How can I grill a tilapia fish

At what temperature and for how long should i cook tilapia on the grill?

Agree with @Daniel that fillets can be made on the grill, but in my experience a tender fish like tilapia will break and fall through the grill. Unless you have a fine mesh grill and lots of cooking experience I would avoid this.

Tuna, swordfish, mahi-mahi, and salmon steaks work well on the grill. However, this shouldn't stop you from grilling tilapia or any other tender fish. Just put it all over the grill! For tilapia, I would do something like below.

Make flat slashes in the thickest parts of the meat, brush them with olive oil, season them with your favorite condiments, then grill them on a hot grill for a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes on each side. You can mostly judge by sight. If it still looks like it'll take another minute, I always sacrifice my piece, remove it from the grill, and pry off one of the thicker pieces. If it still looks raw on the inside, let it and the others on each side run for an additional 30 seconds. Nothing beats perfectly cooked moist fish and nothing worse than dry, overcooked fish, and the difference between the two can be as little as 1 minute. Note: It may be obvious to many, but using a whole fish means you've "cleaned" the fish first, removing its innards before any other preparation.

If you really If you want to make fillets for a delicate fish on the grill, simply coat them with oil and wrap them in aluminum foil with a lemon wedge or whatever you prefer. Sacrifice a piece again to check the doneness. Aluminum foil does not magically keep the fish moist if you overcook it. Using foil won't get the grill flavor, but if you take all of the broken pieces of each fillet off the hot coals, that's a little too grilled flavor in my opinion.