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When it comes to speed and scenery, hardly any other current SF series (yes, all one and a half!) Can fool the doctor bustle. But is it always enough to present confused stuff at the speed of an express train? Or do we sometimes not need a tear-resistant hectic condom after all? This episode leaves me very divided, which almost gives me a guilty conscience ... After all, they really TRIED, which one could never say about SGU, for example. Therefore: The grade 1 for “Behavior” and “Calligraphy”!

Content: A foreign power lures Timelords and TARDISSE to a planet at the end of the universe. When the Doctor arrives, the soul of his TARDIS is stolen and transferred into a woman, while his spaceship suddenly becomes extremely hostile.


Actually, I like the crazy, planned Who scripts. But this time I had the feeling that I was visiting the insane asylum at the “open day” and when I left I had to find out that someone had nailed the exit. This screenwriter definitely fell in love with the LSD pills as a kid, and that off the three-meter board. There is hardly any other way to explain what we see here if we briefly move our hands away from our eyes:

- Stapled together costume zombies with a death certificate issued in advance
- the TARDIS soul in a woman who has the same nervous loose contact in the musculoskeletal system as the doctor
- a collapsed replacement TARDIS for convertible operation
- AND a TARDIS that drives Tardis and Rory into that madness with dark psychological experiments for which the viewer has long since signed a lease.

“These guys are kind of creepy. And they speak exactly at the same time! Maybe former guests of Anne Will? ”- Time Zombie Carnival: Have you ever noticed how strange a species is that calls itself“ Timelords ”? I mean, WE don't call ourselves “gods of the big city” or “kings of refrigerator”, do we?

Yes, I usually appreciate all of that when Steven Moffat misplaces a red thread or when people are amazed. BUT when the ideas seem a bit too "random" and EVERYTHING happens that the author has just injected onto paper with the "Sonic beer bottle opener", I feel a bit ripped off. Especially since emotionally this time both dead and thick pants are made: I didn't really want to find out that the mysterious TARDIS soul is just a hyperactive housewife with Tourette's syndrome. And since the predecessor Doctor has everything Timelordel been so lively and compulsively fun that even the "Two And A Half Men" fans go running while watching?

At some point there was also the gag that the TARDIS stole the Doctor (instead of the other way around) sucked it out like Mario Barth's “Hömma, Hömmaaaa!” Gags. Visually and in terms of content, I even had to think of LEXX from time to time, where costumed madmen who reside on a heap of junk usually played 90% of all episodes. The scene in which the Doctor locks Amy and Rory in the TARDIS for their safety is also a bit bumpy. A measure that you should ALWAYS take after your past adventures, even if you land on a seemingly harmless picnic planet. But somehow “Scary Voice” had to pug the spaceship with the two and pull through its mindless “door-open-door-to-Rory-old” torture. Sure: all nicely meant ideas, but unrestrainedly pasted together with old chewing gum.

The really good ideas: The doctor's “wife” asks whether everyone is taller inside than outside (in the sense of “complicated”) and at the end says goodbye with a “hello” because she has wanted to say that all through the centuries. And who is "The Pretty One" was also a nice mini-reveal ...

“I'm afraid the hull is threatened with damage!” - “Why, I left you on the planet especially so that something like that wouldn't happen?” - Do you have a fire ... a little less? The prospect of improvised equipment like this may well be worthwhile, but unfortunately you pay for it with disproportionately higher insurance premiums. You also have to wrap the seat belt across your face so that the last meal doesn't drip out of your mouth ...

Can you just push numerous TARDISSE (TARDEN? TARDINETTEN?) Together to form a new one? Okay, the Doctor is awesome, but to create the most powerful technique in the universe by simply knotting components (which fortunately seem big, but not a ton), tells me that when I was 6 years old I wasn't all that wrong, when I wanted to develop a record player myself using plastic waste and glue. But at least it looked quite nice when the two of them whizzed through space with their undisguised platform, like tick, trick and track on a tinkered Gesine over train tracks.

