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Report to the US Congress puts Turkey in Syria in a dubious light

What kind of world will we live in in the future?

The Tebel Report pursues this central question, with a Chinese quote providing the basis: "The secret is obvious, the very secret is very obvious."

Thus, in the Tebel Report, there are key topics such as geopolitics, social change and Megatrends that will have a lasting impact on the future.

We attach particular importance to functioning as an information and less as an opinion side. Thus, bipartisanism is a matter of course and also not the aim of only catching applause from individual sides.

More than 800 worldwide reputable online media and think tanks act as the basis i.a. from Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, the Gulf States, Iran, India, Japan, the Philippines, China, Australia and New Zealand, the USA or Canada, to address the issues locally and to weigh up different points of view. Your articles and specialist articles will be discussed and linked. (A selection of 600 international media are available in the upper tab "600" and in the right column below the infographics).

In addition, the Tebel Report publishes exclusive articles and thematic maps. For the war in Syria they are the best in the German-speaking area and are also used in the media in the Arab region.

Act as the third pillar proven specialists or people with a particularly broad horizonthat provide valuable information for understanding world events or that question them critically. And yet one thing remains: Fair and balanced.