When did James Garfield become president

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The American President James A. Garfield

Short biography

James A. Garfield was a Republican and was born in Orange, Ohio on November 19, 1831. He was the 20th President of the United States.

He took up his post as President on March 4, 1881 and held it until he was assassinated on September 19, 1881. He was killed in Elberon, New Jersey.

It got its name from his older brother James Ballou Garfield, who died in early childhood. Garfield was also named after his father, who died when Garfiel was 18 months old. Garfield was mostly raised by his mother and came from a poor family.

Garfield is considered to be the last President of the United States to come out of a log cabin or to have been born in one.

Garfield married Lucretia Rudolph and had seven children with this woman. Before his political career, Garfield was a maths teacher and preacher, thanks to these professions he was able to develop his speaker talent, which was much respected at the time.

When he started to study law, he slowly started to get into politics. In 1859 he was elected Senator in Ohio. Garfield kept getting involved in politics until he finally decided to focus his full concentration on it.

And this reached up to the president. All in all, his murder came as a great shock, especially in the western United States, where today you can find some cities named after him. His tenure was finally ended by Vice President Chester A. Arthur.

What Garfiled has achieved in any case, and for which thousands of people are still grateful to him today, is that he has succeeded in fundamentally strengthening the office and position of the President. Garfield is one of the few presidents who will be remembered forever and to whom one is still grateful for a lot today.