What exactly is the spiritual thought process

And the big question: what is it?
I myself find this chapter very exciting. Why?
Well, because it deals with the following aspects: where do I come from, who am I, what do I want, what are my options, etc. dealt with! (Quo vadis all along the line?)
So who am I, I the person in general and / or I as an individual ???
It would be helpful if you first read the text that deals with the creation of mankind, because it already contains some answers to the questions asked here!
Creation of humanity >> here
So back to one of the key questions >> Who am I ?!
Here first the short version:
I am a being. My ancestors were created in their original form by cosmic forces (cosmic scientists / researchers) and brought to earth. I am a descendant of these people.
My main parts are a) the biological form; b) the mental form
a) the biological form
This was created on the basis of a genetic pattern of the primates (monkeys) which lived on earth years ago.
This biological form has been greatly improved and refined (compared to the original creature) and an enormous achievement has been developed, especially in the brain area. (see Texts: Creation of Humanity)
So we are more versatile than our stupid relatives. If we want, we can also achieve their top athletic performance, although here, too, we are more versatile when it comes to the number of disciplines - I said, if we want! Most of us, of course, don't want it.
We live longer, are prettier (I think ...)
So that's the biological, physical side.
b) the spiritual side
First a difficult explanation: the spiritual side does not necessarily mean the rational side for me, although it is clear to me that some parts of the spiritual and the rational side are strongly linked.
Rational means in short >> thinking; analytical thinking (but it is not mentioned here about what and with which method or with which organ)
The spiritual side is therefore the side of people who are more concerned with the content of thinking than with the form of thinking. So it is not the fact that a person has a character that is important here, but what character he has developed.
Our brain is, among other things, an organ for communication and the transmission of thoughts. Like a computer, it can work faster, better, more analytically, etc., or not, depending on hereditary, physical conditions and education and development.
Our brain is a biological organ that has been greatly improved compared to the rest of the earthly fauna (animal world). The reason for the improvement was the adaptation of a soul to which the brain serves as its communication center.
A person's soul is not biological and not earthly. Humans are born in a purely biological (animal) form and receive their own soul shortly after birth. Only then do they become full people.
The kind of thinking that is given to us is unique and very, very atypical for the rest of the animal world on earth.
The reason for this is the presence of a soul that kindles us spiritually. Without the presence of a soul, we would only be able to carry out similar thought processes of a highly developed ape.
It cannot be at all that our thought processes were based on an evolutionary sequence. There is no way that an individual consciousness could evolve. And so abruptly and in a short time!
I also have no idea how the earthly scientists want to imagine this in reality:
Monkey no. 1 doesn't speak yet and no. 2 says 20 years later: “Hello mom, I'll try to steal a banana from the stupid baboon Koko tomorrow and wipe one out of him when he turns his back to me and then I'll go to his Woman ran ". And this thinking / language ability should happen evolutionarily just because we should eat a little more meat ??
If it were that easy, our chimpanzee relatives would be able to talk too. Because the brain organs of mammals are excellently structured and these brains also have well-structured transmission channels. The way animals think, however, is momentary-automatic (all over the world) and follows a pattern that is typical of the species. To put it simply, it means that an animal thinks unconsciously and only when it is necessary. An animal itself has no determination whether it just wants to think or not (like a human does)
The animals think only in the given patterns and channels of thought given to the species by nature (genetically programmed). The group animals think a little differently, the loners think differently, the mammals differently and the flying companionship differently. I don't know whether the fish think. I don't think so, or not much. What do the animals do that do not think. They act and act automatically and intuitively, of course also according to the given pattern, like a controlled robot.
So what has led to the fact that we can think abstractly, logically, time-shifted, future-oriented, visionary, problem-solving, deceptive, encrypted, symbolic, planned, sick or ingenious ...?
In addition to the mastermind, which we received from our cosmic creator, we were equipped with an element that took on the role of a spiritual detonator (or motor, as you like).
That is not all. This element is not an inanimate matter invisible to our eyes, similar to a brain pacemaker. It is also not to be understood as an invisible but living body organ (similar to an invisible heart or a liver).
This element, the soul, has its own consciousness!
Our consciousness!
So are we the soul?
Yes and no !!
As I said. We are made up of one from the body. On the other hand from the individually conscious thoughts. But, with all the calculations that you may now carry out while reading, our body alone, including the brain, is not capable of conscious thinking, but only of animal-automatic thinking, only the soul gives the whole thing a context of meaning.
