You can scan a document with iPhone

iOS 13: Here's how you can scan documents and save them directly to the cloud

Up to now, scanning documents with the iPhone camera only worked in the Notes app. This changes with iOS 13: The function is now also available in the Files app, so that you can save the scanned documents directly to cloud storage.

To do this, open the files app and go to the "Browse" tab. Tap it a second time to go to the main menu. Now at the top right tap on the symbol with the three dots and select "Scan document". Now take a photo of the document and then tap on “Keep scan”. You can then scan another page or save the PDF. Choose a filename and location and tap Save.

Scan documents as a note

As mentioned, the feature is also integrated directly into the Notes app. For this purpose, the functions have been reorganized in the notes and graphic content is now hidden behind the plus symbol. The document scanner is also located here. This automatically starts the rear camera. The document will then be highlighted in yellow and when the software has performed a comprehensive analysis, a photo will be taken. It doesn't matter whether the document was photographed at an angle or from above. The scanner then aligns it so that it always offers a neat top view. If necessary, you can readjust manually, change colors or rotate the recording. The scanned documents then also end up in the Photos app for easy sharing.