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01/31/2015 Atlantikbrücke criminal organization.

Yes, there is no better way to say it. The following excerpt from Friday:

Obviously, the majority of the population in Germany actually believes that the political decisions will be made in Berlin and is convinced that the elected political parties - i.e. currently by the grand coalition - to be governed. But whoever claims that is either the greatest liar or unspeakably ignorant and deluded.

Source: Friday

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01/31/2015 Greece: No matter what Germany does, it will pay.

It's a shame that we can't vote for this man in Germany. The FAZ says the following:

"Whatever Germany says or does, it has to pay in any case," Varoufakis told the French newspaper "La Tribune". When Varoufakis said that Germany had to pay in the end, it was “a cheek, but it's probably true,” said AfD chairman Bernd Lucke.

"We only got this money on condition that we destroy the social economy of Greece and liquidate people," claimed Varoufakis. He describes Europe's dealings with Greece as "financial waterboarding.

The whole monetary union was completely wrongly constructed, said Varoufakis "La Tribune", and that was the fault of the French, who wanted to lay their hands on German currency reserves with the monetary union in order to live beyond their means;

There Varoufakis, who has taught at various Anglo-Saxon universities, advocates the thesis that Germany owed its economic rise to the strategic planning of the Americans, who directed their investments to Germany out of pure power calculations and financed industry there.

Source: FAZ

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01/30/2015 Russian fighter jets over Obama's head in India.

Obama is facing Russian tanks. How cool. The following is available from Sputnik News:

Barack Obama visited the military parade in New Delhi on Monday. There he saw tanks and fighter jets made in Russia. During the military parade, the US President was also able to observe Russian military technology that is available to the Indian armed forces. T-72 and T-90 tanks and launching devices for the BrahMos anti-ship missile, which are manufactured by a Russian-Indian joint venture, rolled through New Delhi. Su-30MKI and MiG-29K fighter jets as well as Mi-17 helicopters flew over the grandstand where Obama and Modi were standing.

Source: Sputnik News

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01/30/2015 Gazprom: Baltic Sea pipeline will not be expanded after all.

The EU should slowly take an example from Greece, otherwise we will soon be heating with peat. The following is written in the Wirtschaftswoche:

According to insiders, the Russian Gazprom group has said goodbye to its plans to build two more tubes in the Baltic Sea pipeline. "The political situation is currently complicated," said a person familiar with the situation on Wednesday the Reuters news agency. “Why should we build two more tubes? We don't build them, ”he added. Gazprom did not initially receive any comments.

Source: Wirtschaftswoche

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01/27/2015 Freedom of the press? British throw pigs out of children's books.

It's all just embarrassing. At N-TV the following is available:

A storm of indignation erupts across Britain. The publishing house Oxford University Press wants to take into account "cultural differences" in its children's books in future and do without pictures of pigs. One does not want to anger Muslims and Jews.

The publisher's recommendation to ban pictures of pigs from children's books became known during a discussion on BBC radio after the attack on the French satirical newspaper "Charlie Hebdo".

Source: N-TV

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01/26/2015 Poroshenko publishes propaganda article in the FAZ.

If Schirrmacher only knew! At RTdeutsch, you can read the following about the FAZ propaganda for the Nazis in Kiev:

In the Monday edition of the FAZ, the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was prominently placed on half a page against the “Russian aggressor and his hybrid war”, an alleged “ethnocide” against the Crimean Tatars, Euro-Atlantic integration and the invincibility of Ukraine . The whole thing right on time for the start of the new military offensive in Kiev and without any contextualization or explanation from the FAZ editorial staff. Did Poroshenko buy into the FAZ?

According to Poroshenko, "7.6 percent of our territory is under the control of regular Russian troops", the Crimean Tatars are threatened by an "ethnocide" by Russia and are making reference to the ongoing investigations into MH17 or the shelling of a bus in Wolnowacha on January 13th the head of state realizes that they are actually unnecessary, because he already knows who is to blame, the [Russian] aggressor and eastern Ukrainian terrorists.

Source: RTdeutsch

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01/26/2015 Aldi takes soap with mosque from its range after a protest.

