Is Hermione Voldemort's daughter

Voldemort's daughter

HistoryFear, Family / P12 / Gen
Bellatrix Lestrange, Hermione Granger, Lord Voldemort / Tom Vorlost Riddle
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Hilo :)
This is my very first fanfiction, and it's about Hermione (my favorite <3 character). I hope you enjoy the prologue already. I don't know yet if I upload a chapter that often, but that remains to be seen :). So, just read through the prologue, and maybe you will have time for a review afterwards? * dog look put on *
Have fun!
Your Nana :).

Disclaimer: All characters, places and other things you know belong to Joanne K. Rowling. I just borrow them and I don't make any money with them.


Voldemort's daughter


She never thought that she could bring about something like that. She, a pure-blood Death Eater, can do something like this. Bellatrix Black eyes the little worm in her arm. Selena Black, her daughter. How that sounds!

“We'll train her properly and brand her in the dark when the time comes. It can be useful to us later, ”says the father.

"In what way?" Asks Bellatrix.

"If she goes to Hogwarts, we'll have a double occupancy for Severus," he replies.

Suddenly a voice comes from the door: “My Lord? Snape wants to speak to you. He would have important information about some prophecy. "

Voldemort turns away from Bellatrix and his daughter and walks out of the room.


It's true, Jean Granger thinks, and Apparates from the Ministry to her doorstep.
Voldemort and Bellatrix have a daughter and nobody can help the poor child, Jean continues, and unlocks her front door. Her husband, Muggle Howard Granger, isn't home yet. Exhausted, the Muggle-born Ministry witch falls into an armchair.
Selena Black is the name of Voldemort's daughter. The poor child will certainly be initiated into the dark arts very quickly. I have to help the child, Jean thinks resolutely.

When her husband comes home, she has a very long conversation with him. After all, it's a done deal.


Jean sneaks out of the lion's den with Selena Black in her arms. The child is fast asleep, so Jean can apparate back to Howard with her without any further problems.


Bellatrix hears a rustle, a squeak, and finally an apparition noise. She wakes up and looks into Selena's cradle. She gets scared. Selena is gone, gone.
Bellatrix hastily calls for Voldemort, who comes immediately.

“That can't be!” He yells. But then he has an idea. He casts a spell that will make his daughter have nightmares every night. She will see people tortured and killed.


Jean sits next to Howard and cradles the little girl in her arms.

"We have to give it a new name," she says.

"Hm, what do you think of Jean Granger junior?"

Jean grimaces slightly. "I do not know. I've always liked the name 'Hermione'. Hey That's it! We'll call her Hermione Jean Granger. "

Howard smiles. "Why not? So then: welcome to your new life, Hermione. "


Voldemort meets Harry Potter and his reign collapses. His Death Eaters are brought to Azkaban, including Bellatrix Black.
Hermione Jean Granger, however, is growing up completely happy.
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