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On this page we answer the most important and most frequently asked questions about GamersGlobal. It will be expanded step by step over time through your feedback (especially in the forum). You can also find a good overview and more detailed tutorials here. GamersGlobal is a game magazine made up of editors and gamers who work together. Your self-written news, articles, self-made screenshots and self-made videos can appear on our site alongside editorial content from "trained" game editors such as Mick Schnelle, Harald Fränkel or Jörg Langer! But the concept goes much further and it is best to let Jörg Langer explain it to you in two minutes. If that's not informative enough for you, you can find an additional introduction here.
Do I have to register to use GamersGlobal?
No, unlike many other websites, you don't even have to register in order to comment on news. Nevertheless, the registration has many advantages: You write comments under the same username, so you save the Catpcha security query. You can "track" posts and find out when there are new comments. You can use the forum and take part in our competitions (in which we raffle prizes worth well over 1,000 euros each approximately every three months, see e.g. the June / July winners list), rate games. You will also receive more information on news and articles, have your own profile, receive private messages, write to other registered users, and much more. For registration click here.
What are the ranks and what are these talent classes?
Every registered user has a rank, and by commenting, writing forum posts, even by filling out his own profile, he rises in rank. Every rank brings a reward, sometimes a new right, sometimes a medal. The talent classes, on the other hand, have to be activated against GGG payment - they allow active participation (or in one case, the more targeted hunt for successes). More information can be found in the overview of the rankings.
Which talent classes are there and how does it work?
Four of the five talent classes give you extra rights, which allow you to work on GamersGlobal (against later very in-depth and momentous) work. The reporterClass allows news-writing that ClerkClass is about writing user articles, the cutter sets homemade videos that archivist takes care of creating / uploading profiles and screenshots. Only the Hunter If something falls out of line, it is about collecting success. All talent classes have one thing in common: They have ten classes that give more and more extensive rights, but which are also increasingly difficult to unlock. You can find more about this on the ranking list overview.
What are these successes all about?
Think of the achievements on Steam, Xbox Live or the trophies on PSN: This is exactly how our achievements work. There are well over 100 of them, some are very easy to come by, others very, very difficult. Successes reward occupation with our site in a variety of ways - and quite a few such as "snap commenter", "night owl" or "slender" are simply pretty funny too. If you are registered, you will be shown a successful achievement directly on the start page, so you cannot miss it. Achievements are rewarded with EXP and GGG, so they help you rise in rank or unlock new talent classes. Speaking of which: The hunter talent class is all about collecting successes.
Should / must I actively participate in GamersGlobal?
Only if you want - many comfort functions are already available for registered users (see above), and you can climb the 30-step ladder to a large extent even without active participation - provided that e.g. writing comments does not count as "cooperation" for you. You don't have to get into news writing to use GamersGlobal - but you might be interested in hunting for success. But of course we would be happy if you dare - you will definitely receive feedback on your texts, and over time you will climb up the ranks, you can take on special careers, and you will become a colleague of us editors and the others Users. More on this in the “Participate” section below!
How do I reach the editorial office or get support?
You should first address your request to us in the support forum (if you are registered), the other users will be happy to help you. You can also send an email to Redaktion> at< gamersglobal="" schreiben.="" als="" angemeldeter="" user="" kannst="" du="" außerdem="" anderen="" usern="" (ohne="" dessen="" mail-adresse="" zu="" wissen)="" über="" unser="" system="" eine="" e-mail="" schreiben="" sowie="" private="" messages="" empfangen.="" ab="" rang="" 10="" kannst="" du="" selbst="" private="" messages="" verschicken.="">
How do I stay up to date with GamersGlobal?
The easiest way would of course be if you visit our site every day, oh what, every hour ... However, if you cannot be online for a long time and want to quickly find and catch up on the articles from the past few days, you can find on the home page to the right of Cover story seven current topics that you can switch through for the areas of top topics, hot, videos, tests and user content. You can also use the main menu items Tests and Articles to display the latest articles and also to narrow them down by genre, platform or rating, for example. Our RSS, Twitter and Facebook feeds (see top right on every page) keep you up to date even without visiting As a registered user, you can also track posts and find out in one place how many new comments there are on a topic that interests you. You can even set an email to be sent to you every time a new comment is made on one of your topics.
How is GamersGlobal financed?
GamersGlobal should, however, pay off in the long term through paid advertising from games and other companies and through other income. For example, we look forward to donations (for which we thank you with medals). A subscription hides the advertising, makes the site more compact and gives you access to a print-friendly display of the articles (with or without pictures), which is also ideal for many mobile devices. Support more on this at GamersGlobal. Even if you order games or any other product via our shop (which is an Amazon partner shop), we will receive a small part of the purchase price reimbursed as "advertising allowance". You can find the shop here. The easiest way to actively participate in GamersGlobal is to write comments, be active in the forum or just rate content (Kudis, Like It). If you want to do more, the next step is to use the main menu at the top and the item "+ create content" to tackle your first news - you can even do that (but only once a week) without being registered with us! You don't even have to prepare the news completely ready for printing, because you can also make a "news proposal" from your contribution so that - if it is exciting - another user or the editorial team can use it to complete the news (of course you will rewarded with EXP). If you then want to go deeper, there are several talent classes available (see above) with which you will receive specific rights that will become more and more extensive over time.
