What is the most innovative technology company

These are the 10 most innovative companies in Europe

Most innovative company in Europe: This is the title that every managing director would probably like to adorn. We'll tell you which companies have earned this award this year in our weekly ranking.

An innovative image is not only important with regard to one's own competition. Innovation is also a decisive factor for companies in the battle for potential talent.

After all, innovations and the willingness to change in the age of digitization and globalization are essential for companies. Those who always stick to established business models will sooner or later lose touch.

Not least, many German automobile companies and dealers have noticed this. For them, technology and digital trends were just an additional option for a long time. But in order to remain competitive in the future, an open mindset is very important.

Most innovative companies: These are Europe's front runners

And who can adorn themselves with the title “Most innovative company in Europe”? The business magazine examines this Fast Company each year. This results in numerous rankings for specific industries and regions.

Today we want to introduce you to the ten winners from Europe in our weekly ranking. Let yourself be surprised!

10th place: Apis Protect

The company Apis Protect uses its innovative ideas in an area that has so far hardly been characterized by innovation. Beekeepers can use the start-up's special software to monitor their beehive activity and quickly identify possible dangers.

10th place: Apis Protect. (Photo: Screenshot / YouTube)

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