should send a new fighter, the employees of the military commissariat are guided not only by the assigned category of suitability, but also by the possession of certain recruiting skills, his physical data. If the guy has marine sickness, he definitely won't fall on the fleet. And high growth rates that cannot declare their civil debts are tankers or washers.

Before associating language desires related to the direction of army service, it is recommended to soberly evaluate their physical characteristics and make sure that everything is in order with health.

Varieties of military targets

A variety of troops to go to serve in is quite large, and before going into the army, any future urgent service soldier should understand the military directions. In addition, useful information is knowledge of the characteristics a recruiter will need to get into the desired division. In general, the existing Russian troops are divided into three types: Aviation, Land Forces, and Navy.

Antenna direction

Troops in the air. It is considered one of the prestigious types of armed forces. Servicemen belonging to this area are engaged in special activities in enemy territory. Make the attack of strategically important objects of the enemy, the communication work and the means of controlling the enemy are imprisoned.

Perform sabotage tasks. To get into the ranks of the air box, the potential novation must meet the highest standards of physical endurance and health. Only if, after the execution of the military medical commission during the invited events, the candidate received discharge of the suitability of A1 service, he can claim to be sent to the troops in the air.

Air and space departments. This includes a service in the ranks of the military-cosmic forces in parts of the air defense as well as the missile troops of the strategic appointment. These guys are employed to protect and control the aircraft space of the Russian state. If necessary, the soldiers on these platforms must reveal and reflect the enemy air strike.

First of all, the chances of carrying an urgent service in one of the parts of the airspace armed forces among young people who have degrees in technical or engineering professions in the hands. During the distribution of because forces, rely on the guys' psychological traits and intellectual abilities. The change in fitness required to dispatch to the part of the VKs, air defense and missile forces, not lower than the discharge "A" and its sub-categories.

Naval forces

Marine. The fighters of this military direction carry out their fighting duties in the territory of the seas and oceans under the control of the Russian Federation. The task of the Navy is to mirror possible enemy attacks as well as, if necessary, to carry out offensive measures against seawater.

The fleet includes underwater and surface forces as well as marine infantry and aviation. The characteristics of candidates for service in the ranks of the Sea troops should also be high. One of the requirements for soldiers is growth, it should start from 1.80 meters, and the category of aptitude is not less than the category "A3".

Ground troops

Motorized rifle units. Soldiers of these parts are distinguished by their ability to reproduce an enemy attack on any territory or terrain, despite the weather conditions. In addition, another distinguishing feature of this direction is that it has serious conskredit requirements for operation in these troops will not be extended.

Newly minted fighters can be sent with categories, with categories starting with "A1" and ending with "B4", that is, all categories of suitability, which gives the right to go to the urgent service. This is due to the fact that in motorized rifle troops there are a lot of military handicrafts that can cope with absolutely any conscription.

Tank forces. This device is rightly regarded as the basic attacking armament of the state army. The staff perfectly cope with combat challenges in terms of protection of the event of the enemy, and if necessary, it is well attacked. Since it is clear from the direction of the direction, most of the fighters are included in the crew of tankers. Therefore, no more than 1.75 meters are taken in the ranks of these forces. The draft should be in good physical shape and not have any serious visual damage.

Railroad.These parts are not considered prestigious, they introduce combat missions with the involvement of the railroad as well as their responsibilities to include the maintenance of railroad tracks after natural disasters or other incidents. Often times the guys who do not have strong health and stamina are sent here to do their ancestral duty.

Special details. Employees in these divisions deal with such tactical and combat operations that only the best of the best can be trusted. Soldier conscripts do not fall into the ranks of these armed forces. To become a special force, you must have service in the army. Plus, among the candidates, certain tests are conducted and they are severely subjected to a tough selection.

What to choose

Asking the question, it is better to go to the army after receiving the agenda, it is necessary to decide what goals will be prosecuted. There are prestigious departments in all available forces of Russia. Is carried out and respected there, but they must give all their strength to withstand not only moral, but also physical stress while preparing fighters.

In addition, getting into the ranks of these troops is not always easy. During the selection process, the presence of good physical data, the lack of harm to health, the presence of perseverance and strong psyche are welcomed.

The great advantage of prestigious divisions is the ability to acquire quite useful skills. Learn to control weapons, your own martial arts, and other skills.

However, based on observations, it can be concluded that concepts are distributed to one or other types of troops without taking into account their personal desires. Every soldier who came up with the draft of the train drop praises his unit, as every part requires good soldiers.

In the event that potential newcomer in an urgent service has specialties or useful skills, there will be no problems in terms of training and education. After the newly minted fighter goes to one of the military units, after the oath it waits for repeated distribution between the platforms of the part. Much attention is paid to the skills of a young man during this event.