Do I hand over all rights to my texts to GamersGlobal when they are published?
No, your copyright remains unaffected, of course, all user-generated content on this website is licensed under the following Creative Commons license with two exceptions. You can find out about the exceptions in our Terms of Use, see the bottom of each page. You can also publish your texts on other websites such as your private blog. Conversely, you are not allowed to simply copy texts from third-party websites and bring them to us as news - unless it is your own texts. But even then it is usually advisable to adapt them to the style of GamersGlobal. We also reserve the right to reject any content and to change any content. The exact details of our terms and conditions can be found in the terms of use.
My news / articles / video / profile / picture upload will not be activated. What's going on there?
Depending on the time of day and the workload of the editorial team as well as the higher-ranking users, it may take some time before we can check your content. Just be patient. In addition, very little content is activated immediately; Rather, especially with new users, there are mostly inquiries or improvement requests on the part of the editors and higher-ranking users. This means that new participants can also improve their news very quickly, after which they are activated. You can find your unpublished news in the main menu under "My content", the additional requests or suggestions appear as comments (which are then deleted before publication!) Directly under the news. The best thing to do is to track your own news (the little eye symbol below the text) so that you don't miss any questions and so that they can be published quickly.
Can news / articles / videos be rated?
Yes, you can rate almost all content on GamersGlobal. All you have to do is press the thumb icon under an item. With this, the author receives a kudo from you - with this you signal to the writer that you liked his work. You can always find the button at the end of a news / article / video. In the case of news, you can even rate the individual posts directly on the overview page. Above all, please rate the quality of the news, and not just "a big game name" that the news is about.
Can I rate a piece of content negatively?
No, because of potential abuse, we decided against the distribution of minus points: We had very bad experiences with it in a previous version of If you are not satisfied with a piece of content, simply deny it the plus point and / or say your opinion in the comments. Please do so in a polite tone - otherwise your criticism will not do anything anyway.
I've never written any news before. How does this work?
To make it easier for you to get started, we have created a video showing you how to use our news editor. You can check it out here. The GamersGlobal editor-in-chief Jörg Langer gives you the first tips on what good news should look like. Everything else you will learn in time. So don't be discouraged if your first news is criticized or even rejected by the editors and other users. Please do not take criticism and suggestions for improvement as an insult - it is actually quite normal that texts by new authors have to be revised at the beginning. The further you rise in rank, the more experienced and confident you become - and at some point it is you who helps new users a little bit.
Why can't I include a teaser image or video in my news?
You can only upload a teaser image and embed a video if you have the appropriate reporter talent level, see there. If you would like to see a certain picture or video in your news beforehand, simply add the corresponding links at the end of your news text. The person who activates the news will then integrate the pictures or the video for you beforehand.
I would like to delete my news that has not yet been activated.
Please just write a corresponding comment under the news, a high-ranking user or editor will take care of it.
How do I rise in rank? How many EXP are there for what?
Simply by joining us and actively participating in the site, regardless of whether you just leave comments or write news. You receive EXP for almost every campaign on GamersGlobal. A detailed list of which action gives how much EXP can be found here. And you can take a closer look at the ranks (as well as the optional special careers) here: Our ranks
Why do I not advance in rank / am I not allowed to acquire another talent class even though I have enough EXP / GGG?
From rank 20 onwards, you can only move up in rank if you have entered your real-world address (which we will check) in your profile. A real world address is also required in order to acquire the fifth (or higher) talent level in a talent class. Perhaps you will not move up because you have now deleted your real-world address, or we have exposed the address as a fake address. The final reason why you do not advance could be a warning badge: Our moderators use it to warn destructive behavior or a constantly unfriendly tone - as long as the warning is not lifted, a user can no longer increase in rank or acquire new talent levels. It all reads worse than it is: We only very, very rarely have to resort to this remedy. You can find an overview of the ranks, their requirements and privileges here. Our ranks
But I don't want to write news, I want to write articles etc./ publish videos / create profiles and upload screenshots!
No problem, because that's what our talent classes are for: You put together for yourself which rights you want to have with us (assuming sufficient GGG). There is only one thing you have to achieve if you want to unlock any first talent level (except for the hunter talent class): You must either have written a piece of news and got it published, or two news suggestions from you must have led to news that was published . That can be done within a short time with the help of our very friendly and helpful community. Why do we let you write texts when you actually want to upload videos? For two reasons: On the one hand, this is our "Are you a constructive user" test, so to speak, through which we see whether you are willing and able to implement suggestions for improvement from higher-ranking users and the editorial team. And secondly, to stay with the example, as a video user you have to write at least short texts - when describing the video.
