How do you make a friend

Gifts for the friend

Your photo will be drawn into the motif of your choice by our artists

Caricature from photo

49,00 €
48 unique tasks and challenges

Erotic partner game wobble tower

24,99 €
The original fill-in book for couples or good friends

Book "The Truth About Us"

10,00 €
Questions about morals or about sex

Privacy quickie card game

8,11 €
3 nights in a hotel or a round trip from hotel to hotel

Short break for 2

49,90 €
For an entertaining evening

The dinner quiz

10,49 €
6 high quality sex toys in sturdy cardboard boxes

Erotic gift box

15,99 €
Funny caricature based on your photo template

Couple - caricature from photo

89,95 €
"12 vouchers because you are important to me"

Voucher book time for us

4,99 €
Erotic toys for a change

Pleasure cube

5,95 €
12 personal gift vouchers for your sweetheart

Voucher book "Time for Two"

4,99 €
Individual gift idea from your desired year

Personal vintage wine

€ 49.95 TIP
Personalized 3D cartoon character, handmade and hand painted

3D cartoon character from the photo "Couples"

199,00 €
3 pack with different colors

Calvin Klein men's boxer shorts

25,95 €
Crazy Professional Caricature from your original photo

Photo caricature "Profession"

39,95 €
40 exciting tasks for romantic evenings for two

Erotic bathtub game

32,95 €
Award a Hollywood star

Doormat - Walk of Fame with name

€ 25.12 TIP
A great gift idea for a birthday, wedding or as a decorative object

Pop Art picture

89,00 €
Optionally also with individual engraving

Screw man: job

24,99 €
A romantic gift idea for your sweetheart

Small declaration of love

4,99 €
Breathtaking and cozy lighting experience

Starry sky made up of 277 luminous points

8,49 €
24 mini bars with ingredients from different regions of the world

Chocolate world tour by chocri

13,90 €
Select the desired motif, upload a photo and after a few days your individual caricature will be in the mail

Caricature from photo

39,00 €

"The true gift does not consist in what is given or done, but in the intention of the giver or doer"

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (approx. 4 BC - 65 AD)
Funny barbecue branding iron: With 80 alternating letters for more barbecuing fun

Grill branding iron with engraving

€ 16.72 TIP
Own texts, sayings, names, dates, etc.

Love message with photo

39,00 €
With this gift idea you tell your boyfriend or husband that he is the best

Cotton pillow "dream man"

4,79 €
A special kind of beer gift: 12 international bottles of 0.33 liters each

12 beers from all over the world

€ 29.33 TIP
The perfect front door key

key to my heart

20,92 €

With the product finder for the ideal present

In order to meet every need, we pay attention to a multifaceted selection. Our range is the result of careful research in over 100 online shops. Since we love creative gifts, we choose each product very carefully. If an article has convinced us, we categorize it by hand and then rate it. So that you can find your way around as quickly as possible, we have created this separate category for you. Everything that is not considered to be given as a gift to the partner has been sorted out. Now it is up to you, with the support of the filter system, to get hold of a gift idea that will amaze him. We reveal how to do it:

  • Age: We have preset several age groups. If you reduce it to a group, you can also specify the product selection. Since there are articles that are age-dependent, the setting makes sense.
  • Preference: Now we come to the most important filter option for the search engine: By defining the preferences of your partner, you effectively reduce the product selection. All unsuitable articles are banned from the overview. For example, if your friend is a musician or a technology fan,musically"Or"technically“A catch. The system automatically determines all articles that correspond to these interests. Does he enjoy reading or doing sports? Choose "readable"Or"athletic“And filter specifically!
  • Costs: Would you like to spend a certain amount or are you grouping up with relatives and friends to give him an exclusive gift? You can easily set a price range in the filter system.
  • Wishes: There is a wish that you would like to fulfill for him? Use the search field and enter a keyword to start your search!

Dive into the men's world at

Every man has personal ideas and his preferences should of course be sensitively included in the purchase decision. However, there are a few topics that many men like. To make your choice easier, we will go into some of these typical men's worlds below. Take the suggestions as a guide and let yourself be inspired!

Football: the round has to go into the square!

Men and football are often inextricably linked. Enjoy the sports show at the weekend, proudly wear the national team jersey during the World Cup or cheer on your favorite club in the stadium: For men there are many reasons why football has a positive effect on life. Reason enough to honor this enthusiasm with an appropriate gift. We present various football gifts with which you can take men to football heaven. The spectrum ranges from personalized fan t-shirts, EM footballs and table football to literature with exciting background information.

