Does the Honda City have ventilated seats

Massage seats: arrive at your destination relaxed

Massage seats provide relaxation for the driver on longer journeys. They have long been found not only on luxury-class vehicles.

The car was once the symbol of freedom: With the VW Beetle you drove to the beach in Rimini, with the Volvo station wagon to Sweden for camping. Back then, the car itself was a means to an end, the goal was the goal. The car is now much more than just a means of transport: we make phone calls while driving, work on important files in the back or turn up the heating at home using digital voice assistants when we are out and about.

The car has become an office and a living room on wheels, and we spend more and more time in the vehicles, not least because of the steadily growing traffic jams.

Cars should become oases of wellness

No wonder that the manufacturers are increasingly upgrading their cars to wellness oases. While seat heating used to be the greatest thing, the steering wheel and armrests are now also heated. If desired, the armchairs can be ventilated, the cup holder heated or cooled, and scented air flows out of the air conditioning system. And: Many models now also have massage seats. While the relax armchairs were initially reserved for the upper class, they are now even available in small cars.

The relaxation technique is almost the same everywhere: As a rule, individual air cushions in the backrest and seat are inflated and then the air is released again in order to exert pressure on the back or thighs at specific points. Depending on how complex the system is, different massage patterns can be implemented: from a wave movement over the entire seat to restriction to individual areas. Mercedes even combines the massage function with seat heating, individual areas are heated separately, which is called a "hot stone massage".

The seating position is changed

Of course, the car seats cannot match the healing effects of a classic massage, and real tension or back pain cannot be kneaded away by the armchairs. However, good systems ensure a certain degree of relaxation while driving. In contrast, especially in cheaper cars, the massage function often doesn't feel much, or it feels like being kicked from the back seat.

In addition to the actual massage, some manufacturers also offer another form of "sitting movement". The terms like “active seat” usually mean a technology that inclines the seat a little at regular intervals and thus ensures that the driver does not remain in the same position for hours. This is primarily intended to prevent back problems, but also to improve concentration. BMW introduced this function at the end of the 90s, at that time with two hydraulic chambers under the seat, which were alternately filled with a water-glysantine mixture and then emptied again. Jaguar Land Rover is now taking up the “active seat” concept, and wants to bring a seat onto the market in which the left or right side of the seat surface is alternately lifted by small electric motors. (SP-X)

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