Sometimes I get a green message with the heading “Protection of minors on” and I am not allowed to see the news or the video that I clicked on.
We find this content unsuitable for minors in the editorial team and we “hide” it using our age verification system. If content is only accessible from the age of 18, the content can only be accessed at night (between 23:00 and 5:59) - or if you have proven your age as a registered user. The AVS system only applies to visitors to our website from Germany. In your profile you will find a corresponding menu link with which you can verify your age.
So I can't read any news or articles about 18+ games from you guys?
Of course you can: Most of the news and articles as well as many videos on USK-18 games are not inherently harmful to minors and therefore do not fall under our youth protection filter. You can use most of the content from GamersGlobal in any case. However, GamersGlobal does not host demo versions of 18+ games.
I live abroad, but I am still not allowed to view content from the age of 18.
In such a case, please contact the editors either via a thread in the support forum or directly by email. We will then try to review your "case" manually. If you are abroad and you are a minor, we do not want to patronize you. Nevertheless, some of the content flagged by us as "18+" (which can be seen before the news is called up) is certainly not suitable for young people from other countries. You don't have to see everything just because you can!
My favorite game is not in the database!
We do not claim to be complete and are not a database like MobyGames or Wikipedia. Our profiles are mainly used to link our content, for example to show more information about the game in the case of news about Diablo 3. But no fear. If you miss a profile - which can be the case especially with recently announced games or retro titles - you can take action yourself by acquiring the archivist talent class.

And if you don't want that or can't yet due to the lack of GGG, just leave a message in the thread provided in the forum. The editors or a user with the appropriate rights will then add the game as quickly as possible.
Why can't I rate my favorite game?
In order to be able to rate a game, you first have to add it to your game collection via the item "In the collection", and it must also have appeared. The game collection is already accessible from rank 6, the rating of games works from rank 10. You can then submit your rating on the "Rate" page - or directly in the profile of the respective game. And for articles even directly below the end of the article.
I gave my favorite game the wrong rating. How can I change the rating again?
You can rate a game once a week. So you can correct your rating as early as the next week. However, the rating does not replace the old one, but adds another rating. This should enable you to statistically document an increasing or decreasing enthusiasm for a game.
I've just earned a medal, why isn't it on my profile yet?
The list of your medals is only updated every 15 minutes; you will also receive a message directly on the home page.If the medal is still not assigned to you after half an hour, open a thread in the support forum or write directly to the editorial team. We'll fix the problem quickly.
What do I have to fill out for the "Profiler" medal?
For the "Profiler" emails you must have entered the following points in your profile:
  • All personal data (do not necessarily have to be visible to everyone) except for the "I, about me" field
  • Your favorite platform
  • A platform that you own
  • The "What I want to say to other game fans" field
  • The favorite fields
  • Your Hobbys
  • At least one game in the game collection and one on the waiting list
Despite having enough advertisers, I don't get an "advertiser" medal - why?
For the recruiter medal, the referred users must have reached at least rank 5, then you should get the medal. We want to make it unattractive to obtain these medals with multiple registrations or by not serious registrations from acquaintances.
I just registered, but I can't post in the forum. How so?
After registering you are on rank 1, in the forum you can only post from rank 2 (for security reasons). All you need is one additional EXP, which you can get by filling out any profile field or by leaving a comment. After that, it can take a maximum of 15 minutes (usually faster), and you can post in the forum.
What are GamersGlobal Gulden (GGG)?
GamersGlobal Gulden is the in-house currency of GamersGlobal. You can use GGG to increase your chances in our regular competition, to extend a subscription to free of charge, to buy our official T-shirt at a discount, or to return to the normal editorial career at the highest level of a special career . For every EXP you earn one GGG. In addition, you will receive 100 GGG (bronze), 500 GGG (silver) or 1000 GGG (gold) for each medal you have earned. If you lose EXP, for example because your news was subsequently taken offline again, you also lose a corresponding number of GGG. GGG once used in a competition are lost forever, regardless of whether you win something or not. The editors also have the opportunity to reward special achievements with additional GGG. EXP and GGG also bring successes. You can find everything else about EXP and GGG in this overview. You can take part in our competitions if you
  • are at least rank 5
  • entered your real address in your profile before participating
  • still have at least 1 GGG in the account
You can voluntarily use more than 1 GGG, but a maximum of 500. The GGG you invest will be deducted immediately and increase your chances of winning from the second GGG onwards - but less and less upwards. So 1 GGG brings exactly 1 lot, 2 GGG 2, 5 GGG 4.35 lots - and 500 GGG "only" 20 lots. In this way, we prevent new users from having very little chance of winning something - at the same time, there is a slightly higher chance for users who have been active for a little longer (if they want). Tip: If you fill out your profile, you will already receive the first medal and thus (in addition to completing it yourself) will be around 150 EXP = GGG, for which you will receive 14.82 lots.

Are you missing any points in this FAQ? Please let us know in the feedback forum and we will add to this list as soon as possible.