What is the ultimate meatloaf recipe

Classic meatloaf based on a family recipe

This really is the absolutely ultimate and juiciest meatloaf I've known. It is simply cooked and the wonderful sauce is created by the way. By the way, this recipe has also been the most popular on the blog for years!

Meatloaf is also a childhood classic that I can eat again and again and that never gets old. Meatloaf always works. Meatloaf somehow tastes good to anyone who likes meat.

At least I haven't met anyone who said, "Eey, meatloaf!" Whenever I cook this meatloaf, it is practically ripped out of my hands.

Since I definitely wanted to introduce you to our family recipe and dear Yvonne von Experimente is currently doing an event on the subject of meatloaf from my kitchen, I thought now is exactly the right time :-)

How is the meatloaf made?

Our family makes the family meatloaf differently (again) than I often see it in recipes now. With us, the meat is seared all over and then cooked in a pot **.

While many skip the searing step and bake the minced meat in the oven instead. But I think that the sauce is just great if you sear the meat until crispy.

Looks a bit like a giant patty and in the end it is. I season the meat in a similar way to the smaller counterpart. Finely chopped onions, a little mustard, salt, pepper, toasted bread.

For me, the nice thing about a meatloaf is that it actually comes with a spicy, aromatic sauce and thus remains totally juicy. With meatballs that's more of a problem.

Best side dishes for meatloaf?

We love the meatloaf as well as the pictures with mashed potatoes. You can find a delicious recipe for this in my recipe for savoy cabbage in bechamel with mashed potatoes. But potatoes, dumplings or noodles also go well with it.

Personally, I really like to eat potatoes with hearty sauces, because you can then mix everything up deliciously. A dream!

Our favorite vegetables are red cabbage or just corn. At home we always had pea and root vegetables with it. Creamy vegetables such as creamed cauliflower or creamed cabbage also go well. You can of course also do this without cream.

Basically, I think that vegetables that you usually eat with hearty dishes go better than, for example, zucchini or paprika vegetables.

Cut into thin slices, the meatloaf tastes delicious on a slice of fresh, crispy bread. Or just with sauce. Side dishes are nice, but not essential if the meat and sauce are flavorful.

Turn the meatloaf

Every now and then I get feedback from you that it is not that easy to turn the meatloaf in one piece without it breaking. I always take two large spatulas, clamp the roast firmly between the two surfaces and then carefully turn it over in the roaster. But I have also received two good tips from you readers, which I would like to add here:

  • Simply divide the minced meat into two portions before molding and make two smaller meatloafs. It doesn't make any difference in terms of taste and the cooking time is shortened as a whole. So also a great thing if you want to go faster!
  • Instead of the ground beef, use mixed minced meat, half beef and half pork. The meat or roast holds together better due to the higher fat content.

More tips for the perfect meatloaf

  • Make sure you stick to the amount of toast and egg given in the recipe. This gives the roast, also known as the false rabbit, its bond and does not disintegrate during cooking.
  • Taste the minced meat mixture and see if it is salty enough for you. Personally, I do not like raw minced meat and only ever take a very small amount from the mass and briefly touch it with my tongue. That is enough to determine whether it has been seasoned enough. You should be well advised with the information in the recipe.
  • Don't be too timid when frying. The outside can be nice and brown. This is what makes the sauce really aromatic. You can see that in the third picture.

In this video you can see exactly how the meatloaf is prepared

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Meatloaf made from a family recipe

The best juicy meatloaf based on a classic family recipe.
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Dish: dinner, low carb, lunch
Country & Region: Germany
Keyword: lose weight, low in calories, easy, quick, tasty, fake rabbit, meatloaf, juicy
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Preparation time: 40 minutes


  1. The toast and egg are important for the binding so that the meatloaf does not disintegrate while cooking. Therefore please leave it as indicated in the recipe.
  2. See "Turning the meatloaf" in the article, I give you tips so that the meatloaf does not fall apart when you turn it.
  3. If you have a meat thermometer: the meatloaf is cooked when the core temperature (in the middle) is 75 °. Then all germs are killed. At 70 ° it would be medium. If you don't have a thermometer, you can stick a knitting needle in the middle and pull it out again. If it is evenly warm, the roast is ready.

Nutritional values

Serving: 1g | Calories: 359kcal | Carbohydrates: 12g | Protein: 35g | Fat: 18g | saturated fat: 8g | Dietary fiber: 2g | Sugar: 6g
I calculate the nutritional values ​​for my recipes with Myfitnesspal, with the ingredients I use. Please note that different ingredients can result in different values. All information is provided without warranty.
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Meatloaf - family recipe

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Preparation time: 15 minutes
Preparation time: 40 minutes