Why do people still use mailboxes?

PO Box - When a letter box is not enough

Anyone who rents a PO box receives a lockable compartment in a branch. It has its own number and its own post office box address. Consumers can use it to create another mailbox in addition to their home mailbox. If mail is addressed to the mailbox, it is stored directly in the mailbox. The post is not brought to the house address, but must be taken from the post office box in the branch. The mailbox owner can open his mailbox with a key and pick up his mail. Renting a PO box is usually associated with costs.

Pro - faster, more anonymous and closed

There are several reasons to set up a mailbox. One advantage is that you can receive the mail faster. Shipments addressed to the post office box reach the branch and are immediately sorted into the post office box there. From this point in time, the post office is ready to be picked up by the PO box owner. There are no delays due to further sorting and routes. Mail addressed to the house address must first be arranged for the delivery sequence of the postman and brought to the house address. This means that the mail in the house mailbox can only be read later.

Another plus with the PO Box: In order to receive mail, the PO box owner does not have to give the sender the house address; the PO box address is sufficient. So he doesn't have to reveal where he lives. The PO box address consists of: name, PO box number, zip code and city.

Anyone who receives a lot of mail can rent a PO box that offers more space than the house mailbox. This means that larger amounts of mail are safely stored even if you are absent for several days. House mailboxes are typically provided with a slot through which mail is dropped. Due to the slot, however, the post is less safe from thieves. A mailbox is locked from the outside. The content may be better protected against theft as a result.

Cons - extra effort and limited delivery

A disadvantage of the post office box is that the post is not conveniently brought to the home address, but has to be picked up from the post office box facility. And you should check this regularly or, if in doubt, daily. Possible deadlines basically begin with the receipt of the letter and, in the legal sense, this is already as soon as the letter has been posted and a collection can usually be expected.

There may be travel costs and additional time required for the way to the post office box. The private mailbox can be reached around the clock. In the case of the mailbox, however, access is usually only possible within certain times. The PO box is also not suitable for all shipments. Shipments with confirmation of receipt, for example, can only be picked up at the counter with proof. In individual cases, this can lead to long waiting times and more effort, because the counters are only manned within certain times.

Find out which shipments are excluded from direct delivery to the post office box. Another disadvantage is that the post office box cannot be used by all postal companies. If a deliverer from another company does not have access to the mailbox, he cannot open the mailbox and drop the mail. The shipment is sent back to the sender.

Attention! According to the general terms and conditions of Deutsche Post, items with the deliverable home address are usually also placed in the post office box. Deutsche Post reserves the right to deliver letters with the home address to the home address. This means that there is uncertainty as to whether a shipment will be delivered in the house mailbox or in the post office box.

Rent a post office box - note the contract period and notice period

Anyone who rents a PO box concludes a contract with the mail service provider. In order to set up a post office box, it is necessary to give the mail service provider a deliverable house address. Without a house address, renting a PO box is generally excluded. When concluding the contract, pay attention to the cost of the rent and the minimum term of the contract. If you want to cancel the mailbox, you have to terminate the contract. It is important to note the notice period. If the termination is not declared in time, the contract can be extended. What to email when you cancel. and Co., you can find out here: Termination of contracts: Quickly and conveniently by e-mail and Co.


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