What made you interested in learning French?

Have you ever taken a French course at CREA-Langues?
Would you like to immerse yourself in the world of the French language with us and still know someone who would be interested in it?

CREA-Langues starts a sponsorship program

If you register for a course and someone in your circle of acquaintances takes a language course at CREA-Langues for the first time on your recommendation in the same year, we offer you the following special conditions:
For the sponsor (= you have already attended a course at CREA-Langues)

100 € Discount on your stay
for every new student who comes on your recommendation
For the person who, on your recommendation, attends a language course at CREA-Langues for the first time

A welcome gift

These conditions apply to all registrations

  • The discount is valid if you both attend a course, no matter how long your stay is: 1, 2 or 3 weeks
  • You can attend the course together or on different dates.
  • The godparent can apply several discounts at once if several people sign up on his / her recommendation.
  • The "sponsored child" can only have one sponsor and therefore only receive a one-time discount or only one gift.
  • In the event of cancellation of the stay, the offer is no longer valid.

How can I use the offer?

  • For the sponsor: When registering, please enter the name of the person who would like to register on your recommendation in the field provided.
  • For the "sponsored child": When registering, please give the name of the person who recommended CREA-Langues to you.
  • The corresponding amount will either be paid to you in cash at the beginning of your stay at CREA-Langues (non-EU countries) or transferred (EU countries).

Please contact Joan for more information

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