But even the elaborate backgrounds and costumes can hardly enchant you if the characters stay as far away as a rediscovered sandwich from 1998. This time they were all the same to me without exception: The Doctor, Amy, Rory, Spacken. You will also look in vain for emotional “I love you” -substories, tearful moments or a deadly serious doctor's speech when the autistic plot fades noisily in the relay atmosphere. I even found last week's lame pirate fuss a little more accessible.

But well, the end reconciled me a bit, there was at least a reunion with an ood ("Is dematerialized. We landed on it."), With the old Tardis headquarters and also a little sniff from the doctor's tear glands . Understandable, because imagine if your own high-end computer were suddenly a woman who immediately became a fan of you! I would also cry if it suddenly fizzled out again.

“Unfortunately we have to say goodbye now! It was an honor for me to be able to be there at least once, before all my ideas and wishes dissolve again in favor! ”-“ Shut up, screenwriter! We want to look at each other here in peace! ”- Love is… when you wait in a time machine to see each other again“ sometime ”.

The emo moment seemed a bit sudden after the previous eddy work, but if you don't like the doctor's dramaturgical changes, you just have to watch GERMAN science fiction again ... (“Hey, Inspector! What kind of thing is that next to that Corpse? "-" That's called a cell phone, I think. A cell phone! ")

The Timelord-kidnapping dark voice, which is sadistic enough to spread dark visions, but ultimately can only be fooled: "Why shouldn't I kill you?" Larum! Look, we can change the room! "-" Uuuuuiiii, but that won't keep me longer than 15 minutes, you shit! "

Only marginally there was a reference to the Staffelarc (something with "water in the river"), which could easily be a bit embarrassing. You slowly get the feeling that the whole universe already knows, but wants to keep our heroes engaged with funny visions and puzzles. You can't create anything like that in spectator pants.

Conclusion: Bizarre-interesting-dreary script, true to the motto: "What we always wanted to deepen with regard to the TARDIS", disappears with a lot of racing, flying around and dialog ping-pong. Not really bad, but with a hell of a soul. But maybe it went into the microwave next to my television for a short time?

The doctor is in the details
Ah, there it was, the Who episode, already anticipated by some, from the digital pen of "Coraline" author Neil Gaiman. And it was nice, as was the setting: A rubbish dump, which looks eerily and alien due to nice details like rusty giant spaceships, is even too scruffy for the entire universe and therefore even pushes Gelsenkirchen into second place. You have to create it first!

Nevertheless, I would have given the residents at least a superficial layer of character paint. Nice thing that these consist of several Timelord spare parts, but they didn't spit out more than a few lines of explanation before they suddenly fell over. ("So, I don't have any more dialogue. I'll die then, Tschööö!") But seriously, if someone wears a civil war uniform on the side, then I would like to learn at least one little thing about his background. ("I was just on the Gettysburg battlefield when suddenly a strange door with the inscription‘ Universe - Exit here ’appeared. And of course I was curious, you know?")

Speaking of character: I would have liked a more imaginative villain than “nasty disembodied voice”, which in the end is only washed down the drain of oblivion. Or at best in the drawer with all the other second-rate Who opponents. Maybe Neil could have borrowed a discarded concept from the Moffat? Maybe a peaceful baguette that turns into a devilish monster as soon as you look at it? Or a tree that only falls over as soon as you are out of earshot?

But it's great that you've finally seen a little more of the TARDIS again. And not just because she is briefly changing into a meaty full body suit. Even for the little corridor, the oldie look of which was probably an allusion to (much) older episodes, I was very grateful. And I found Amy's delusions in it pleasantly weird and also reminded me a bit of “Event Horizon”.

It is also pleasant that one has held back a little with the red thread. Ms. TARDIS mumbled something about the "river" for a moment, but after the astronaut two-parter you're used to completely different things.

