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College sweatshirt

Product description

Material and cut

Quality Made in Europe actually best describes it.

Our sweaters are made from 100% cotton and are made in Portugal. Cotton is known for its pleasant wearing comfort and has the property of warming when it is cold and cooling when it is warm. With our sweatshirts you are perfectly dressed in summer and winter. The cut is based on the US college sweatshirts and is therefore very original; this can also be seen in the wide-cut sleeves and the typical ribbed waistband. The fit is therefore very comfortable and, above all, adaptable.

Our stick is, depending on the letter combination, 30cm wide and 16cm high (2 letters) or 20cm wide and 23cm high (1 letter). The woolly soft interior is made with a wool yarn made in Germany, which is made of 50% wool and 50% acrylic. The slightly shiny outer border is finalized with a robust polyester thread, which is also sourced from the Black Forest.

Size choice

Since we offer our sweatshirts with custom embroidery and only want happy customers, we recommend to be sure that you look at our size table (click here) and compare it with your own measurements. It would be a shame if you order your elaborately embroidered unique item in the wrong size.
Treated correctly, your individual stick will last a lifetime.


The products configured here are displayed using a digital coloring technique in order to ensure the most authentic possible representation between the configuration and the original product. Slight deviations cannot be ruled out.
All * colors used by us can be found as Pantone color codes on the color dots themselves or in the attached color table and serve as a reference for the original product. The colors shown here can also vary depending on the device and settings. In addition, the detailed images of the sweatshirts provide information about our original product.
* There is no color code for the heather gray sweatshirt and the neon yellow border color could not be displayed in RGB either.

Care instructions

So that your sweatshirt looks like new after washing and you can enjoy it for a long time, follow our care instructions. Please note that your sweatshirt should always be washed and ironed inside out when the temperature is not too hot.