How are AirPods charged

Charging Airpods 2: That's how long headphones and case take

Stephan Wiesend

Apple's charging case charges the Airpods, but the charging time of the charging case itself depends on several factors.

EnlargeThe battery of the charging case must also be charged, but charging the Airpods always has priority.

Apple's Airpods might not be as successful without their practical charging case, as the case functions as a mobile power bank and enables days of mobile use: If you put almost empty Airpods into the case, you can make calls to the second generation Airpods again after 15 minutes for two hours or three hours of listening to music. The case itself can also be charged while Airpods with empty batteries are in it. But what you should know: The entire charging time is extended by around half an hour. The Airpods always have priority - the case always charges the Airpods first, the case itself is then only charged after two hours.

EnlargeYou can find out the charge status via a light-emitting diode on the housing or via an iOS display.

As one Reddit reader has observed, there are some interesting features to consider when charging the new Airpods 2 - helpful when you're in a hurry, but both the Airpods and the charging case are empty.

Condition: Airpods 2 batteries and housing are empty, the housing is being charged via a lightning cable

- if Airpods with completely empty batteries are in the housing, the Airpods will be in the first 3 to 4 minutes strongly charged (2.35 W). Often, this brief recharge is enough to use them again.

- The charging power drops to about 1.18 W after four minutes, already after 10 minutes they are charged to 50 percent.

- beautiful after 20 minutes the Airpods are charged to 90 percent

- Likewise after 20 minutes the electronics begin to charge the internal case battery more intensively. The battery in the charging case is now as good as empty.

- the Airpods are in the case after 30 minutes 100 percent charged.

- the case is after 90 minutes 90 percent charged, only fully charged after two hours.

Also interesting: The charging power never rises above 2.35 W, probably to avoid overheating. A powerful power supply unit therefore does not accelerate the charging process. Both devices together stay below the threshold of 2.5 W.

Whether it is the wireless or the wired version is apparently irrelevant for the charging time, both versions accommodate the same battery with 1.52 Wh (3.81 V and 398 mAh). However, the charging times when charging with the Qi charging mat should be very similar.