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X-Boil FS 90-100 UL cooking system

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X-Boil FS 90-100 Cooking System - The light set of wind protection, pot rests and burner brings significantly more stability to your ultra-light kitchen and ensures that you can prepare your hot drinks and meals in a relaxed manner without having to carry kilos of luggage. With the revised design, you can now also use narrow pegs as a pot stand to save the weight of the stainless steel hooks.

Note: The accessories shown, such as fuel tablets or pots, are NOT included in the scope of delivery!

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Ultralight saucepans such as the Toaks Pot 550, Pot 650 or Pot 750 are very popular due to their minimal weight. In addition, many manufacturers offer ultra-light cooking systems which, however, do not offer sufficient protection or stability in all weather conditions and on all surfaces.

A cooking system like that X-Boil FS 90-100 combines the ultra-light weight with reliable wind protection and noticeably better stability when setting up your outdoor kitchen. The set is suitable for pots with a diameter of 90 mm to 100 mm, whereby the pot handles should not be set too low - a distance of at least 18 mm or more is recommended so that the pot fits flush into the draft shield.

In the closed stainless steel draft shield, the pot supports hang, which ensure a sufficiently large distance between the burner and pot. In the meantime, the windbreak also has other small holes through which you can push narrow pegs and use them to rest on pots instead of hooks. The burner itself consists of a light sheet steel can and can be operated with Esbit tablets, gel or alcohol, for example.

After cooking, you can simply disassemble the windbreak and roll it up. So it finally fits into your saucepan, while the pan supports can be easily transported in the burner.

This makes the X-Boil FS 90-100 cooking system an extremely space-saving cooking, stand and wind protection system that fits perfectly with your ultra-light pots with a diameter of 90 to 100 mm and gives your UL kitchen considerably more stability.

The 90-100 size fits, among other things, the following pots or pot sets from our range:

  • Toaks 750 ml pot (with handle & with handle)
  • Toaks 650 ml pot
  • Toaks 550 ml pot
  • Keith Titanium 650 ml pot (handles are easily placed on the edge of the windbreak)
  • Evernew Ultralight Deep Pot S
  • Evernew Ti Ultralight Mug Pot 500
  • Evernew Ti Solo Pot Set (only the tall pot fits)
  • Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium Pot
  • GSI Bottle Cup (Regular & Large)
  • Optimus Terra Solo pot set
  • Vargo Ti-Lite 750 Mug Titanium Pot
  • Soto ThermoLite pot
  • Tatonka Handle Mug Set (600 & 850, only the tall pot)
  • Esbit stainless steel pot 625 ml

Technical specifications

Wind protection & covers: stainless steel | Burner: aluminum
Wind protection: 39 g | Edition: 10 g | Burner: 14 g | Lid: 10 g
Total weight reweighed
73 g
Draft shield installed: Ø 11 x 7.5 cm | Burner: Ø 6.5 x 2 cm
scope of delivery
Windbreak | 3 pot hooks | Burner with lid
Made in
Suitable for
Pot diameter 90-100 mm