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Testosterone Booster: Test, Effect, Application & Studies (05/21)

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The production of testosterone has been shown to decrease with age. The consequences are increased fat content, reduced muscle mass and strength, and sexual problems. Testosterone not only prevents these health problems, but is also important for your mood, quality of life, facial hair, sex drive, verbal memory and the ability to think.

With this Testosterone Booster Test 2021 we want to help you to find the best test booster for you to keep you fit even in old age. You can differentiate between natural and hormonal boosters. In this article you will find out which one suits you and your lifestyle better.

the essentials in brief

  • Testosterone Booster, more commonly called Testo Booster, is a natural dietary supplement that helps the body increase testosterone production.
  • Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth, recovery, wellbeing and many other things.
  • Testosterone boosters can be herbal and hormonal, and it is always important to seek medical advice before taking them.

Testosterone Booster Test: Editor's Favorites

The best natural testosterone booster

The Testogen capsules contain natural ingredients to increase the testosterone level in the body. Four capsules a day ensure optimal absorption of D-aspartic acid, which contributes to the production of testosterone. In addition, the trace elements magnesium, zinc and boron are supplied in sufficient quantities.

You can also absorb vitamins D3, K1 and B6 through the product. In addition, extracts of nettle leaves, Korean red ginseng and fenugreek support the testosterone-increasing effect. Finally, bioperine ensures high bioavailability. With 120 capsules made from the above-mentioned active ingredients, you can safely and quickly increase your testosterone level without any hidden side effects.

The best testosterone booster capsules with Maca and Tribulus

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The bestselling testosterone booster is the EXVital Vitahealth Maca 1000, which consists of two extracts: Maca and Tribulus. The product is made in Germany.

It also contains vitamins B2, B6, C and zinc, which support the body in energy metabolism as well as in reducing tiredness, strengthening the immune system and increasing testosterone production. EXVital Maca 1000 is safe for men and women, contains 90 capsules and should be taken three times a day (3 x 1 capsule).

The best testosterone booster capsules for potency

The 120 capsules of Tostoron Maca 6000 contain: Maca root extract 5: 1, Tribulus Terrestris extract, and pine bark extract, all of which provide a natural testosterone boost.

The product is also fortified with selenium (good for sperm formation), zinc (which helps maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood) and vitamin C from acerola extract (good for the immune system).

The best vegan testosterone booster capsules

The small capsules contain a combination of 12 substances, including tribulus terrestris, maca, arginine (L-arginine), zinc, Siberian ginseng, pomegranate and lecithin, selenium, vitamins C and E, niacin and vitamin D. Real all-rounders .

In addition, the manufacturer ensures that no animal products are used, that the capsules are made without flavorings, without coloring, without stearates and without fillers, that no genetic engineering is used and that they do not contain any lactose or gluten.

Advice: questions to consider before buying testosterone boosters

What is Testosterone Booster and what is it for?

Testosterone is a hormone produced by men and, to a lesser extent, women’s bodies. This hormone is responsible for male characteristics and growth.