What are the causes of armpit warts

Pedunculate warts

Remove pedunculate wart with scissors and a scalpel

  • Small pedunculated warts Doctors usually remove it with a sterile one Special scissors. A cut of the scissors is enough. Local anesthesia is usually not required to remove the pedunculate wart. Because the needle stick is likely to hurt many patients more than the tiny, quick cut with the scissors.
  • Larger stem warts remove dermatologists with one scalpel, but this time under regional (local) anesthesia of the affected skin area. They then sew up the wound neatly so that no scars are left behind later. The healing process of the wound is checked by the doctor after a few days.

Remove pedunculate nipples using other methods

In addition to surgery with scissors and scalpel, there are other methods that dermatologists can use to effectively tackle the unpleasant pedunculate warts. The most common are:

  • Freeze peduncles: The doctor holds an applicator cooled with liquid nitrogen to the growth. The style wart freezes and falls off. This method is called cryosurgery.
  • Electrosurgery: The doctor "burns" the pedunculate wart with the help of an electric current. Doctors speak of electrocoagulation. An electric knife or an electric loop is used for this.
  • Laser treatment: The pedunculate wart can also be removed with the laser. The dermatologist removes the superfluous skin flap using laser radiation. Laser therapy is well suited to prevent the pedunculate wart from growing back.

Remove pedunculate warts: costs are manageable

There are no medical reasons for removing pedunculate warts. Therefore, freezing or laser treatment of the fibroma is usually not a service provided by the statutory health insurance funds. If you find the pedunculate wart cosmetically bothersome, you have to Usually pay for the treatment yourself. An exception is, for example, if the nipple is on the eye, is very large and affects the blinking of the eye. The health insurers then cover the costs of removing the pedunculate wart.

The professional association of German dermatologists writes about the The cost of removing the pedunculate warts: "The procedure is at a price level that a normal consumer can easily afford." With a simple surgical scissors stroke, you can get away cheaply - usually under 50 euros. It becomes more expensive with larger stem warts if a scalpel, laser, icing or electrical methods are used. Always ask your doctor before the procedure what the actual costs will be. Then you won't experience any nasty surprises afterwards.

Remove pedunculate wart yourself? Better keep your hands off!

Some sufferers consider that Remove pedunculate wart yourself. Various methods, means and advice are recommended on the Internet for this purpose. It is not uncommon for the procedure to remove the annoying appendage to sound a little bit rough. The effect of some tips is also more than doubtful. Some examples that make you better:

  • Cut off pedunculate nipple: Doctors strongly advise against removing the pedunculate wart on your own with scissors. Anyone who lays a hand on themselves with normal, usually not sterile household scissors risks inflammation. It is all too easy for germs to penetrate the open wound. In the doctor's office, under sterile conditions, the risk of infection is low. In addition, dermatologists can examine the tissue under the microscope and rule out that it is a malignant skin change. Conclusion: Do not tamper with your pedunculate wart yourself!
  • Tie off the pedunculate wart: Some want to remove the stem warts themselves by grabbing the thread from the sewing box or something similar and tying off the stem warts. Please let that be too, please! It does more harm than good, and you won't really get rid of the pedunculate wart with this maneuver. If there are leftovers, it will grow back again. There is also a risk of inflammation, swelling and pain when bacteria and other germs penetrate the wound.

Removing Pedunculate Warts: Home Remedies That Don't Help!

Pharmacies, drugstores or the Internet mail order business offer some means of self-treatment. These are directed against the "real" warts and range from icing sticks to plasters and solutions with salicylic acid or lactic acid. However: Such "normal" wart remedies do not help against pedunculate warts. Because these unsightly skin tags are - unlike real warts - not caused by human papilloma viruses.

  • A common tip is: Apple Cider Vinegar against the pedunculate nipple. Dabbed on the skin several times a week, the apple cider vinegar is supposed to dry out the stem wart until it finally falls off - as far as the theory goes. However, the effect of the acidic home remedy has not been proven. Rather, if you treat your skin with acid for a long time, you destroy the important protective acid layer and dry out the skin.
  • The same applies Tea tree oil against the pedunculate nipple. With real warts, the tea tree oil seems to have cautious positive effects. You can't do anything against a stem wart with tea tree oil. It can irritate the skin and cause itching, redness, and rashes if you apply it to the surface of the body more often.

What is the use of homeopathy for a style wart?

There are some homeopathic remedies for real warts caused by viruses. The remedy chosen depends on the type of wart. And: You have to be patient until you have got the wart on with globules. In the case of style warts, however, homeopathy is usually powerless.