Fan articles for some well-known clubs are also available:

Attentions for sports enthusiasts

In our section for sporty gifts, you will find football items and many other offers for active people. If you want to browse this category directly, we recommend setting the gender and age group filters in order to only generate suggestions for men of the right age. How about, for example, a quad tour, a speedboat ride or an electric scooter? Gifts for golfers complete the repertoire. In addition to indoor sets and golf balls, you can make an ambitious golfer happy with golf training. In the meantime he can develop his skills. For those who find golf exciting but are not yet sure whether the sport suits them, a trial course would be advisable.

Take a look around! There is something sporty on offer for every age group and every preference. You have the choice between material presents and experiences.

Horsepower and pure adrenaline

Your friend is into speed and interested in fast cars and motorsport? Then you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our car gifts section. Not only remote-controlled model cars and fan articles for various car brands are represented, but also various special gifts.

Give your sweetheart a ride in a Ferrari, Porsche or Audi, for example, and give him the chance to get behind the wheel of a lively sports car. The driving pleasure will impress him and you can look forward to his big grin in the passenger seat. He just passed his driver's license and you want to congratulate him? Go to the linked section and set the gender to call up individual attentions for the occasion.

Gifts for tech-savvy people: electronics, gaming and homely

If you have a preference for "technically“If you check the box, our product finder generates all men's gifts with a technical reference. These can be products for gamers such as keyboards, video games or virtual reality headsets, but also tool sets for do-it-yourselfers, cameras, ice machines or Bluetooth speakers in Star Wars design. There are a number of technical gadgets that make men's hearts beat faster. Take a look at the electronic gift arrangement and make your friend cheer. Further inspirations:

In addition to playful things for men, practical home accessories and accessories for everyday life are represented. Funny dust balls with controls, laser cosmos and mini fridges are just the tip of the iceberg.

Gifts for barbecue fans - grills, practical extras and more

Today, barbecuing is no longer just a means to an end. Grilling is a passion that arouses great enthusiasm in many men and motivates them to continuously improve their know-how. Our gifts for grill fans convince and allow lovers of well-groomed BBQ to create first-class grilled food.

Not only grills in various variants are available, but also reliable grill accessories. Including grill aprons, grill cutlery sets, customizable cutting boards with name and BBQ branding tools. Not to forget the gift sets with aromatic spices, sauces and high-quality oils. Is your friend well equipped when it comes to equipment? Then a barbecue course would be a better decision. During a BBQ seminar, participants learn tips about cooking on the grill and can broaden their horizons with delicious recipe ideas.

Love goes through the stomach: presents for connoisseurs

He appreciates good food, enjoys a glass of wine or high-quality whiskey? Gifts to enjoy are always a good choice because they are balm for the soul and enrich everyday life. We provide several categories in order to give the target group of connoisseurs special moments. Click through and spoil your partner with good taste:

Does he like it spicy? Then the "Hot & Spicy Gift Box" would be ideal because it really heats up with fiery ingredients. Is his own popcorn machine his childhood dream? Fill it with a device that turns into a one-of-a-kind with engraving! Do you want to turn his head? With the adventure gift “Erotic Kitchen” you can ensure sparkling moments and explore the world of “Erotic Food” together with your partner.

As you can already see from the few examples, there are attractive gift ideas for almost every preference. Whether it's sweets to feast on, the cheese subscription with wine or a dinner in the dark.

Humorous surprises

Laughter is healthy and extremely important in a partnership. In order to have even more fun together and to make your friend smile, you will find funny gift ideas or unusual products for every occasion.

Personal for every occasion

Personal gifts are always popular in a relationship. We therefore recommend a detour to the section of the same name. Again, set gender and age to adjust the selection. If you are looking for something romantic for Valentine's Day or an anniversary, we have a few suggestions ready:

You can give a large part of the jewelry and accessories a personal charm with engraving. Names or individual messages give the articles a romantic character. A visit to the adult gifts department can be equally worthwhile. While an erotic partner game contains surprising tasks and boxing loose will drive your friend crazy, massage oils encourage relaxed togetherness.

Tip: Do you have a long-distance relationship? A photo gift brings him to different thoughts and helps over the distance.

