Is DPI important when gaming

Gaming mouse

If you like to play games, then you not only need a suitable computer, but also a gamer keyboard and a gaming mouse. This is a mouse with a high heart rate (Hz rate), which significantly ensures that the movements carried out are carried out precisely and quickly. Otherwise it can cost you important points in the game or the victory.

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What are the requirements for a gaming mouse?

Before buying a gaming mouse, you need to ask yourself a few questions that become important in the game.

Speed ​​and reliability

For example, the mouse must reliable his and yours Process commands quickly. That is important Frequency repetition rate (Hz rate), which is usually around 1000 Hz for a gaming mouse. The higher this rate, the faster and more accurately the mouse will carry out your movements and commands.

The right sensor can also record and process mouse movement more quickly. You have the choice between one here Laser sensorthat the normal mice also use and one optical sensor, which is better suited for gaming mice.

When buying, pay attention to the so-called DPI value the mouse. You can adapt this individually to you and adjust it to the sensor and the Hz rate. The CPI / DPI value shows how fast you can move the mouse pointer on the screen. In this context is also the good sliding properties important so that the mouse is not slowed down or blocked when moving quickly.

Buttons, macros and settings

A gaming mouse needs one large range of functionsbecause you're playing many extra keys and additional functions need. A good mouse can also assign keys twice. With extensive games, you can even assign complex sequences to one key and thus play much faster. These Macrokeys bring you a great advantage over your opponents.

In addition to the key assignment and the adjustment of movements using the DPI values, you can use a software still Additional settings make.

To the correct range of functions So definitely include the adjustable DPI, freely programmable macro keys, a good new sensor, RGB, software and an integrated joystick. We recommend mice with analog technology such as Endgame Gear XM1.

Material, appearance, design and ergonomics

With a gaming mouse, this is also the case optics important. One is common Design with LED lights. Gaming mice are also light, because you can move a heavy mouse much heavier and therefore slower. These mice are ergonomically shaped so that they sit comfortably in the hand even when playing for long periods of time. You need one good texture and good grip surfaces. They have to be comfortable and non-slip.
The material also plays an important role. Because high quality material guarantees you a longer shelf life.

Cable or wireless?

Another important decision you need to make is whether you want to buy a corded or cordless mouse. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, the big manufacturers such as Logitech, Roccat, Razer, Speedlink, Sharkoon, Steelseries offer something for both tastes. In a pinch, you can even buy a mouse with a detachable cable.

Mice with a cable have two decisive advantages: they are much faster because the signal does not have to be passed on via radio, but via USB. And they are also lighter because they do not have an interior in the form of accumulators or batteries. Nevertheless, the cable is in the way when you play and you are less flexible.

The wireless mouse, on the other hand, frees you from the clutter of cables and therefore offers you more space on the table. It is easier to transport (when playing on the notebook instead of the computer) and has the flatter and nicer design. However, this can lead to radio interference and a poorer response time due to the radio connection. It is heavier and more unwieldy because of the batteries. You also have to keep an eye on the battery status. The biggest drawback, however, is that the wireless connections of the different manufacturers are not uniform and the devices are therefore not compatible with each other.

Many players still use a wireless mouse because they can play more flexibly and undisturbed. In return, they also accept the higher weight.

Which gaming mouse is worthwhile for which group?

Depending on yours Gaming behavior (Continuous gamer or casual gamer) and the Type of games you will pay attention to different focuses. In addition, with heavy use you are more likely to resort to a more powerful and expensive device, while a simple mouse is sufficient for you as a casual gamer. When it comes to flexibility or coordination with the end device (PC, laptop), many gamers use compatible products that are offered together when they first purchase.

Analog technology for faster signal conversion

A good gaming mouse is already available today for a low budget but also in higher price ranges. However, they are already available in the affordable price segment with many functions and in good quality. Good analog technology with fast signal conversion is important. This means: after the mouse click, the signal still needs time to be processed. Most mice need around 10 milliseconds (10 ms) for this, good gaming mice take less than 1 millisecond.

Our tip:
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The best thing to do is to take a closer look at the detailed description in the shop. All three mice can be delivered in 3 to 5 working days, then the fun can begin!