Can tourists get a California driver's license

How can a foreign tourist get auto insurance in California, USA?

There are two types of insurance - liability and comprehensive.

The liability insurance is to the person bound. This covers you if you are driving a vehicle that you do not own. Liability insurance is compulsory almost everywhere.

The fully comprehensive insurance (and the collision insurance) is to the vehicle bound. This type of insurance covers things like vandalism and theft, damage resulting from an accident, etc.

Your auto insurance company offers both types of insurance. That is, it insures you (even if you drive another vehicle) and it insures the vehicle (if someone other than you is driving it; if they have permission to do so).

If someone steals your car, you will not be held liable for any insurance claims provided you reported it to the authorities as stolen .

In general, immediate family members are insured as part of the "insured" in the policy.

All licensed drivers of the vehicle (provided the person is licensed for the type and the license is valid in the jurisdiction) have insurance provided they have permission from the owner to drive the vehicle.

The question arises as to how much insurance coverage you have in the event of an accident if someone else (who has your permission, has the appropriate license for the vehicle and has a current, valid license) drives the car.

This is where you need to check the fine print of your insurance policy.