How good is the VIT gym

Fitness & Health

The classic fitness training

Muscles are vital. It is all the more important to keep them “in good shape”. In the vitafit Dreieich you will find everything you need to stabilize and strengthen your muscles.

Even advanced and professionals who want to practice targeted muscle building are guaranteed to get their money's worth in the vitafit. A state-of-the-art training park, a functional area and a large free weight area are at your disposal. And if you have any questions, a competent trainer is always available.

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healthy back

Relief of the spine

Do you also belong to the three quarters of Germans who complain of occasional back pain, or even to the 8 million for whom they are already chronic?
In the long run, long periods of sitting, poor posture and incorrect stress become permanently painful. But you can alleviate your back problems through targeted, active movement and thus become fitter again for your everyday life.

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Strength & endurance

Finally strength for everyday life again

Regular exercise slows down the progressive hardening of the arteries by 40 percent, as your blood vessels are "cleaned up" by the training. High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes II, cardiac arrhythmias or vascular diseases - you only see or feel the danger when it is too late - you risk a heart attack and stroke!

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Figure & lose weight

Back to the desired figure

Women and men who want to be beautiful and attractive need to take care of themselves and their bodies. Muscle building through strength training - quickly and sustainably. You gain more power in everyday life, simply look good and achieve a higher level of performance.

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Rehabilitation & Prevention

Back to active everyday life with vitafit

The aim of rehabilitation sports is that people are introduced to health-oriented movement. The health insurance company therefore supports the entry into exercise and pays the training fees for the first 50 units in full. Vitafit bills the participation directly with the health insurance company, so that the participant does not have to pay in advance.

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achieve goals

We are your solution provider in the field of health and training! Support with a holistic approach is part of our philosophy and intention.

Our guests see us as a partner in all of their questions about health training. We have the right offer and our employees are able to make you successful in the long term. Get to know us, form your own picture and together we will find your personal solution.