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Lawyer for construction law: Experienced lawyers advise in Hamburg

Lawyer Construction Law Hamburg
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 9:08 AM

As if a building project wasn't already associated with enough organization and work, there are also a number of legal subtleties and potential pitfalls to be considered. Anyone planning a construction project can hire a lawyer specializing in construction law in Hamburg and get legal advice on all steps. Streich & Kollegen are considered specialists in the entire area of ​​real estate, for example also in condominium law and tenancy law. The services of the law firm in the area of ​​construction law are presented below.

Construction projects are also legally complex

Construction projects - regardless of their size - are generally costly, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Trust and functioning communication between all parties involved, such as building owners, architects, contractors, engineers or craftsmen, are prerequisites for a smooth process. However, there are often delays. The time pressure until the contractually agreed construction is completed often strains the nerves of everyone involved in the construction process.

The most important basis for construction projects of any kind are the contracts between the client of the building and the executing trades. Private building law merely forms the legal framework for the relationships between the parties involved. Contracts that regulate otherwise are permitted. Therefore, the creation of legally secure contracts, especially for private construction projects, is essential for a conflict-free process.

It is worth hiring an experienced lawyer for construction law not only for legally compliant contract drafting, but also for legal support in all steps of the construction project and, in particular, to avoid costly escalations such as legal disputes.

Hire a specialist lawyer for construction law in Hamburg

From the first contract negotiations through the implementation of construction projects to legal disputes, the law firm Streich & Kollegen provides legal support, especially for medium-sized to large planners and project planners in the construction sector. The lawyer specializing in construction law in Hamburg also offers legal advice for architects, builders, investors, general contractors, subcontractors and property developers.

The lawyers from Streich & Kollegen draw up all relevant contracts, give legal assessments and recommendations with regard to VOB or BGB contract law, negotiate out-of-court disputes and, if necessary, enforce their clients' claims in court. The entire construction is accompanied by the experienced building law experts, who are also at the side of their clients during the building inspection or when dealing with construction defects. A particular focus of the law firm is, among other things, the assertion of claims for damages as well as the revocation of contracts or the review of termination options in the entire contract system.

In addition, clients benefit from a free initial assessment of the situation, the rapid reaction time and the easy accessibility of the lawyers. They take over the written correspondence to relieve their clients and also advise on questions of financing, guarantees, statute of limitations and remuneration issues. On request, Streich & Kollegen also offer lectures on building law that are individually tailored to the client's company.On the subject

Streich & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte in partnership mbB

Streich & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte in Partnerschaft mbB have been advising clients on all property-related issues for over 30 years. The law firm has extensive expertise, particularly in private construction law, and advises architects, builders, investors, general and subcontractors as well as property developers on all issues relating to the construction project. A targeted representation of interests, flowing personal communication and constant cost transparency are decisive for the work of the law firm.

In addition to the broad positioning in all real estate-related areas of law as well as the collegial and well-networked cooperation, the law firm attaches great importance to strong regional coverage and personal on-site support for its clients. Streich & Partner are members of the construction law consortium of the German Lawyers' Association. For further information, interested parties can view the profile of the lawyer for construction law, Finn Streich, at Anwalt.de here.

Due to the complexity of building projects, also from a legal point of view, legal advice from experienced lawyers in building law makes sense. In Hamburg, the experienced law firm Streich & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte in Partnerschaft mbB can be commissioned.

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