How old are derby horses

Dizzying spins, sliding stops from full canter, jumped rollbacks, gallop circles with flying changes and all of this with the highest precision and finesse. The demands on reining horses are high, the training is intensive, but the time window to present them at top tournaments is only a few years. And this is exactly where the board of the NRHA Germany started at the last meeting on Saturday.

"We want to enable horse and rider a long, joint career in our sport," said the President of NRHA Germany, Joachim Zangerle. "That is why we unanimously decided to lift the upper age limit for horses at the Breeders Derby. We had several membership applications and we as the board of directors agree that now is the right time to make such changes." Originally, only horses between the ages of five and six were allowed to compete in the Breeders Derby. In the past, NRHA Germany has already shown intensive efforts to make the sport more attractive for older horses. Four years ago, for example, the upper age limit for the Breeders Derby was raised from six to eight years. Now the board has unanimously decided to lift the age restriction for horses completely. This means that horses from the age of five can compete indefinitely in the NRHA Germany Breeders Derby classes. The new regulation already has its first supporters. Among others, successful trainer and NRHA Germany active spokesman Grischa Ludwig: "I support the decision of the board very much. It gives us trainers the opportunity to give the horses more time and is an incentive to keep the horses in the sport longer." But the new regulation also has advantages for horse owners and breeders. It is foreseeable that the value of the horses will remain more constant, Ludwig continues.

In connection with the lifting of the upper age limit, the Board of Directors has decided on an alternative to the current SSP transitional regulation. So far, offspring of stallions that have not been paid in and were born in 2018 or earlier have only been admitted to the Breeders Futurity or Breeders Derby for a subsequent nomination fee of 1,000 euros per start. The board of the NRHA Germany has now passed another option: Owners can pay for their horses with a one-time lump sum of 3,000 euros. This means that the horse is considered paid-in at NRHA Germany and can take part in all Breeders tournaments without any additional fees. Subsequent nomination fees paid so far will be taken into account. Horse owners who have already paid the fee at previous tournaments do not have to pay the full 3,000 euros, only the difference. For example, if the horse was presented at the Breeders Futurity as a three-year-old and the entry fee was paid the € 1,000 post-nomination fee, you only have to pay € 2,000 for this horse to activate it for all Breeders tournaments. The option of paying a one-off subsequent nomination fee of 1,000 euros per start remains.

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