* hold the unscrewed door slot in front of your own face and slide it open and

Conclusion: Not so much a consequence for the large scope of action, but rather a nice touch for all old fans, who can also recognize the many small allusions, from the "cube emails" to the "Eccleston headquarters". Which was admittedly not the case with MIR, but such a small 5 minute research is part of the good form ... uh ... write.

Grade: 7 out of 10 points


von Klapowski in a series review on May 15, 2011


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  1. Yeah, the dice appeared in "War Games" - the 2nd Doctor calls the Time Lords with it, because an evil Time Lord has stolen human soldiers from different eras and lets them compete against each other. Unfortunately, they are not enthusiastic about the doctor's general interference, trigger a forced regeneration and ban him to earth - where he then tries to reassemble his TARDIS in later episodes. The rest of the allusions in “The Doctors Wife” only related to episodes of the new series - especially last year's season, which for me all had a pretty recycling character. I can't really understand the enthusiasm for the episode that is now spreading in the forums anyway. There were a few nice scenes and ideas, but a lot of story elements and their presentation would have fit in well with the RTD time, which doesn't bother me that much, but should bother many others. The name Gaiman seems to have created a certain acceptance among some viewers that would otherwise not be there. In any case, the response to the halfway medium-good episode is more euphoric than it should be.

  2. Certainly a matter of taste, but for fans of the really wacky SciFi (like me) it wasn't weird enough and House was very disembodied and the TARDIS hunt could have been staged much more exciting. 45 minutes are just too short. Therefore only 9 out of 10. Obviously, it took some getting used to for many. But also taking another look helps in some places. It was much more hidden than you noticed at the beginning. In this respect, I tend much more towards Sparki's rating. If it's up to me, it can be a little weird.
    Oh yeah, when it comes to characters, you just drop it: yeah! That's right. It's annoying that every character that is there makes sense. It would be like that if I asked my neighbor about the meaning of his existence in my life. Characters are allowed to just be there, make no sense, drop dead and not advance the plot at all. That increases the tension if not every nose that appears is also important for the plot. That's the only nice thing about the running gag: "Dead Rory" He's just not going to get up in some episode. Ätsch, bätsch….

    P.S: Pushing the TARDIS together only helps if you have a living TARDIS on your pocket. Otherwise you just have - yes, space junk.

  3. The DW creators really seem to be reading this. After my complaint about not enough Tardis recordings, they even show ... a few unimaginative corridors that look even more desolate than the inside of a cube. But at least! You are modest in your demands!

    I liked the episode even better than the last. Even if it could only have been written by a man who probably also has a deep fetish for his car and once had the wet dream of what if it could come alive. : D

  4. You seem to know your way around! Do you think that also applies to dildos?

    Apart from that, I have never seen a woman who cleans her things for hours on Sundays or heard of one who spends tens of thousands of euros and sacrifices all of her free time to keep upgrading "him"! : D

    • > There aren't that many options for upgrading.

      (Fortunately?) Women aren't that creative.

      First of all, such devices could be gilded (also cheap for people with a latex or rubber allergy) and decorated with precious stones. Men would of course also use a more powerful battery and a better drive. Hobbyists would then install complex hydraulics for greater mobility. And a remote control or computer control for different pampering programs would also be possible. But this is just the beginning! A heating or cooling unit (depending on the case) and nozzles for lubricants or massage oil (also usable for artificial insemination) would be further possibilities. Not to forget a fragrance and aroma or sound and music module and a stimulation current module, for those who like it harder. : D

      10,000 euros + and a lot of time on work could easily be invested there. And that's far from the end! Even when you are finished with it at some point, you can still add a corresponding luxury sex doll and at the latest then you have no more limits in expansion! : D

    • Ui .. more powerful battery, hydraulics, remote control and nozzles would be something .. built me ​​one? ;)

      Although in principle everything is already there if you can / want to spend a few more marks ^^

    • > Ui .. more powerful battery, hydraulics, remote control and nozzles would be something .. built me ​​one? ;)

      Will you give me 10,000 euros for it? ;)

      > Although in principle everything is already there if you can / want to spend a few more marks ^^

      You can also buy fully upgraded cars and simply spend money on the car wash. But many do not see the same challenge in this. : D

  5. rocket worm probably puts a fully charged electric eel in its sleeper every day. because if he didn't, he'd be ... frigid. ;-)

    • As my Nick reveals, I'm male, and I would probably only enjoy anal sex with a dildo if there was a woman on his other side ...