How is it called so nice?
"But sometimes you have to leave the church in the village."
It's all just embarrassing and grist to PEGIDA's mill. At the west, you can read the following:

After complaints from Muslim customers, Aldi is removing a liquid soap from its range. The mosque on the label is a denigration of religion.
For some it is a completely normal liquid soap. For others, there is much more to the orange-red cream soap “Ombia - 1001 Nights”, which until recently was on the shelves of Aldi Süd. Because: a mosque is depicted on the label.

Source: The West

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01/17/2015 TAZ editor-in-chief describes ARD as a lying press.

Well that's cool. There can only be winners. Kai Gniffke soon suffocates criticism in the Tagesschau blog. Should the TAZ go back to its roots? At the top of the blog posts below the pictures is the following from Gniffke:

That's why it makes me at a loss, no, it really pisses me off when the taz editor-in-chief Ines Pohl, whom I really appreciate, pulls out such a sentence at dpa: “Unfortunately, the handling of the images of the Paris March of the Mighty shows that the word 'Lügenpresse' is not just a pipe dream of Pegida supporters, but that the effect of the images - also for German media makers - is sometimes more important than the documentation of reality.

Source: Tagesschau

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01/13/2015 Provider MCI in Germany tapped by BND and CIA.

Is there still a place that can be trusted? Then the mendacious justification that it is only being done because of the Muslim terrorists, but at the same time we should love all Muslims, as our political mafia also demands at the same time. At Golem you can read extracts from the following:

After Deutsche Telekom, the second provider that the BND tapped in Germany is now known. The German subsidiary of the US provider MCI, based in Dortmund, is said to have given the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) access to its telephone lines. This is reported by the news magazine Der Spiegel, citing confidential documents from the service.

According to the original report, data was sent from the network operator to the BND branch in Rheinhausen and processed there. At that time, the department was still under the code name Ionosphere Institute. MCI is also said not to have been ready for immediate cooperation and to have consulted with its American parent company. Finally, they agreed on a collaboration with the involvement of the CIA.

Source: Golem

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01/12/2015 Great assessment of Charlie Hebdo from Vietnam.

In Cathrinka's blog you can read extracts from the following assessment of the events in France. Our court reporters could get some inspiration there.

Where was the outcry and the worldwide horror when the drones of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama, controlled from Germany, massacre women and children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia, and even wipe out entire wedding parties. Where is the outcry and horror when thousands of refugees drown in the Mediterranean at the gates of Fortress Europe. People, not a few of whom are fleeing Obama's drones. Where was the outcry in Germany when the mass murderer of Kunduz was promoted to general?

Yes, I realize that I am losing humanity. My mind tells me that even posting racist cartoons is not a reason to murder people. My mind appeals to my compassion. But my emotional system is too busy to wrestle down the disgust that the tremendous wave of hypocrisy arouses in me. The feeling, however, is empty and tired and too busy with disgust to have room for something else and denies the understanding the patience that is necessary for such a consideration. For the feeling, the world has long since broken in two parts, perhaps on an erratic line, but it is broken. The feeling says, let them weep their dead, I weep mine.

Source: Cathrinka

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01/12/2015 All hypocrites are now Charlie.

The CeiberWeiber at least write the truth on the subject in their article, in contrast to our lying court reporters. In extracts it says there:

Suddenly everyone is Charlie. Even NATO. "We stand in full solidarity with our ally France," announced the Secretary General. Will NATO soon be the editor of Charlie Hebdo? And will Gauck be a guest columnist on the 'Titanic'? Because the Federal President also declared in the German name: 'We are Charlie'. The number of Charlies is growing by the hour, from one declaration of concern to the next. The CSU is Charlie. The 'FAZ' is Charlie. The 'world' is Charlie. 'BILD' is Charlie. And. And. And.

The hypocrisy is also called Charlie. 'An attack on freedom of the press!' - so the unanimous media response to the killing shots. Freedom of the press - just as a reminder - is actually called a state when unpopular newspapers can neither be censored nor hindered in distribution nor banned by the government. 'Charlie Hebdo' - just as a reminder - is a satirical magazine that was created because the previous paper was censored several times by the government, hindered its distribution and finally banned. Hardly any German commentator found it worth mentioning or even protesting at the time. "

Alexander personally interrogated more than 300 people in Iraq and was the supervisor for more than 1,000 other interrogations; and through this experience he comes to the conclusion that Muslims who fight against "the West" hate "us" not because of our freedom (as George W. Bush likes to claim), but because "we" do not meet our own standards, but rather kidnap, torture, have Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and invade other countries. In other words, they oppose any and every group of people being outlawed (the opposite of "freedom" in a human rights context) if the US wants it to be.

