Will you vote for Justin Trudeau again?

Is what ?! Excitement of the week A letter from the Trumpenland

Thanks Donald. Thank you for letting me spend a trump week in your country. But I don't know whether you like what I'm experiencing there - for example at your limit.

When I land in Atlanta in the state of Georgia, I will be searched by such friendly and nice black security officers that I would like to send them to Berlin immediately so that they can teach our German officers how to be relaxed and funny with passengers. People like yours, dear Donald, are not at all put off at customs; I always enjoy coming back to your country.

$ 35 tea

You should change something about your customs policy, Donald. In El Paso, 150 grams of loose tea costs 35 dollars - that's ten times as much as in Germany. Please take care of such really important things!

But I have to pay you a big compliment. I loved your sense of humor and your quick-wittedness. You stand in front of the United Nations and give a campaign speech as if you want to rule the whole world as head of state and then of course the people laugh very amused - and you say afterwards: They didn't laugh at Donald; they laughed with Donald. What else did your UN ambassador say about the General Assembly? "This year we're here with a bang." But with what a bang ...

Head butt for Trudeau

In the great Trumpenland people laugh infinitely more than here in dry Teutonia. And you have really cool buddies. Sure, you had to give Justin Trudeau from Canada a headbut again and you won't meet the stubborn boy. But North Korea's Kim Jong-Un is so "great" for you that you want to see him again soon. You're both looking forward to it. Best in North Korea, I think.

Have a good trip there. Stay there a long time. Thank you, Mr. President.