When will the Europeans be deported?

Pandemic protection for Europeans only

While German politicians are concerned about a successful Christmas with their families, children who have fled are bitten by rats in the refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. People, some of whom have lived in Germany for years, are deported to war zones in specially chartered aircraft. And "systemically important" people who are stateless because of the war are threatened with "preventive detention".

The situation for many migrants and those seeking protection in Europe is grim. Only a fraction of the 80 million refugees worldwide seek protection in the European Union. And yet the Nobel Peace Prize laureate is acting increasingly tougher in the name of "combating illegal migration". In doing so, it also sets the tone for its citizens. Not a word about the fact that asylum is a valid right. Not a word about the actually illegal pushbacks at the European external borders.

The European fortress is a racist construct that reserves the right to drown non-white people in the Mediterranean or to let them die in muddy camps. The main thing is that the white Christian citizens can unpack their Christmas presents in peace. The fact that the pandemic was called countless times at the press conference of EU domestic politicians on Monday to justify the failure of the asylum reform is unsurpassable in terms of hypocrisy. While the technically well-equipped ministers are unable to provide digital advice, their inability exposes many people to an increased risk of infection. An actual common asylum policy of the EU remains a fantasy. The consequences for this are borne by people who are often traumatized when they arrive in Europe. You have a real right to asylum. European governments should no longer ignore this.

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