What is the best device from Whirlpool

Whirlpool household appliances - high-quality technology from the USA

DivisionsHintsCooling technologyYour food will last longer in this refrigerator. The Microban air filter removes bacteria and unpleasant odors from the refrigerator. Your whirlpool refrigerator is up to date with the very best of research, thanks to 6th Sense technology.Dishwashing technologyThe Whirlpool dishwashers have been divided in part into energy efficiency class A + and class A ++. The dishwashers are extremely economical. Sensors in the device measure the contamination and so the wash cycle is adapted directly to the requirements. There are freestanding and built-in whirlpool dishwashers.Dryer technologyThe dryers correspond to the energy efficiency class A + and are based on the latest research. The company Whirlpool does not have to fear the price comparison with other branded devices.Hob technologyThe induction hobs are a real help in the kitchen. You can buy a set of kitchen appliances from Whirlpool.Microwave technologyThe Whirlpool microwave can do more than conventional microwaves: it can roast, bake, roast, steam and defrost. The Whirlpool microwave is also easy to clean, and leftovers are child's play to remove.Oven technologyThe Whirlpool oven offers many options: grill and turbo grill, keep warm function, pastry function, pizza and bread programs, casserole function and a function for frozen food.Washing machine technologyYou save energy with a whirlpool washing machine. The clothes stay colorful longer. Thanks to the 6th Sense technology, there is a dosage function for the detergent.