    • your nick just reveals that you are a worm. as far as I know, worms are hermaphroditic. So you have twice as much fun with dildos, vibrators and electric eels, now I'm going to be jealous ... with you it’s probably rattling in your pants all day. * wroooomwroooom * because one thing is clear: so cool guys (or hermaphrodites) like you are guaranteed anything but frigid (at least as long as you have a healthy lung to produce air for your rubber friend).

    • Rubber friend? No, I only use manual mode.As long as I still live with my parents, such a rubber gudrun is too stressful for me; every time I want to first take it out of the hiding place and inflate it, and after my lust has been soothed, then let the air out and hide it again - that gets on my lungs and nerves over time. You can really only do it if you can inflate the doll in the room all day ...

  6. Hmm .. I have to say that I was very skeptical at the beginning of the episode .. I mean, our last Timelord has been “mourning” his fellows for ages, then he gets an email, and then comes a succinct comment like: oh , I only meant this universe, they could still be somewhere else .. * bouncing around * .. dumdidum. It's not that wild.
    Then I was really relieved that these were just old emergency calls .. but still I found the reaction more than strange ..

    I also found the Tardis a bit exhausting.

    .. and I keep wondering if I wouldn't have liked the episode with David Tennant a little better. I think I still haven't got used to it ...

    • as a female groupie, you probably won't get used to it that quickly. I definitely don't miss tennant at all. smith does his job very well. one of my favorite doctors.

    • * laugh * .. well, I wouldn't call myself a "groupie" now, my taste for men is a bit different;)
      I also think Matt Smith is doing a good job overall - for me personally he's just a little too cranky and hopeful. I also lack the emotionality a little. I think I remember Tennant being a little better at it. But maybe I'm already too old and automatically fall into the “everything was better before” mode ^^

    • It is well known that RTD does not speak so well on the old episodes, he was simply out for the dramatic behind "I'm the last of my kind". Anyone who knows the old episodes with Tom Baker knows the E-Space, so you know that there are smaller universes and Romana should still be in E-Space. So actually nothing new, even the cube or the Tardis replacement control rooms were elements from earlier episodes. Probably the episode was only intended to show the viewers who don't know the old episodes that Timelords can still be out there somewhere and real ones appear in the next episodes, even if not good ones.

  7. G'day !
    Do I understand that correctly now?
    paranoid android, FF and kitty are girls?

    @the fruit
    The other side of dildo.
    That would have been a great title for ST, SG or DW, right?
    * smile *

    Well the episode ...
    I found it actually quite entertaining and very old-fashioned and reminiscent of Tom Baker / previous DW episodes.
    Yes, the tradis was a bit annoying, but also nice to look at ud I would like to see you when the matrix is ​​torn out and put into a computer.

    I got a 7 out of 10, but it's just me.

    Hopefully it will soon be a little more like Ecclestone's time, or a little like Tennant.
    Smith is a very good actor, but still a little young for the role, isn't he?

    greetings BergH

    • The last time I checked, I was still one. But who knows where the aliens operated on again last night ...

  8. > Did I understand correctly now?
    paranoid android, FF and Kitty are girls?

    No, and I hope not to shock anyone with this, but I am ... an alien! But for nerds, that's probably the less exotic anyway.

    Incidentally, I was also the template for Paul an alien on the run. How did you find my portrayal there? In real life, of course, I'm a lot cooler. : D

  9. And all the girls are only here because of a very specific, charismatic and highly talented word sculptor ... namely Sparkiller!