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Alarm tones or musicWe search the perfect song to the Wake up

How do you wake up in the morning? With a classic alarm clock or with music? A study shows: Music can help you wake up, but high-pitched alarm tones may not. But which music is the right one to gently push you out of bed? We're looking for the perfect song to wake up to - with your help.

Researchers from RMIT University in Melbourne have done research on music and wake-ups. The result: Music can help wake you up and get your brain going faster. On the other hand, if you let yourself be woken up with classic alarm tones - like piiiep-piiiep-piiiep - you will feel drowsy and clumsy for longer.

For the study, 50 people reported on their wake-up habits. With its work, the research team primarily wants to support people who need to be mentally active quickly after waking up, such as firefighters, doctors or people who work in shifts.

Better music instead of shrill alarm tones

If classic wake-up tones are not so good, the question arises as to which music you can use to wake you up.

The musician and psychologist David Greenberg from the University of Cambridge has been researching the right music for getting up for a number of years. The US scientist created a "wake up" playlist with Spotify. You can find the list on Musikexpress.de. There are songs on it that slowly build up. Apparently nobody should be beaten out of bed musically, but rather gently pushed out of bed.

The decisive factor is how many beats per minute the songs have, according to Deutschlandfunk-Nova reporter Martin Schütz. 100 to 130 are perfect.

"A good wake-up song needs a prominent beat that is somewhere between 100 and 130 beats per minute."
Martin Schütz, Deutschlandfunk Nova reporter

For Conni Wonigeit from our music department, the intro is crucial so that a song can also be used to wake up. The tempo of the intro should only increase slowly. A funk guitar is also part of their perfect song. And the content should of course not be about sad topics, but rather about happy messages.

"Quite a lot of wake-up songs characteristically have an intro that ripples in tempo and then slowly increases."
Conni Wonigeit, Deutschlandfunk-Nova-Musikredation

To really find the right wake-up song, we need you. Using swarm intelligence, we may be able to find the perfect song.

Hence our question: What is your wake-up song? Send an email to: [email protected]

Tell us your wake up songs!

If there is one song that pushes many of you out of bed comfortably, then we'll play it on February 7th at Hielscher or Haase.