Cuddling with a dog relieves stress

Prevantil® - for naturally strong defenses on Christmas and New Year's Eve: Let stress go!

03.12.2019 – 10:28

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Holiday bustle, lots of guests and loud firecrackers - Christmas and New Year's Eve are stressful for most dogs and cats. The signs for this can be varied: some animals withdraw, others are restless and bark a lot. For others, the emotional tension leads to tremors, excessive grooming or even diarrhea. Persistent stress can have a negative effect on the health of your four-legged friends - especially in winter when the immune system is already being challenged more.

- Cure for good nerves and resistance -

Vital cures from the veterinary practice, such as Prevantil® from Bayer, can help to specifically strengthen the nerves and resilience of your own animal. Prevantil® is based on purely natural ingredients such as prickly pear and ginseng. As a cure, it can be fed to the dog or cat with normal food once a day for 7 to 21 days before the stress-inducing holidays. The prickly pear extract (TEX-OE®) has antioxidant and cell-protecting properties. Beta-glucans and the medicinal plant ginseng strengthen the immune system and promote the body's own cell protection. Vitamin B12 also promotes nerve regeneration and strengthens general well-being.

Additional tips help to make the holidays more relaxed for four-legged friends:

- Cuddling and exercise against stress -

Before visiting, after a stressful day or on New Year's Eve, dogs and cats should be petted and played with. Because physical affection relieves stress and gives the animals protection and security. A long walk for dogs is also important for dogs.

- Set up quiet areas -

So that the animals can withdraw when the hustle and bustle becomes too much for them, they should be given a cozy retreat. For cats, for example, a familiar, quiet room is ideal, in which a lounging area is set up for the four-legged friend, where it must not be disturbed by outsiders. Beloved toys as well as food and water should also be available to the animal here. Dogs usually feel most comfortable around their caregivers. A comfortable place to lie a little away from the action can help you to relax.

- Routine gives security -

Everyday routine, such as fixed feeding and gas times, gives animals security. Therefore, it is good for sensitive four-legged friends if their family tries to maintain these fixed points in the daily routine even during the holidays.

- Special case New Year's Eve -

New Year's Eve with its loud fireworks is a particular stress factor for animals. If you think about it in good time, you may be able to desensitize your four-legged friend with special sound CDs. Otherwise applies:

- do not leave the animal alone - turn on the radio or television to reduce noise from outside - if necessary lower the shutters - radiate calm and serenity yourself - do not encourage the animal in its fear (do not comfort)

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