Is Barron Trump already an uncle

Trump's niece warns of her uncle in a new book

Washington - Donald Trump's niece Mary has issued an urgent warning against a second term for the US president. "I cannot allow him to destroy my country," CNN TV station quoted Mary Trump on Tuesday, citing a copy of the presidential niece's unpublished book.

Mary Trump also writes in the published passages that her uncle paid someone else to take the qualification test for his studies for him. According to the White House, Donald Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's economics faculty, the Wharton School of Finance, which the President repeatedly highlights as "great". The White House dismissed Mary Trump's allegations as "absurd" and "completely wrong". It is not clear from the reports whether Mary Trump provides evidence to support her allegation, and if so, what evidence.

Mary L. Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump's eldest brother Fred, who died in 1981. In view of her revelations, Mary Trump wrote that she had "no longer been able to remain silent" after the past three years with Trump as president, reported CNN.

Brother wanted to prevent publication

The title of the 240-page book about the Trump family by the doctorate in psychology is translated into German: "Too much and never enough - How my family created the most dangerous man in the world". It's slated to hit the US market next week. Trump's brother Robert had tried to prevent publication.

In addition to CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times also quoted the book on Tuesday. Mary Trump portrayed her grandfather as a patriarch and "sociopath", who always disapproved of her father, described as sensitive and gentle, reported the Washington Post. Given his father's behavior, Donald Trump learned early on that it was "wrong" to be like his older brother. That took away Trump's ability to "develop and experience the full spectrum of human emotion," writes Mary Trump.

The publisher's description states that Mary Trump is drawing a "portrait of Donald J. Trump and the toxic family" who have made him what he is today: a man "who is now responsible for health, economic security and threatens the social fabric of the world ". (APA, 7/7/2020)