Where is the real round table

Why a round table is the perfect solution

More and more people are deciding to spend a nice evening with friends or an extensive breakfast with family at home - instead of going to a restaurant, for example. The right dining table plays an important role in this. When it comes to finding a new table, most classically choose a rectangular model. But did you know that the round table is absolutely hip? Round is a pleasant shape, it breaks through all straight lines so nicely and there are many more pluses. Here's why a round table is the perfect solution.

Everyone is equal at a round table

We start with a crucial aspect: The round shape ensures comfort. It doesn't matter whether there is an even or an odd number of people present. Because nobody sits alone, everyone is the same. Everyone probably knows the situation when you are sitting at a table and have no one to talk to. It's not so nice. At a round table you can look everyone in the eyes equally and there are no more "uncomfortable" places. People like to invite guests home for a nice evening! Take a look around the Goossens furniture store, for example, and discover attractive models made of wood.

More space thanks to a round table

You don't have a lot of space in your dining room and have to constantly measure whether and how a dining table fits in? A round table is a real space saver. Because it has no corners, you can walk around it a lot easier. In addition, the chairs can be placed very flexibly around the table. Make sure that there is no chair in the narrowest part of your dining area. You will be surprised how compact this dining table model is. Perfect for a small living room and dining room. You can also find a large selection at Haco.

Take a seat, please!

As I said, you can place the chairs wherever you want. But because of the round shape, you can also easily change the number of seats. Have a nice meal for four? Or do you have visitors and you want to have a drink with seven people at your round table? There is always space for a few extra chairs or stools. There are even round models that can be pulled out to create an oval table - for even more flexibility. Just take a seat and enjoy a great time with family or friends!