Can your mind heal your body

Activating self-healing powers: the 8 best self-care tips

The body is a powerful instrument. Everyone can influence their own physical health and have already discovered and often still many undiscovered means of keeping themselves healthy or, if needed, healing. The more you explore your body, your mental state and your stress factors, the more you can do yourself good and give yourself what you need to heal.

Self-care is essential for the body, mind and soul

Many illnesses or symptoms of illness have other sources than we might think at first glance. And every disease is also an opportunity, too reflect and to find out: How did it come about, does this disease occur over and over again?

  • What is the real reason for this? Physical, mental or emotional exhaustion?
  • What do I need to heal and keep myself healthy? Keyword: self-care.

Learn to take care of yourself

Self-care is not the same as selfishness. In today's hectic world and the many ways to "escape" it, we don't really learn what it means to to do good to ourselves. Often our own health is neglected and not a priority. Little sleep, alcohol, unhealthy food, stress, pressure, bodyshaming, etc. are just some of the formative events in our lives.

When do you have the time to explore yourself? With what means, what form of exercise, what diet?

It is true that something new from the world of wellness is suggested to us every day, terms such as "Right and wrong", "good and bad" however, they are dangerous and confusing. Unfortunately, they often lead to two extremes: the person who wants to try everything in order to optimize himself (but does not necessarily become healthier in the process) or the person who tends to get a negative attitude due to the abundance of possibilities, has not really tried anything and is old patterns remain.

Listen to your body again

But maybe you already know a lot, or are feeling your way positive childhood memories inspires and notice how this knowledge can support you during an illness? Self-care means appreciating yourself in the form of healthy eating without hard rules, exercise without the pressure of having to fit into jeans, or discovering herbs and teas for yourself that are good for you.

To find rituals that relax you and clear your mind. Positive thoughts, journaling, time in nature, meditation, massage, creativity, taking a bath, etc. - are all appreciative activitieswhere you take care of yourself.

These events and the relaxation help the body to heal, much like sleeping. Regeneration processes and rest are essential and "the best medicine”As the saying goes. There are fewer doctor visits and medication, and you can teach your body how to heal itself. Or actually the other way around: Your body teaches YOU how to heal yourself.

Placebo - positive thinking as a healing path

Your body is great with Self-healing mechanisms endowed that are under the influence of thoughts, feelings and beliefs from your mind.

Thus we can use our thoughts to steer an illness in one direction or the other. Self-healing can be supported with positive thoughts about health and joy - unfortunately, this also works the other way around.

Negative thoughts, identification and giving up on the disease make it worse and self-healing becomes weaker. There have been successful self-healing or self-healing methods for over 50 years Spontaneous healing through the placebo effect. Patients' simple thought that taking pills would result in a cure actually resulted in their recovery. As soon as you identify yourself with the word “healing” instead of speaking of “chronic” or “incurable”, you activate your own self-healing power.

The parasympathetic nervous system

The self-healing power can only work when the nervous system is in parasympathetic mode is. The parasympathetic nervous system is distributed throughout the body and puts people in a state of rest. It is part of the autonomic nervous system and antagonist to the sympathetic nervous system, the “fight and flight state” in which we find ourselves too often, driven by stress. As a result, the healing processes are stopped and diseases and states of exhaustion spread.

In most cases, stress is the cause of illness. And we are constantly exposed to it, whether through the environment, the job, the environment, the diet, intoxicants, sleep deprivation and self-inflicted stress in the head. If we let it work for a long time in one or more areas, a feeling of exhaustion and tiredness manifests itself first, because instead of recovering, the body uses the extra energy to fight the stress hormones in the blood. Immediately after and also through exhaustion, inflammation and diseases spread in the body.

And actually we all know that simply combating symptoms with the help of medication is not the real thing. Sooner or later your body “forces” you to do more than that. Chronic back pain, gastrointestinal complaints, exhaustion, or autoimmune diseases all do not fully respond to traditional Western medicine. Researching the reasons behind the manifestation of the disease is one path to healing. Above all, however, learning to relax in order to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system again.

Acupuncture helps the body to heal itself

Acupuncture and herbs support the body's own healing processes. They “remind” the body, so to speak, of how to function and how to restore it. The stored knowledge about the body's healing processes is lost over time due to stress and medication. Just like a muscle loses its strength if it is not used for a long time, the nervous system can also weaken if we do not strengthen and use it.

In acupuncture, it is not the needles that have the effect, but the points in the body that are "woken up" by the prick. These are signals for the nervous system to stimulate the body's own processes, blood flow and finally healing.

This is how you can activate your self-healing powers

You can train yourself to be longer and more effectively in a state of relaxation by actively devoting yourself to moments of relaxation and integrating them into your everyday life. Over time you will find out in which areas of life and situations stress occurs and how you can reduce it or avoid it entirely.

But since stress cannot be completely avoided, or it is not always under control, enough sleep, good food etc., “tools” such as yoga, exercise in nature, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga nidra etc. are there for stress to counteract.

The 8 best tips for self-healing and self-care

Regardless of whether you are currently on a physical, emotional or spiritual path of healing - the following eight tips are ways to explore your self-healing powers and stimulate your potential.

1. Create rituals

Rituals are especially effective for balancing the body when they do something Pampering include. The self-care area often suffers the fastest when we are in stressful phases of life and it is precisely during this time that the body (the immune and nervous system) needs a lot of attention. So what are meant are rituals that you perform on a daily basis mental, physical and emotional To do well (to care).

This includes, among other things, a Form of movement, no matter which one suits you. Exercise helps to get rid of emotional stress, and it stimulates blood circulation and digestion. When we are in an agitated state, possible pathogens can leave the body faster. Body and mind are cleansed through sweat and digestion, and through concentration on the movement sequences. Other rituals can be easily integrated into the morning or evening, meditation, tea or coffee, walking, writing, reading, etc.

2. Finding motivation to heal

The more motivation you can find, the better. There is also another motivational factor: The gratitude. When we are grateful for the little things in life such as a hug, a great meal, a sunset, friendliness from someone opposite and much more, then we want to live and think about being healthy and fit again in order to experience these little moments . Sounds simple, but it's very effective.

3. Focus on healing

Remind yourself that you are not the disease. The disease was created by the body, contaminated sites, environmental influences, stress in the cells - and it is just as possible to return to the state before the disease. Focus on healing, but be patient and don't identify too much with the illness and its negative side effects.

4. Draw knowledge from illness

Imagine the disease is a metaphor: what kind of metaphor? What would the underlying message look like? Learn to listen to your body through the symptoms, which often appear as warning signs long before the illness. What do these (possibly recurring) symptoms tell you?

Illnesses are a good time (since we are literally “forced”) to do something good for ourselves, to take a rest and to reflect on the time before. You can learn, grow from it and strengthen your self-healing.