Experience gifts for unforgettable memories

Something material is out of the question because your friend has everything or you would rather give a welcome break from everyday life instead? Adventure gifts are a predestined alternative for everyone. Whether you are a sports fan, action lover, connoisseur or adventurer: This section lists presents of a very special kind. Instead of any dust collector, you are giving away a voucher for the respective experience, which your sweetheart can redeem at will. Whether you experience the project together with him or allow him to go on a men's outing with his brother or best friend is up to you. Both are sure to make an impression.

Sporty men might be drawn to archery, a mountain bike technique course or a canyoning tour. For action fans, our partners have helicopter tours, tank rides, stunt rides, laser tag, jet flights and much more up their sleeve. Connoisseurs also get their money's worth. If your partner is a fan of good beer, you should be very happy about a brewing course. No less attractive are enjoyable whiskey tastings or culinary courses with celebrity chefs.

Your sweetheart urgently needs relaxation? Give him a breather and give away a short wellness trip. With a wellness program for men, he can indulge himself with selected treatments and forget about everyday life. If relaxation together is required, we recommend floating and relaxing days in a stylish wellness hotel. In addition, city trips or adventurous weekends in nature are an option. Have a look at the wanderlust gifts and break out of the routine together!

Tips on the subject of experience present:

  • On our interactive map you can find out about experiences in your area or near him.
  • Before handing over the voucher, decide whether you or other people will accompany your sweetheart. This prevents unpleasant situations and increases the anticipation for everyone involved.
  • Put vouchers in the limelight creatively by arranging them with thematically coordinated utensils. For a BBQ course this could be a pair of grill tongs, for a Ferrari ride a miniature sports car and for a geocaching tour a compass.

DIY - homemade little things with a big impact

It doesn't always have to be an expensive piece of jewelry or the technical toy. Even a man can be delighted with homemade little things. Provided the surprise comes from the heart and suits his interests or his style. A couple of suggestions:

  • Homemade voucher for a visit to the go-kart track
  • sewn sports bag with individual text
  • Gift basket with culinary delicacies for grilling
  • Personalized t-shirt with photo (e.g. snapshot from your last vacation)
  • Gift box with accessories for a well-groomed beard

Finally, we have integrated a video with another 20 gift ideas for men. It's not all about products for friends, but you can easily use the examples as inspiration:

You can find more inspiration in our section for DIY gifts.

Packaging tips for men's gifts

With creativity and a little time, wonderful gift packaging can be conjured up for men. We researched video tutorials and discovered the following:

The first video is about a football gift that is ideal for staging monetary gifts. Perhaps your sweetheart would like to fulfill a wish for a birthday and needs a cash injection?

Do you want to shorten his waiting time for the European or World Cup? The next DIY tutorial shows how you can make a foosball table yourself:

The third video complements the selection with humorous alternatives. A “herb garden” is just as much a topic as a nicely designed “beer garden”, a top-quality “men's handbag” and a “mini bar”:

Such arrangements are not rocket science and require little effort. Do you want to breathe more romance into it all? With personalized articles you can achieve the desired effect and express your love for him.

  • Here you can find out what you should pay particular attention to when packing products for men.
  • General information and tips on packaging can be found in the birthday gifts department. In the guide we go into alternative wrapping paper and the design of greeting cards.
  • The packaging material from our range can also help you to pimp it up.
  • Although it is rather unusual to give money to the partner, if he expressly wants cash, bills and coins can be attractively decorated with our utensils for monetary gifts.

Small tokens of love - valuable gestures of partnership

The packaging is skilfully rounded off with lovely words. A "It's great that you're there"Or"I love you“Is appropriate for every birthday present, every present and every souvenir. If you find it difficult to find the right formulations, the following quotes and sayings may help you on the jumps:

  • "Happiness is love, nothing else. Those who can love are happy. "(Hermann Hesse)
  • "If loyalty is fun, then it's love." (Julie Andrews)
  • "Everyone encounters the person in their life once, but only a few recognize them in time." (Gina Kaus)
  • "To you! Because you are who you are! "
  • "Thanks for bear hugs, forehead kisses and piggyback rides."
  • "You are the love of my life and my closest confidant."
  • "You are my favorite person."
  • "For my adventurer."
  • "You are the perfect companion, amiable, powerful, humorous."
  • "I am thinking of you"

Browse now and give with brains!

Finding the ideal gift for a friend comes with a number of challenges. In particular, the fact that many men do not express any wishes or are often not aware of what they can use makes the search extremely difficult. At the same time, however, there is an opportunity: If you think about it accordingly and deal with his interests, the joy of a successful present is all the greater.

Take advantage of the surprise effect and prove to your friend with a lovingly selected product that he is close to your heart!