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Modern bridal fashion

Out of the ordinaryRomantic & individual - favorite pieces for the most beautiful day


The kiss-bride look

is simple, casual and authentic with a vintage charm. Our bridal fashion is inspired by the bohemian look of the hippie era, the color and joie de vivre of the 50s and the elegance of the Roaring Twenties. The küssdiebraut collection embodies a modern style that we would rather call a “bridal outfit” than a wedding dress - there are casual, new combinations with an urban touch for self-confident and open-minded brides. Our wedding dresses are deliberately designed to be reduced, so that you as the bride can bring in your own style by choosing individual accessories.

We love innovative materials, extraordinary silhouettes and the variety of both - that is what makes küssdiebraut bridal fashion so varied. In addition to fine lace and delicate silk, which are wonderfully suitable for flowing, light wedding dresses, we are always looking for unusual materials, such as knitted looks and stretch fabrics. Regardless of whether it is a registry office, church or beach wedding - with us you will find the wedding dress that will accompany you on your most beautiful day and become your favorite piece.

Designer bridal fashion in premium quality

We are happy to be able to manufacture the most beautiful and sophisticated piece of clothing in a woman's life! We attach great importance to modern design, noble, unusual fabrics, perfect cutting techniques and high-quality workmanship. We design wedding dresses in premium quality, in which brides feel beautiful, comfortable and in no way disguised, simply authentic! Our collection is diverse and very varied - because the küssdiebraut style is simple, modern, urban as well as feminine, elegant, romantic as well as casual, cheeky, natural. Without unnecessary TamTam and SchiSchi and therefore very special.

Fifties, sixties and seventies fashion for today's modern brides

We are inspired by style icons and fashion highlights of bygone eras and bring this to the wedding catwalk of today in a timely manner for modern brides. We have taken style-defining personalities such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy or Faye Dunaway into our designer hearts and let them live on in our küssdiebraut bridal fashion. We love Coco Chanel and the vintage influences of the 20s, the bohemian flair of the 70s and the retro touch of the 50s and 60s. All of this flows into our design in a modern way - vintage meets modern - and ensures our typically relaxed look. Speaking of look, if you want to wear a very specific bridal look at your wedding, you will find your dream dress child's play below. Because we have sorted our wedding fashion especially for you according to our favorite topics.

Bridal trends

Are you looking for bridal fashion in a certain style?

Here you will find our favorite trends & themes from the bridal collection 2021

We give you our heart!

Modern bridal fashion with a heart and story

We give you our heart! There is a fabric sample in the form of a heart pendant on all of our wedding dresses. You can take the heart with you if you are looking for matching bridal shoes and accessories. Of course, it is also used to vote your groom. Later you will have a nice memory of an unforgettable day and can z. B. Use it as your very own key ring.


Bridal fashion for authentic brides

“Dear bride and groom, plan and design your wedding according to your own ideas. Remain authentic and yourself. This special day doesn't have to be perfect, it should be filled with love and fun and it is mostly the unplanned things and small mishaps that are fondly remembered for years to come. "

"You two should laugh heartily together at least once on your wedding day - fun and humor are the best basis for your life together."

Real brides, real feelings - our Real Brides gallery

Become the #kuessdiebrautBRAUT & get married according to your taste

You are self-confident, open-minded, enjoy fashion and enjoy life. Buying your dress is an event.

You are looking for a dress that stands out from the crowd. Our eye-catching “labeling” catches your eye immediately, because you like small, loving details. The sophisticated, noble and unusual fabrics and materials speak to you. Whether flowing narrow, with a long train, accentuated waist or voluminous skirt, you know your taste and determine the silhouette of your dress yourself. In the flattering fit you feel good, you are beautiful and you will like to be the center of attention.

Since we are asked about it again and again, we want to answer any inquiries about our bridal wear right here in advance.

Is bridal fashion also possible without a dress and without a train?

Ohhhhh yes, we definitely don't just say YES to the WEDDINGDRESS! If you don't want to get married in a dress with a train, you will find great alternatives with us. Say yes to a bridal look that feels 100% like you. We can do that in a cool jumsuit, for example. Pure, straight and stylish! Pantsuits are rightly welcomed in and by our bridal fashion designer. But we also think that bridal pants with a Marlene leg are really good at your wedding. You can also combine a corsage and a bridal bolero of your choice. Individual and original, just like you! Mix and match is also possible with us with a short, colored skirt or a crisp denim jacket. You are the bride and therefore the boss. So only you decide what suits you! Instead of a veil, you can wear everything from a boho fringe to a casual cowboy hat. And of course you will also find puristic dresses without a train for urban brides with us. Kissing bride - discover the bridal outfit options.

Bridal fashion for romantic weddings in the country & urban city weddings

No matter whether you are planning a forest and meadow wedding with lots of DIY and vintage influences, want to celebrate a stylish party at the castle or say yes in an urban and clean city, the küssdiebraut bridal fashion accompanies you with pleasure and style at all times. Our real weddings with beautiful wedding reports are the best proof, but only a small part of what you can expect on our blog.

Collection change: when will the new bridal fashion collection come?

Our new collection always goes on sale in mid / late September. From this point on, you can try on our favorites in the specialty stores of our partners. It always makes sense to make an appointment. For some models that are particularly loved by our brides, it may also be that they “survive” this change of collection and are still available to you in the next bridal season!

You will NOT find that with us!

We do not run an online shop and you can therefore not buy our bridal wear online! This also applies to our accessories. And even if we love shoes ourselves and use cool specimens for our photo shoots, you cannot buy bridal shoes from us. But if you've fallen in love with a certain pair in our pictures, we'd be happy to tell you where we got our shoes from. We do not offer evening wear and evening dresses. Of course, you can use many of our dresses as evening wear and make your dream dress as an evening dress after your wedding. We also don't have wedding rings or suits for your groom in our range. However, some bridal boutiques carry suits or can recommend great places to go for your groom. We cannot make appointments for trying on with our partners. Please always make an appointment directly in the specialist shop. We also cannot see which of our dresses are in stock in the bridal boutiques. That's why the same applies here: please always ask the specialist shop for the dress you want! Otherwise we will of course try everything to make your dreams come true and we would be delighted if our bridal fashion could accompany your special day! Enjoy the exciting and unique time as a bride to be and celebrate love to the fullest - be bride, be you, be happy!


Thank you very much for my dream dress! Lotti was my perfect companion on our big day!


Kate was just the most beautiful dress I could get married in. I would choose it again and again. Thank you for this wonderful dress


I just felt so incredibly comfortable that day and am already looking forward to being able to put the dress on again next year for the church!


Our civil wedding was on the island of Norderney with the most beautiful dress of yours! It was so perfect that you can wear it short and long.


I felt really good and everyone was really excited! Relaxed, comfortable with pockets and still special and chic - exactly MY dress!


We had a wonderful day, the piece was perfect and, above all, very comfortable! Keep it up, your parts are really all magical!