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Apex Legends - 10 tips to become a champion

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Apex Legends aims to be the most challenging of all battle royale games. It handles a few things differently than the beginner-friendly Fortnite, appeals to shooter veterans and cannot be mastered overnight. But that's what you have us for: In this guide we reveal a few tips that the Apex tutorial does not address in the short time it takes.

But one thing first: Don't get frustrated. Especially for newbies, it can happen that you don't hit a single kill in a couple of consecutive rounds. This is not the end of the world. Apex offers many very different weapons and skills that you have to master before you can destroy opposing squads.

In addition, you won't get very far without team play - and that too has to be internalized first. But that goes straight to the first tip.

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1. Team play is the be-all and end-all

The fact that you can only fight in three squads in Apex is not a prank by the developers to punish solo players. No, Apex Legends focuses entirely on skillful teamwork. The skills of each hero, the communication system - you have to work together to triumph in this game. Unless you're as good as Shroud. Then it works differently.

Lifeline heals colleagues, revives them faster, and calls out reinforcement packages.

So play together! If you meet an enemy, there is a high chance that he will be in a three-man group anyway. And in Apex alone you usually lose out. Use support legends like Lifeline to heal your colleagues or Gibraltar's shield to cover up the buddies.

Should you be mixed up with strangers, then hopefully they will have internalized this and will give you a helping hand. If not: use the communication options.

2. You don't have to talk to work together

In order to function in a team, it helps - like everywhere in life - to open your mouth. In the options menu you can Push to Talk (button T) or Open Mic hire to give instructions to colleagues or explain your strategy. But not everyone likes to talk over the headset or is able to speak English, so there is a really, really good alternative.

Apex's ping wheel is fabulous. Rainbow Six: Siege and Co. can cut a slice here. As soon as you point the mouse wheel at something in the game world and click, a marker will be set. This adapts to the target point. Specifically, this means: If you click on a loot chest, your hero says, "There's a loot chest, I'll look at it".

6:05 am Apex Legends - »Deep Dive« trailer shows all heroes and their skills

Who likes it more precisely, can keep the mouse wheel clicked to open the ping wheel. There you select the respective commands manually and can, for example, tell your colleague with one click "I just saw an enemy on the horizon". You can also confirm pings from colleagues by aligning the crosshairs with them and clicking the mouse wheel.

3. Damage numbers reveal how long an enemy can hold out

If you meet an opponent, damage numbers pop up above your head and they show you how much life energy is still in your enemy. Because the color is crucial. In Apex Legends, each character has 100 life points. Depending on the armor, you can increase this value by a total of 100 more life points.

  • A purple damage token shows that the enemy has level 3 armor, so the full 200 HP. You will have to hold on to it for quite a while.
  • The blue markers shows that he is wearing level 2 armor, so he has a total of 175 HP.
  • The white markers stands for level 1 armor with 50 bonus HP, for a total of 150.
  • Yellow damage tokens indicate headshots. There are also different armaments for the head.
  • Red markers should please you the most: Now the enemy is dealing with the real life bar.

As soon as opponents have red numbers over their heads, you should count in your head. The ticker runs from 100 downwards, so three hits with 30 damage each bring the guy (or the guy) to the verge of death. This allows strategic conclusions: With 10 HP the enemy could withdraw to heal themselves. Or he starts a desperate final maneuver. Either way: be ready.

4. The supply ship contains top loot, you just have to reach it

You can see a supply ship icon on the overview map. This symbol marks the end point of an aid aircraft that contains valuable loot.

Somewhere on the map, the supply ship is floating with valuable loot.

Right at the beginning of a round, you can make it your task to reach this valuable vehicle, catapult yourself into the air on site and pick up particularly powerful weapons and armor inside. It's worth it, but you should expect that others will come up with the idea as well.

5. Know your heroes

Unlike in Overwatch, the Apex Legends do not differ in terms of life bar and damage value, but you should be even more know their unique skills. For example, if you play Lifeline, you have to keep in mind that no one revives as quickly as she does. The heroes are roughly divided into four categories, which to a certain extent dictate their roles.

  • Assault: Wraith, Bangalore, Mirage
  • tank: Gibraltar, Caustic
  • Support: Lifeline, Pathfinder
  • Scout: Bloodhound

If you play Caustic, for example, you should keep in mind that your own gas mine is perfect for defending interiors, setting traps or shielding companions from opponents.

Gibraltar's shield bladder helps provide cover in open areas.

Of course, the weapon ultimately decides your position in the game, but a lifeline player effectively helps the team less and less if it does not heal. And a Bloodhound that doesn't scan enemies is throwing away a valuable asset. Don't do that.

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