Source: CeiberWeiber

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11/01/2015 Charlie Hebdo investigative commissioner commits suicide.

Yes and his predecessor too? It all stinks! The NSU case sends its regards. As always, no information about it from the court advisors. The following is in the Contra magazine.

The 45-year-old Deputy Director of the Limoges Criminal Police, Helric Fredou, committed suicide on Wednesday night. The French police union reports this on its website. According to the newspaper "Le Populaire", he is said to have shot himself in the head with his service weapon in his office.

In 2013, Fredou succeeded his predecessor, who at the age of 44 also judged himself. This is a major loss for the investigators involved in the attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the hostage-taking that followed. Shortly before the crime, the commissioner questioned the family of one of the victims, but did not complete the report, as reported by TV France 3.

Source: Contra-Magazin

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01/10/2015 ARD supports neo-Nazi historical revisionism.

How deep does one have to sink as a public service broadcaster to spread such mendacious propaganda and to celebrate such types of people as democrats? In the boy world one can read the following:

The website published on Thursday an excerpt from an interview that ARD “Tagesthemen” presenter Pinar Atalay conducted with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseni Yazenjuk. It was broadcast in the "Tagesthemen" on Wednesday. The moderator did not ask when Yatsenyuk commented in a historical revisionist way:

Arseni Yazenjuk: "The Russian aggression in Ukraine is an attack on the world order and on order in Europe. We can all remember the Soviet attack on Ukraine and Germany very well. You have to avoid that, and nobody has the right to rewrite the results of the Second World War. And that is what the Russian President, Mr Putin, is trying to do ".

Source: Young World

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01/08/2015 Jobceter buy monitoring software for the Internet.

One can only advise all unemployed people, leave the PC off the Internet. The Junge-Welt reports the following:

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) is so interested in what unemployed people reveal about themselves and the authorities responsible for them on the Internet that they are currently ordering software for monitoring social networks and wanting to train employees to use the program.

This is software for the targeted search and evaluation of entries in online forums. According to the order, which will run from March 13, 2015 to June 12, 2017, it is literally about "automated identification and analysis of discussions and comments in the German-speaking social web". The invitation to tender also includes “content analysis services and monthly reports” as well as quick evaluations (“ad hoc reports”) “on emerging topics within the social media discussions”.

According to a provider of such software, such tools are used to "identify and analyze" "user-generated content". In contrast to web monitoring, "entries and data from specific users" are evaluated. It would therefore be possible to specifically track activities of individual people on the Internet. However, this is "in no way" the request of the BA, emphasized spokeswoman Wille to jW. The data protection authority was - apparently for this reason - just as little informed about it this time as the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, as it admitted.

Source: Young World

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07.01.2015 Police in Saxony manipulate evidence videos.

Where do we live in Germany? Wasn't that a constitutional state? If the police are already manipulating, who is supposed to believe the guy? The following is available from SPON in extracts:

"It's amazing that people go to jail here because a policeman cuts a video together so that it fits the prosecution. And then in the uncut version we see how just one second after the official police video ends four other people walk through the picture with a megaphone, "said lawyer Richwin in his plea. That is "close to the limit of the rule of law". You ask yourself "the question of how many other procedures this just goes through is shocking".

The court saw it similarly, even if it withheld in its oral judgment with the accusation of manipulation of the evidence. The police video was "practically unusable and not authentic until the last second," said the presiding judge Walter Voigt and praised the work of the defense lawyers who had submitted another video.

Source: SPON

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01/06/2015 US analyst: West smears Ukraine mafia with black money millions.

It was to be suspected, but that this is reported by an ex-think tank employee is already blatant. You can read the following on Sputnik News:

Huge sums of cash are being smuggled into Ukraine from Europe, claims Jerry Collins, ex-employee of the US think tank RAND Corporation, citing “inside information”. The analyst suspects that the black money goes directly to certain Ukrainian politicians.