The soul alone, on the other hand, is not yet a human being because it lacks a human body.
Isn't that quite plausible yet? Then a test question.
If you were to ask: "Who are you, do you define yourself?"
What would you answer?
So some people would describe their physical side very strongly: appearance, figure, face, hair, muscle mass ...
The other might tackle character traits and the mastermind.
The third would rather describe his life stations, his actions and deeds.
We are just versatile.
But now a more drastic situation.
Imagine if your body is damaged by an illness or an accident and no longer functions. The machines get their lives, they are unconscious, they are in a coma.
Or different. Your body (muscles, limbs ... musculoskeletal system) is not able to function. But you have a fully functioning brain and are fully conscious.
In another way, the body is ok, but the brain does not work and it is not possible for you to develop a rational thought.
So now the evaluation!
When are you actually still a HUMAN? >> In which of the described states do you feel that you would still live consciously?
Most would decide: "It doesn't work without a brain". In summary, prefer to be in a wheelchair, but with your own thoughts, as a super body without a brain. Because without our thoughts we are nothing. Without our body, on the other hand, we are only restricted in movement and action.
So what part are we in now? In the physical or in the spiritual?
In the spiritual part, no ifs or buts !!
We define ourselves through our spirituality, even if our bodies are very, very close and dear to some of us.
Mental does not mean here the automatically controlling brain processes. Spiritual means the logical, conscious and systematic thought processes that are unique to one person.
A tiger also has a super brain that controls its actions. The grandcat doesn't think about whether he wants to set a trap for the hated hunter for two months and he doesn't look into the puddle to check whether the stripes are in place. A tiger has no consciousness. A tiger has no soul.
A tiger is a great bio machine. She has a program. Depending on the scenario, a corresponding file is retrieved and an action is carried out. A person has a consciousness and thus his will. He can choose his files himself.
Unfortunately, he often ignores the genetic program that humans have in their cradle through their animal origin, but instead they come up with something else as a solution (90% of the cases, something wrong) because, contrary to all reason, he “just does it want to have ”, or because others want it that way and enforce it by law or power. The soul gives man his will.
It is also paradoxical that although in most religious teachings the body is given a second position after spirituality, the opinion persists that spirituality only enriches us (“us” as bodies). And we are actually meant as a body.
It can perhaps be explained by the fact that the body is visible and tactile to us every day, the soul, on the other hand, is invisible and can only be defined as deeper, more serious thoughts. This, in turn, is not understandable for many people and is too tedious. Many people think in an almost automatic way without thinking about why they are thinking and that they are thinking at all. This also leads to the fact that many people with a poorly developed mentality only “look after” and pay attention to their appearance. They are gifted with a somewhat crooked spirituality or rationality, ignore their own spirituality (so as not to have to think too much deeply - “that makes work”) others have not yet “found” their spirituality. You are afraid to investigate your own deep inner psyche, you don't know what you will find there. One encounters too much psychological madness in life, be it through films, be it through fellow human beings. There is also no proper education for one's own spirituality.
In conclusion, the fact is that it is exactly the other way around. We are the soul that is additionally clothed with a body and lives symbiotically with it. Our brain is just a communication center of the soul.
Let us now explain the definition of a human again on the basis of the preceding explanations:
We humans therefore consist of a soul that expresses itself with the help of the brain (thoughts, language, personality development ...) and of a body, which we very often mistakenly understand as I.
So it is pointless to argue whether the soul is there or not and how and why ... and everything blabla >> we are the soul!
Most people just don't understand it, or worse, don't know it !!! And the others (the romantic ones) understand the soul as a breath of nothing (little cloud) which in any case escapes from the body after death and wanders lost through the air, great!
This sad phenomenon can generally be described as the loss of spirituality in society (in human populations). I don't mean, of course, that the soul has been lost, but that one does not understand or overlook one's own spiritual origins. That one lives as if she >> this soul did not exist at all. You deny yourself. You live as if you didn't even exist.
No wonder that many people become “mentally ill” in the course of their lives or are desperately looking for truths, sinking into the delusional body in search of themselves, experiencing midlife crises, or embarking on the damaging, pseudo-spiritual pathways. Sad but true. The presence of the soul is misunderstood, denied, smiled at, ignored, stupid or badly talked about.
