Why are cameras and microphones so expensive

Many big youtubers and vloggers take sound quality very seriously! The only option is an external microphone that costs € 250! And everyone who is self-respecting must have that! Or maybe not? In this post, I explain why the sound quality is important in your videos, but you can also get away much cheaper.

But first:
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At first I didn't want that much money ... WRONG! You're doing it wrong!

Sound quality has always struck me as a bit complicated. Not from a technical point of view, because almost everyone recognizes the difference between really good and really bad sound! I always found the justification for not using “the best” tone to be complicated! When it comes to sound quality, only the best counts, everything else is wrong! If you don't have the best microphone, you're doing something wrong!

Well why is that so?

First of all, video is an audiovisual medium. That means sound and moving pictures make up this format! So it should be clear that sound is a very important component! And we forgive a not so perfect picture rather than overdriven sound and noise and crackling.

That is understood, but why only the best count?

We often allow ourselves to be influenced too much by our role models on YouTube, Instagram, etc. People who are really successful there are of course in constant competition with their colleagues for the necessary attention. And everything has to be optimized further and further in order to have a bit of a head start on the others. It is not for nothing that such a VLOG setup from a Casey N. quickly costs 5000 €.

But we normal mortals can also start smaller! Use your cell phone for a VLOG, if it suits the situation! Don't be too attached to other people's opinions! And that's exactly what I think about the various options you have when recording sound. Take what you can afford and what is good enough for you!

Good sound can also be cheap or even free!

How is that possible? Just be aware of what it is really about! If you are on vacation and suddenly a few dolphins appear in the sea, you want to quickly record the situation and maybe your reaction! How important is the best sound at such a special moment? Apart from that, smartphones and cameras now also have very useful microphones! Just like cameras.

If you want to improve the sound quality a bit - and despite the previous paragraphs I can only recommend this - you can achieve really good results with microphones for little money.
The three most common cheap options are:

1. Internal microphone

The internal microphone of your camera is usually sufficient for background noise from your surroundings. The babbling of a brook, the chirping of birds, city noise, ... you can also record all of this with the internal microphone! This usually records the sound all around (often also in stereo).
COST - 0 €


  • Absolutely free
  • Always there
  • No set-up effort


Suitable for

  • Ambient sound from the environment
  • Voice in quiet situations without a lot of background noise

2. Lavalier microphone

A lavalier microphone is also called a clip-on microphone. This can easily be attached to the shirt collar and connected directly to the camera / smartphone via the jack connection. Due to their characteristics, these microphones block out background noise very well and are therefore particularly suitable for recording what is being said! The best thing about it: Even the very cheap things deliver really good results! You can get incredible improvements with just one Lav for € 12!

My recommendation


  • Attractively priced
  • Very small and inconspicuous
  • Good sound for voices
  • Constant volume when you move


  • The very cheap alternatives are processed a bit cheaply
  • Limited mobility due to the cable

Suitable for

  • Interviews and “Talking Head” videos
  • Podcasts
  • Voice over

3. Clip-on directional microphone

The most popular variant for vloggers and youtubers. You can mount these microphones on the hot shoe of your camera and connect them directly via the jack. As directional microphones, they mainly record the area in front of the microphone and a little bit to the side and back. They are super flexible and can be used for many things! Especially when you travel a lot, do VLOGs, need flexibility, these microphones are unbeatable!

My recommendation


  • Compact
  • Does not require a battery
  • On as soon as plugged in
  • High quality processed!
  • Fur windbreak and decoupling bracket included
  • Can be mounted on the camera


I can't think of any!

As you can see, it doesn't always have to be super expensive if you don't need it at all or if you want to slowly improve. Below you will find a video in which you can also listen to the sound quality of these microphones again!

I hope I could help you and I look forward to your questions!

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