What TV show includes a functioning family


'Family!' is a modern, two-part melodrama about a blended family:

Lea Behrwaldt, a successful Hamburg lawyer, learns from her mother Alba that she has become a grandmother. Lea has not had any contact with her son for a long time. There is a shadow over both relationships.

Lennart runs a thriving Michelin-starred restaurant in Potsdam. His friend Melanie, who made him a father, brought her little son Tim into the connection. Tim's father argues with her about custody. Melanie loves Lennart, but he also feels drawn to his Lithuanian employee Nida. She is being pursued by a brutal debt collector because her husband is deeply in debt and has gone into hiding.

Lea appears in Potsdam and immediately takes things in hand in her own way. She forces her son to move into her mother Alba’s spacious villa because she is sick and can no longer live alone. Alba's husband was a high judge. Lennart now lives in the house that he found terribly oppressive as a child. Then his restaurant loses a star. Torn between two women and beset by the burden of the family, he has an accident with his motorcycle and is in danger of death.

Alba dies. Lea has to put things in order and tidy up in the house, which also represents a great misfortune for her. Melanie's incompetent brother Jörn, who so far has only helped out in the restaurant, takes on the management and threatens to ruin the shop.

When Nida embezzles money in her desperation, he catches her and blackmails her to sleep with him. Lennart finds it difficult to get back to life. When Melanie catches her child's father red-handed with Nida, she is angry and distraught. But Melanie never gives up. More than anyone else, she is driven by the desire to have a functioning, intact family. She helps Lennart to bring the restaurant back into shape.

Nida's persecutor is driven out. But she leaves Lennart, who is now thrown back on himself and the core of his lifelong tragedy. Lea and Melanie now live together in the spacious Potsdam villa. Melanie provokes her to face the 'secret' that lies over the family and thus to solve the 'curse': Lennart is the son of Lea's sister, whose death she caused. Lea always saw her son to be guilty. Lennart goes to his father to get some final clarity about what happened back then. And then he is finally free inside to acknowledge Melanie and his small family.

  • The successful lawyer Lea Behrwaldt (Iris Berben) always seems to have everything under control - except for her son Lennart. Her new role as grandma surprises her out of the blue and awakens a great sense of responsibility. She quickly rebuked the young family according to their ideas and billeted them in the family residence. On the one hand, she shines as a great help, on the other hand, her possessive nature causes a lot of trouble. As the mouthpiece of the family, she always appears confident and elegant. But behind the smoothly ironed blouses and the shiny hair-dryer there are dark secrets.

  • The new father Lennart (Jürgen Vogel) looks forward to an orderly family life with mixed feelings. He sticks firmly to the small apartment above his star restaurant and cannot really say goodbye to an independent single life. Because his secret passion is not only about cooking, but also the kitchen helper Nida. It turns his head a lot - so much that he can no longer avoid a truck in time and has to fear for his life in the emergency room. The visions in a coma and the skeptical questions of the psychologist make the self-confident fighter question his own life - because he has a past that he knows less about than he would like.

  • Melanie (Anna Maria Mühe) can hardly believe her luck, because she has found her better half in Lennart. With the new addition to the family, she finally seems to be able to leave the lonely and difficult times behind. But the past is not so easy to shake off. Her ex-husband fights mercilessly for their son Tim and throws them out of their small apartment. But the caring mother tries with great fighting spirit again and again to look positively towards the future. With her warm-hearted manner, she can win the hearts of Lennart's family.

  • With a fresh mind and a cheeky mouth, Alba (Marie Anne Fliegel) is the mainstay of the family. Alone she manages the noble family villa in Berlin and shows great skepticism when it comes to new subtenants. Ultimately, the family image is at stake, which it is prepared to defend with all means. Even if her gray curls and the colorful mixture of tablets underline her old age and indicate a crumbling health, the widow makes her way through life bravely and quick-witted. She knows when to speak and when to remain silent, so family secrets are safe with her.

  • Tim (Elias Esser) is Melanie's son from his first marriage and is now a proud big brother. At the age of eight he is powerless against the decisions of adults and torn between the complicated relationships. Even if he likes Lennart, his heart is very attached to his original environment. He misses papa and grandma and grandpa are the greatest anyway. He prefers to live carefree in his grandparents' little hut and play outdoors. There he becomes a little whirlwind and can shed his reserved and shy nature.

  • As a new uncle, Jörn (Andreas Guenther) is not only very close to his sister Melanie, but also to Lennart, who is also his boss, because Jörn helps out in his star restaurant. After Lennart's motorcycle accident, Lea appoints him as managing director and thus gives him a great deal of responsibility - after all, Melanie and the child live off the restaurant's income. But his handling of money is not quite as conscientious as that of his family. Jörn quickly loses control and threatens to ruin the shop. When he catches Nida taking money from the till, he offers her financial help - but only under one very specific condition ...

  • The good soul Nida (Natalie Belitski) works as a kitchen helper in Lennart's star restaurant. She has found something of a second home between the stove and the oven. Since their two children live in Lithuania, which is many kilometers away, Skype calls are the only thing that can bridge their permanent grief and worry. But she knows that without her job in Germany and the money she has earned, she would not be able to survive. Especially since debts already have to be settled and the frightening words of the debt collector are putting the young woman under massive pressure. Insecure and alone, she finds support and solidarity in none other than chef Lennart. Torn between physical and emotional attraction and distancing, she does not want to tear the young father away from his families with her affair.

  • Even if Gero (Andreas Pietschmann) throws his ex-wife Melanie and their son Tim out of his apartment after the separation, the preservation of the family is very important to him. Tim shouldn't forget who his father is, even if Lennart, as a surrogate father, is in ever greater competition. That's why he spends the afternoons with his son, who misses his dad terribly, but behind his back condemns Melanie and her new life with Lennart.