How can personality be revealed

Not every person can and wants to reveal his soul. It takes courage to openly show your innermost feelings. That is to be respected. To reveal the soul means to make yourself vulnerable.

Allowing and showing weakness. Those who are aware of their weaknesses, can deal with them, speak openly and confidently about them, are stronger than any macho who has only learned to hide their weaknesses. When I think of machos, Hemingway always comes to mind. The most masculine man who had ever lived. If you read his lyrics, you realize how vulnerable and sensitive Hemingway really is.

It was a long process, at least for me, until I learned to reveal my soul. I needed a lot of courage and the love and support of others. The process is about getting away from irrelevant small talk, prejudice and passive listening. It's about being at peace with yourself and passing this way of life on to people in our lives. To be honest all the time. Now and then to tell a sad soul good words, but never to tell lies. It's about being able to listen 100 percent in a conversation. It takes perseverance, a lot of effort and goodwill.

A simple life results from pure honesty. Lying was a thing of the past. Why do you lie at all? To impress others or to forget something that one cannot and does not want to admit to oneself.

Oscar Wilde once said: "Man is least himself, when he talks in his own person, give him a mask and he will tell you the truth." I like this quote very much. Aren't we all vulnerable? Are we not all weak. With a mask, it is easier for us to tell the truth. But isn't the goal of telling the truth without a mask? To bare ourselves without a mask and to show others our soul?

To reveal the soul means to become a more human, much more sensitive and sensitive being.