Bill Clinton is a Rothschild

It sounds like a transatlantic fairytale wedding of the money nobility. The British investor and banker Lord Jacob Rothschild claims to be allied with the American Rockefeller dynasty. In the future, the 76-year-old Lord Rothschild and the 96-year-old David Rockefeller want to run their financial business together.

After all, the two gentlemen have known each other for five decades. But only at a more blessed age, when others have long been enjoying their retirement, do they now seem to have come together. According to the information, Rothschild’s finance company RIT Capital Partners is investing 37 percent in Rockefeller Financial Services.

The Rockefellers came to their fabulous fortune in the USA in the 19th century in the oil industry. David Rockefeller's descendant has always seen himself as a banker and investor. "The companies intend to cooperate and continue to serve the interests of their clients and investors," said a press release from RIT in somewhat dry words. The two patriarchs are said to have met two years ago. Rockefeller introduced Rothschild to Reuben Jeffery, the manager who heads the Rockefeller financial group.

The alliance of the dynasties should above all attract even more wealthy investors who do not hope for the quick dollar or the quick pound, but rather rely on the solidity and long-term nature of their investments. Lord Rothschild led the listed fund RIT, which he helped build, through the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 with little damage. A broadly diversified investment portfolio contributed to this. Among other things, RIT has invested in oil and raw materials companies under the direction of its chairman. The total investment amounts to around two billion pounds (the equivalent of around 2.4 billion euros).

Discreet deals with the British Empire

Lord Jacob Rothschild followed in the footsteps of a financial dynasty early on, whose roots in Great Britain in the 18th century go back to the German emigrant and merchant Nathan Mayer Rothschild. The banking family made a name for themselves through their discreet business dealings for the British Empire - from financing major railroad construction projects in the 19th century to helping the London government take over shares in the Suez Canal in 1875.

As the eldest son of Victor Rothschild, Jacob studied befittingly at the prestigious Oxford University before he started the business of the Rothschild & Sons bank in London. However, a family rift soon broke out in the fine house, so that Jacob Rothschild left in 1980 and then concentrated his energies on the RIT investment fund.

As an art patron and sponsor, Rothschild also has a very illustrious circle of friends. These include former American President Bill Clinton as well as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.