Why do I wake up with bruises

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Ask your spouse!
Where do the spots appear?
(You zobies could be death spots.)
If you have no idea, you should just stay out of it ...
Such hematomas can result from a reduced ability of the blood to clot and must be taken very seriously. Please consult a doctor.
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Not "by itself" - but through light pressure or shock loads in the case of generally weak connective tissue ......
Bruises are hematomas that arise as a result of external influences (bumping into a table, for example) or that can be caused by an illness. If bruises just appear without bumping into one another or something similar, a doctor should be consulted in order to rule out disease-related causes such as coagulation disorder, anemia or leukemia.
Bruises can apply from different aspects. Liver disease cannot be ruled out. Of course, it can also be due to blood congestion. Sometimes we bump into something and don't notice it and a bruise develops. If the bruises often appear in an unfamiliar way, you should see a doctor to rule out any major illness.
"Bruises can apply from different aspects"

Could I have that explained please?
You don't get bruises just like that. Most of these are caused by external force. It is often enough if you bump yourself easily. If you have the feeling that the bruises just come without bumping, then you should definitely consult a doctor and do so fairly soon.