With that, but people deny themselves.
A lost generation.
Above all, the situation in the so-called civilized countries, which have contributed to the suppression of spiritual thoughts by emphasizing pure, sterile science and material economy, can be described as catastrophic.
The simpler, natural peoples have mostly found a more primal access to the soul, whereby there, too, due to the lack of education, there is a strong development of mysticism and spiritual paranoia (group hysteria, personality cult, worship of deities ...) in all possible forms.
Now in the previous passages I have tried to explain what connection exists between the human being and the soul.
At the end of this chapter, some facts and summaries that illuminate more specifically the use / function of the soul in humans and describe the soul as such:
Human creation
-Using the genetic pattern of ape-like animals, cosmic scientists had created a human being
-this was bred in mass production and exposed on earth in a controlled manner
-controlled breeding of humans lasted tens of thousands of years
- Before us there were no people on earth
-before WE (Homo sapiens) came to earth, there were earlier attempts and experiments with other human patterns (example: Neanderthals)
Constituent parts of a person
-A human consists of an animal / physical side
-this physical side has been greatly improved compared to the original (ape-like) patterns
-A person consists on the other of his soul (spiritual / spiritual side)
-The soul is a motor of all his deep / inner thoughts and human actions controlled by his will. The soul gives a person his will.
A person is not born with a soul. In the first phase of life, a newborn baby goes through the simple stage of a mammal (soulless). This condition is urgently necessary in order to increase its chances of survival. A newborn can only survive if it is completely reduced to its physical side (food intake, sleep, warmth in the nest). This also enables the mother (and father) to have a loving, "animal" focus on the baby (with devotion and protective instinct). In this phase, the baby seems to be pure, cute and defenseless. If its survival is ensured, the baby receives its soul and only then does it become a full, strong-willed, conscious person. The baby immediately starts to get his way, which can / could lead to tension. When tensions arose, the first antipathies and family disorders developed immediately. It's stressful! (That is why it is so important to spend the first, vital phase without your own soul)
The soul
-she is alive, but it is not an autonomous being
-in connection with a human body (including the brain) it ignites a consciousness
- it is materially different >> This means that its material nature consists of substances that cannot be measured / recorded with the technology-science available to people
-for the same reason, we humans do not see the souls >> This does not mean that the soul is invisible, but that the human sense of sight / perception cannot grasp and localize it. After all, we don't see any bacteria either.
-a soul comes when a newborn is ready to receive
-a soul leaves when the body is no longer functional
-the souls are bred, stored and used as needed in the hereafter
- the souls are bred and developed in the cosmic "laboratory"
-They do not multiply
-the souls who left the human being after the death of the body continue to live in a different state
-These souls "live" in the hereafter and they "work actively" in orderly ways and various other forms of life
-there are no chaotic and lost souls that fly through the air and annoy people
Remember that the cosmic "society" is in every respect light thousands of years ahead of ours. All wanderers would be caught immediately.
- Most of the souls that are intended for humans correspond to a standard pattern (this means that we humans have the same opportunity and chance to shape and develop our own profile, our personality with the help of the soul given to us)
Deviations in the soul pattern
-Supersoule >> Occasionally people are brought to earth who have a special task: saving humanity, saving the earth ... These people get a particularly strong soul right from the start, which accompanies them on their path to enlightenment and personal development (makes them strong against all odds) Apart from that, this soul ensures permanent contact with the hereafter / cosmos (>> old traditions: God's sons on earth)
-Soul wanderings / exchanges of souls actually exist to the extent that sensation-hungry fellow human beings do not hope for. There is absolutely no need to reuse a soul that has already been “used” with personality traits, there are enough new and fresh ones for that.
Now an example of an exception: in a newborn we are dealing with a person with a special genetic pattern. This person receives a “standard soul” that best corresponds to his bio-genetic pattern. After all, everything has to fit together very well. Now imagine that we are dealing with somewhat weaker identical twins who are struggling to survive after birth. Gemini No. 1 (particularly at risk) gets a very strong soul much, much earlier than usual, which is already so prepared (as if it were a bit older, more experienced) that it takes on the fight for the child by taking over the inner processes the young body controls and switches better. However, the fight for life is lost. The first child dies. Now the second child is still there and it can (but does not have to be) that if the child has lived in a soulless state up to now, this child will also get this special soul, which was already used in the sibling.
