What can a printed circuit board do

Circuit board for heating: how it works and repair

If the heating in your apartment does not get warm, one of the reasons is that the heating circuit board is defective. Although it does not have an independent task, it acts as a circuit board, which is responsible for the reliable connection of all components in the heating system. In the following we show which other tasks it fulfills and what has to be considered in the event of a defect.

A circuit board for the heating in the way it works

As printed circuit boards, circuit boards ensure that the heating components connected by them can permanently communicate with one another. In this way, they are used for mechanical fastening as well as electrical connection.

They are mainly used in modern heating systems. Some of these systems have presettable thermostatic valves, others can communicate with all household appliances in the smart home.

Since you rarely have to repair the circuit board of your heater, it is built into the interior that is difficult to access. Reason to take a closer look at them usually only arises when it becomes unexpectedly cold in the apartment. This could possibly be caused by a defect in the printed circuit board.

How is the repair carried out?

Since a new circuit for the heating causes high costs, companies dedicated to it have specialized in the repair of printed circuit boards. The exchange is also made more difficult by the fact that a circuit board always offers several switching outputs and often multifunctional outputs, which are DIN-standardized. Problems with the procurement of spare parts can arise, especially with older heating systems, so a repair by a specialist is a good idea.

Use only original spare parts

Only original spare parts from the manufacturer may be used for repairs. An exchange with any circuit board does not usually work, since the circuit board is not a universally applicable component.

Because new circuit boards are often associated with high costs, it is worth repairing the old circuit board or, if necessary, subjecting it to a general overhaul. Certified specialist companies overhaul and repair defective components professionally and give a one-year guarantee on work performance.

What are the requirements?

First of all, circuit boards have to meet special conditions, because they are usually located near radiators, thermal baths or other components from which continuous heat radiation emanates. Therefore, they have to be developed from materials that have dissipative properties. This counteracts wear and tear caused by the effects of heat.

Manufacturers are aware of these challenges; they guarantee long, trouble-free operating times through the use of particularly conductive materials.

How much can a new heating circuit board cost?

The question of how much a new heating circuit board may cost naturally depends on the heat generator and the manufacturer and therefore cannot be answered across the board.

How high are the costs?

If you do some research on the Internet, you will find prices for new circuit boards between 300 and 600 euros. Don't let the sensationally low PCB prices on eBay encourage you to repair yourself. These are mainly used components that can stop working at any time. On the other hand, if you trust in specialists, you benefit from high-quality work with a guarantee.