Why does my cat like the bathroom

Why is my cat following me into the bathroom?

Cats follow into the bathroom because, in most cases, the litter box is in the bathroom.

Often the litter box is in the bathroom, so the cat may want to go to it. That might already answer the question, but it's not that simple. Cats like to chase their mistresses or masters, which is then simply related to a deep affection. In addition, there are, especially with cats, the most varied of characters, ranging from daredevils to fearful cats.

This is what cat owners want

This question is therefore not always that easy to answer, as cats can have different reasons for this. The best explanation is still that the cat loves you with all your heart and always wants to be very close to you. Another possibility would be that the cat is simply curious and wants to know exactly what they are doing in the bathroom. Some cat owners have already had the funniest experiences here, because some cats even take a shower with them.

Not all cats are afraid of water, which is also not true. Outdoor users run around outside even when it rains and then come home soaking wet. Showering is less common, but not impossible. Because sometimes the curiosity is stronger than the actual escape reflex. Of course, this rarely happens because cats avoid things that are too wet.

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Other motives for their behavior

In most cases, however, curiosity is the reason why cats go to the bathroom. Other cats are less interested in this, although even shy creatures occasionally go to the bathroom with them. A question with many answers, exactly what defines the character of the cat.

If you watch your cat more closely, you may find an answer. However, this only applies to one cat, because another cat then has other reasons for doing something.

Why is my cat following me to the bathroom?

Cats follow to the bathroom because, as with chasing them to the bathroom, there is no clear answer. Curious cats just want to know what people are doing there. Other cats have their litter boxes here and just want to visit them. Cuddly and shy cats, they just want to be close to their owner. However, there could be another reason the cat is following to the bathroom.

Sometimes cats jump on the sink and start to mout loudly. Then they want something to drink, even if there is water in the bowl. If the cat only does this to pass the time, it is a nice change. However, there are also cats who only like fresh water and disdain the standing water in the bowl. There are fountains for cats so that they don't have to go to the toilet all the time.

Here the water bubbles in a certain rhythm and the cat always has fresh water. The downside, the cat likes to play. Since something is moving here, it could encourage the four-legged friend to play. A wet floor and an even wetter cat would be the result. So here too there are several reasons why the cat does this. Observation is the best way to find out what the cat really wants.

Why is my cat following me every step of the way?

Cats follow every step because there is affection, and there are other reasons as well. Cats always like to watch exactly what their owner is doing. If they then leave the room, that won't work anymore. So here it could be curiosity and affection at the same time why the cat follows them. There is another reason, especially when they go into the kitchen. The food bowl could be here.

Because cats are extremely picky when it comes to food. If there is something in the bowl that she does not like, the food is ignored. So now there could be a possibility that they put something fresh in the food bowl. So here the motivation can also simply be hunger, which then has something to do with love and affection.

There is one thing cats do too, they raise their owners very well. We are not aware of this, but this is exactly what these gentle animals love to do. Many owners disagree, but the cat doesn't think much of that. Cats have their own mind, very different from what dogs do.

Why do cats put on everything?

Cats go for anything because these nice creatures love the smell of certain people, so they always want it around them. Therefore, cats like to sit on things where they were before. This can be a pillow, a chair, the bed and sofa. So wherever your smell is. Most of the time, the cats also fall asleep calmly.

Feeling good is the best reason here, because cats often love to show that too. She sniffs and begins to step with her paws on the spot, which can leave traces on certain things. Therefore, sensitive tissue should not be left lying around.

Otherwise, there is the possibility of simply laying out clothes for the cat. It remains to be seen whether the cat will accept these items of clothing. Maybe just wear it again beforehand, then it might work if the cat wants to.


You will now have noticed that there is always an answer to different questions. The cat does a lot out of affection, although there could be a reason. Of course the cat lives with us, but the dear little animal sees it very differently. Because we live with the cat and not the other way around.

So we go to her toilet, to her bathroom and of course we walk around her apartment. Therefore, it could be that the cat just takes a look at things. So all questions could be answered easily, which is not really possible. You should just watch the cat and then find the appropriate answer. You can find more information on exciting topics relating to pets on the home page.