What is spinning reserve



Long-term cooperation in monitoring the ship's performance in combination with the power consumption of the battery leads to an operational fuel saving of 20%.


Golden Energy Offshore partnered with Kongsberg Maritime to use the Kongsberg Vessel Performance System (VPS) to monitor fuel savings on Golden Energy Offshore's UT 776 CD Design Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), NS Orla and NS Frayja. The companies have been monitoring and analyzing the ships' data since 2015. In addition to saving fuel, the Kongsberg VPS has the potential to help reduce energy consumption, emissions and operating costs.

The containerized Kongsberg SAVe Energy battery system was installed on both ships earlier this year and shows significant operating cost reductions. The SAVe Energy battery system can be used for a top shave, spinning reserve and full battery charge of offshore ships, cruise ships, ferries, tugs and work boats.

Joakim KjĂžlleberg, Kongsberg data scientist, said: "By using a redundant battery solution connected to the main switchboard in dynamic positioning, we can reduce the total engine hours by 43%.

"The increased load and the improved efficiency are very beneficial and help the ships to achieve operational fuel savings of 20 percent. In conjunction with the shore connection in the port, the ships are on the way to an annual fuel saving of around 360 m3, which is around 1000 Tons of CO2 and 3 tons of NOx corresponds to "