What is the future of the chemical engineer

The salary prospects of the chemical engineer

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  1. Tasks and commitment
  2. Start your own career
  3. Starting salary
  4. Salary with work experience
  5. Regional wage differences
  6. Importance of further education

This is what a chemical engineer (m / f) does and that's where they come in

Do you work as Chemical engineer you are responsible for making certain devices or chemical processes better, faster and, above all, more effective. In this job you act as an interface between chemistry and industry. To do this, you mainly work in companies that chemically convert raw materials. You are responsible for the technical implementation and also take into account economic aspects and the environmental compatibility of your work. Your tasks are particularly in research, development and planning. In contrast to a classical chemist, who is mainly theoretical research and development, your focus is more on the concrete application orientation. In your work you use different processes for the production of certain materials or materials that are required in the entire industry for production in mechanical engineering through to the metal industry.

Chemical engineers are in many different industries used, for example in the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industries. The profession is also needed in the automotive industry or in the energy and environmental sectors.

This is how you start your career in chemical engineering

If you want to start your career as a chemical engineer, you start with one Studies in chemical engineering. If you decide to take on this job, you will have a challenging course of study ahead of you, because in addition to chemistry, you will also deal with subjects such as physics and mathematics. During your studies, you will gain initial experience in the form of laboratory and company internships in an internship semester. However, your efforts and the effort during your studies will be rewarded with an attractive salary at the latest when you start your career.

After a Bachelor degree Chemical engineering is also worth another Master's degree to tackle, e.g. a master’s degree in process engineering, because this way you not only specialize in a certain area, but also improve your career opportunities when you start your career.

Recommended courses of study

The starting salary of chemical engineers

Since the chemical engineering industry is particularly innovative and research-intensive, Chemical engineers expect particularly attractive earning opportunities. Company of Chemical and pharmaceutical industries are among the most generous employers. If you work in this industry, you can look forward to a decent starting salary. With a bachelor's degree, you can Start of your career with a Starting salary Calculate around 3500 euros gross. If you start your career with a master’s degree, you will usually earn 4,000 euros more per month than a bachelor’s degree. This means that chemical engineers are among the top earners among engineers.

The chemical engineer salary with more professional experience - the influencing factors

Have you been working in the profession for a long time and have more work experience to show is the possible Salary range very wide. You can earn between 3600 and 6700 euros gross per month. Engineers out other areas earn around 5300 euros gross per month in comparison. What salary you can actually count on is influenced by many different factors.

As with many other jobs, the chemical engineer’s salary is derived from the Size of the company influences where you work. As a rule, the larger the company, the better the salary prospects. Also the department and thus the Branchthat you specialize in will have an effect on your salary. For example, if you work in research, you can expect a gross monthly income of around 4,400 euros. In the chemical industry, on the other hand, the income prospects are better - here you can earn around 4,900 euros gross on average.

The biggest impact on your earnings is yours study graduation. You can earn more with a master’s degree than with a bachelor’s degree. If you decide to do a doctorate and start your professional life with a doctorate, you can expect up to 600 euros more per month. With a doctorate, you usually gain a foothold in research and development. The professional experience that you have gained over the years in the job profile will also increase your earning potential over time. After ten years, as a chemical engineer, you will receive a gross salary of around 5800 euros per month.

With more work experience You usually take on more responsibility for different areas of responsibility and more staff. As soon as you take on more responsibility, e.g. as a project engineer, this also affects your salary. The decisive factor here is how high the number of employees you manage is.

Regional differences in income opportunities

Also the regionthat you work in will affect your salary as a chemical engineer. A large salary range is particularly evident in the northern and southern regions of Germany. You can find one here overviewIn which regions in Germany you can expect which salaries you can expect:

regionCity exampleSalary range (gross)
northHamburg3,600 to 10,000 euros
eastDresden2900 to 6900 euros
southMunich3600 to 9700 euros
westDusseldorf5400 to 7900 euros

Educate yourself regularly

If you specialize in a certain area as a chemical engineer, you should also do it during your professional life train regularlyto always stay up to date. In the area of ​​research and development in particular, there are always newer technologies and processes for the job description essential. If you work in the pharmaceutical industry, further training in quality assurance, for example, will help you renew your own specialist knowledge.