Example No. 2 >> Klaus, 40, 3 small children, wife not working. Klaus drives too fast, suffers a car accident, has been in a coma for 2 months, the doctors have given him up. If Klaus were 80 years old, if he had a weak heart and Alzheimer's, the otherworldly companions would release Klaus from his body and take him as a soul-Klaus high into the other spheres. With the death of our Klaus (family father), however, the world collapses for several people. They are ruined financially, humanely and mentally. The fear that the small family would never recover from this stroke of fate is simply too great. On the other side, Klaus decides to save with all means. His own Klaus soul evades the body for hours (days, weeks ...), stays close. For this Klaus gets a "hammer block" - it is a very strong soul that specializes in doing hard work. This also includes enduring the cosmic energy with which Klaus's body is bombarded. The soul then makes everything clear from within >> switches, rules, combines ... If it was successful and Klaus survived, the hammer soul evades and Klaus soul comes back. Klaus usually can't remember anything, or he says "... and I saw everything from above, and you were already wearing a black dress ..."
Incidentally, such “hammer souls” can be used several times.
-Astral journeys >> are possible in principle, but are not made. Without a soul, our body is defenseless because it lacks consciousness. Without a soul we are in an animal-automatic state. It is dangerous because our brain is not prepared for this kind of life and is not “trained” (through years of education and experience). Our brain works together with the soul and only these processes are encoded in it.
The people who pride themselves on undertaking an out of body experience every WE may be deceived in their perception by hallucinations or holographic images. So there is peace and everyone is satisfied.
-Reincarnation is possible (see "Hammerseelen") but is not necessary as a standard action and would be more damaging for the development of a person through the influence of several unbalanced foreign personalities. (Schizophrenia favoring) It is therefore not practiced from the afterlife. The fact that people supposedly remember something (from previous life) or speak a foreign language has another reason which I will explain elsewhere)
What additional results from these statements?
The first is that we humans are only physically related to one another. However, our souls are not related !!
I believe that the very finding could have a revolutionary effect in every respect (both positive and negative).
The bottom line is that people live together within a family (who apart from a few physical characteristics and, due to the biological nature of the brain, have similar thought or emotion structures) have nothing in common. Because their personality identification through the presence of different souls that are not related to one another makes them strangers.
So again:
The people who belong to a family could be very similar, if not almost the same, in appearance, type of movement, forms of skills (musician family ...) type of emotions (very temperamental, hysterical ...). All characteristics that can be passed on through physical inheritance (the brain also belongs to the body) belong in this column. Nevertheless, all of these figures have their own soul. They have their own definition of the ego and this is not identical to or related to that of the father or mother.
Now there we have this salad!
We look like the father, we are just as athletic, we like the same partners, eat the same food and still have the impression that we are strangers, which can grow into the right aversion over time.
On the other hand, we get along brilliantly with another person who has a completely different way of life and who otherwise does not agree with us, either externally or internally.
How come What do we call that? Soul kinship is what people say, without really understanding what is behind it.
Strictly speaking, there is no relationship behind this, because the souls are not and never related to each other, but rather a similar spiritual orientation that these people have, which has hardly anything to do with the nature of the soul, because the souls in their original form have a neutral, identical pattern. Rather, it is about developing one's own spiritual experience and wisdom.
Spiritual wisdom here is not the ability to name all angels (like the dog races) but the awareness of one's own origin, one's own goals in life, one's own outlook on life ... awareness of one's own values.
If these criteria match in people, they feel drawn to each other, since communication works on the higher (more important) level. They talk to each other, they understand each other on the spiritual, conscious level.
I don't want to do any family therapy here, so I just say:
Each person is an individual, an original with his own consciousness and will. It is precisely this that does not make him a slave to the family. A person can represent a clan physically and emotionally to the outside world (a sports team also wears the same colors) mentally, he always remains an individual, who may voluntarily carry on the family idea and thus strengthen the clan team. But it can just as well happen that he gives in to his own will and breaks off completely with the family.
Because we are not related to our relatives!
Test question: Why?
Because we are not defined by our body but by the soul. We, as spirituality, are the soul.
We, as souls, were given a body in the phase of earth life as a “dress” and “tool” in order to be able to spend wonderful, determined, imaginative years on earth with it.
I intentionally emphasize "as a dress, or a tool" and not mine as a habit, armor or suspenders ...