Is it right to become a lawyer?

What to look for when choosing a lawyer

Are you involved in an accident, accused of an administrative offense or criminal offense, or have problems with your landlord? In such cases, it is important to consult a lawyer in good time in order to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.

I, lawyer Leonhard Graßmann, explain to you what to look for when choosing a suitable lawyer.

Word of mouth: Not every good lawyer is the right one

At over150,000 licensed lawyers In Germany, choosing the right contact person can be difficult. Experience has shown that word of mouth is still the most effective: most of them seek advice from relatives and friends and tell them about their experiences with lawyers. You should want to see a lawyer with whom your loved ones are alreadypositive experiences However, it is important to collecthis specialization to pay attention to.

Let's say your brother consulted oneTraffic lawyerafter he was in a car accident and insurance refused to pay for the damage. In his case, a specialist lawyer for traffic law was the right contact. If you now have a dispute with your landlord about defective radiators, a traffic lawyer will not be able to provide you with competent support. In this case you should contact a specialist lawyer for tenancy law.

The difference: specialist lawyers and lawyers

Every lawyer has completed the law degree and the associatedState exams completed. If a lawyer wants to specialize in a particular area of ​​law, they'll take oneSpecialist lawyer training must pass an additional examination and demonstrate certain practical experience in the chosen field of law. Then he can"Specialist lawyer" call and is considered an expert in his field with extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience. He must maintain and deepen this knowledge through regular training. German law includes, for example, the following areas that lawyers can specialize in:

  • Tenancy law
  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • Employment Law
  • Contract law

It doesn't matter if it's aContract review, mediation in disputes or representation in court - here you can commission both lawyers and specialist lawyers to carry out the same activities. At aLawyer specialization however, you can mostly trust it to be the best possiblelegal representation to get in this area of ​​expertise. Of course, a lawyer can also specialize in a certain subject area without having to take a specialist lawyer examination. In this case, the lawyer explicitly presents his area of ​​law.

Experience as the basis for a successful cooperation

In general, in addition to theprofessional qualification attorney's experience and reputation. As is well known, this comes with the years. The more value a lawyer places on thatdeepening andUpdate lays his knowledge, the better he will be able to advise and represent you. For this reason, find out how long the lawyer has been working and whether he regularly attends courses and further education. So you can be sure that your contact person has the most up-to-date knowledge of the jurisprudence.