Until receiving the notification, it is better to prepare in advance to increase the chances of being able to get into a good department. Recommended:

  1. Build your physical shape in order. Conscripts that can withstand considerable practice are in demand in any troop.
  2. Perseverance, discipline, emotional stability;
  3. Have special training. A soldier who has a profession is valued above the rest.

Preparation before the offensive company

If a young man sets the goal of getting into the ranks of certain armed forces, then it will not be superfluous to prepare the future soldier. The DosaAF branches work in every major city in the region, and it is their job to prepare the guys before the call. The urgent service that meets military equipment or in the department of flight forces, the driver's license is required. If you pass a call preparation in DosaAF, there is the possibility not only to bring the right to the management of vehicles, but also to increase your chances of serving an urgent one, for example in BTR driving.

Those who want to get into the airborne forces before learning the art of parachuting. So far, the course of such a preparation has not been difficult. Especially if in the city where a young man lives there is a parachute club. It is only worth paying training and doing several jumps.

At the time of distribution, this information will be entered into a personal matter of the prospective soldier. Of course, it does not guarantee a hundred percent shipping in the air market forces, but to earn a worthy competition to other candidates will work out.


Of course, the young boys' desire to serve as part of the prestigious troops is commendable. Do not forget, however, that the urgent service is invaluable first, in order to gain invaluable experience, to check the strength of a man, within the framework of the discipline and the all-male team. In the army, the soldier receives new knowledge, learns special skills that will be useful for him in the future in life or at work.

When making a decision, it is better to serve much better before sending to the army, it is worth thinking carefully, as in the future it will affect a person or help a man. Perhaps his worldview will change drastically and the experience gained will help to be implemented on a citizen. In any case, it is not recommended to achieve a goal for the detriment of your health by exhausting yourself with training or hiding the presence of diseases during the course of the medical examination.

In which troops is it better to serve in the army?

    You shouldn't chase over the outside of military service. Airborne, Airborne Infantry, Border Guards - It's beautiful for parcels in the news, you can point the bricks on your head and parachute jump. However, there are troops that are rarely shown on television, there are no extremes, but in these troops soldiers perform complex tasks. For example, he should be a radar owner in radio troops, he should be able to work with equipment to spot aerial targets, and it sits behind the station screen for 4-6 hours, and it is more difficult than ten kilometers. And the operator of the manual escort of the anti-aircraft missile complex, the price of his successful work is equal to the lives of tens and hundreds of thousands of people. He must know the technology, assemble it, pay attention, be morally and physically strongly assembled, draw attention. By the way, players in these troops will be very useful.

    does the girl in Russia not have an opportunity to join the army? Do not quit the University of MVD or Medical.

    We must serve our home. And the motherland, this, with the thinking government and the care of the state, we need all kinds of troops and the service in each should be honored. That there aren't any at the moment. And the choice of calling, skill and physical training. If there is a desire and care of the motherland over her servants, service is honored and needed everywhere.

    We get experience in life, according to our life path ...

    Army service experience in life is always useful.

    What can you advise

    Border guards are part of the federal security service.

    Troops in the air at Min Defense of the Russian Federation.

    The FSB is a lazier and naughty authority than the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

    The FSB (Border Guards) is a narrow specificity and focuses on the fact that it is usually reduced to the control of the border area in the inhabited and near settlements.

    Do I have to explain who is General V. Margelov? His son, Senior Lieutenant Margelov, one of the first to parachute into a combat vehicle. In this school this is a school, not just winged infantry, but this is a school of life. Who served in the air forces (It does not depend on the title and position) that FOREVER soldiers. ____________________________________________________________________________ shy; __

    Motorized rifle, tank, missile, etc. E-mails and necessary in our home guard.

    Much depends on what to do after the army, my nephew who wanted to go to the army to get a job in the ambulance service, because in the military registration and registration office and around the Ministry of Emergency Situations, with understanding with understanding responded and sent, now serving part of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Far East. GO SEE.

    Urgent service soldiers want to serve in these troops where there is the least of grandfathers and heavy physical exertion. Such troops are difficult to find because in different parts of the same type of troop there may be a different situation.

    For example, earlier than the least grandfather was in the border troops, so there was only nonsense there. Border guards are constant doses. Now the border guards are all contractors, and there you can serve under the contract, especially for the new law (from June 1, 2014), a Koncript has the right to choose one of two service options:

    1 year urgent service or

    2 years under the contract.

    Physical activity is the least in technical troops, where the main service is related to the study of technology, equipment, etc. - These are railroad troops, communications troops, tank troops, cosmic troops (recently created), missile troops, and artillery.

    The grandfathers are the least in these troops, in which most of the soldiers are contract soldiers (they are an uncle of seriousness and fools).

    The salary is more of those serving in remote areas and troops with constant combat readiness.