From October 14 to December 24, 2014, the scheduled flight of the Polish Airlines LOT-765 brought around 27 million US dollars and three million euros from Warsaw to Lviv, writes Collins in an article on Opednews. The cash was carried as 10 kg hand luggage - the equivalent of about a million dollars in 100 dollar bills.

Source: Sputnik News

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05/01/2015 Revenge: Israel refuses to pay Palestinians.

Israel need not be surprised that the opinion of the world population is so negative about this country. Anyone who behaves this way will only reap hatred, but obviously this is intentional in order to cement the current situation. In the boy world you can read the following about this:

Following the Palestinian application to join the International Criminal Court, Israel responded with punitive measures.Israel wants to withhold around half a billion shekels (about 106 million euros) in taxes and duties due to the Palestinians, the Israeli media reported on Sunday. Israel is also considering further steps.

The Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat condemned Israel's actions as "piracy". "Israel is once again responding to our lawful steps with illegal, collective punishment," he said, according to the BBC. According to the Haaretz newspaper, the withheld tax money is VAT and customs duties on goods that have entered the Palestinian territories via Israeli territory. These should have been transferred on Friday.

Source: Young World

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January 4th, 2015 Free internet access in Tehran omibuses.

Germany is still dreaming of that. They already have free schooling and a free health system. At IRIB you can read the following:

After a successful pilot phase in the eastern part of Tehran, all buses in the capital are to be equipped with free internet access, reports the newspaper "Hamshari".

Seyed Jafar Tashakori Hashemi, the vice director of the Tehran Transport Company, said that a big city like Tehran should not ignore the new technologies.

Source: IRIB

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01/04/2015 Officer gives four medals to “criminal organization” N.A.T.O. back.

Another message from the turn of the year, but it is proof that there are still people with a conscience. In radio utopia you can read the following:

Marek Obrtel was a Czech military doctor. His areas of operation were the wars in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina and other countries of the former Yugoslavia as well as in Afghanistan.

In a three-page letter to the Czech government and the Ministry of Defense, which he simultaneously forwarded to Parliament as an open letter to inform the public, the lieutenant colonel expressed his embarrassment that he had taken part in the international peace missions of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Marek Obrtel named the N.A.T.O. a criminal organization with cruel interests and requested the mode of withdrawing the N.A.T.O.medals he had been awarded. The alliance led by the U.S.A. pursues perverse interests and an imperialist policy in artificial conflicts around the world at the highest level of depravity and intoxication.

The military doctor went on to write in the letter that any free country that opposes the U.S. power interests and defends its identity, economy and sovereignty must be wiped off the map.

Source: Radio Utopia

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01/03/2015 German study: Pegida a product from ARD and ZDF.

A tragedy that one first has to find out about the existence of this study from the Russians. This warning was published back in 2007 and our shitty media continue as before. It's nice that it is our own study and that nothing can be attributed to the Russians. So finally switch off ARD and ZDF because it makes you stupid. RTdeusch reports the following in extracts:

As early as 2007, an analysis of the topic structure by ARD and ZDF for the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) showed that Islam mainly occurs there in connection with violence and conflict issues.

In the course of this analysis, issues related to Islam in relevant magazine programs and talk shows as well as documentaries and reports from ARD and ZDF in the period from July 1, 2005 to December 31, 2006 were examined. It was ascertained in which thematic context Islam appeared in such programs.

Instead of pursuing a neutral information approach, it continues, the “very one-sided thematic selection in the magazine and talk programs as well as documentaries and reports from ARD and ZDF is suitable to counteract a prejudice already existing in large parts of the German population towards Islam and to further increase the demoscopically measurable 'fear of Islam' in Germany ”.

Source: RTdeutsch

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01/02/2015 Orwell's 1984 + 30: "Reality is a thousand times more terrible".

The worst thing about the whole thing is that, as noted in the Heise-Online article, obviously, apart from a few exceptions, nobody is interested. In the article it says in excerpts:

In 1983, six SPIEGEL authors wrote a worried book: "The Orwell State 1984 - Vision and Reality." They wanted to compare the reality of the time with the horror visions of George Orwell

In 2014, Orwell was long gone, says Sternsdorff, then SPIEGEL editor and still working as a lawyer at an advanced age. But he means it completely differently than his former colleague Meyer-Larsen: "The reality in our western world is a thousand times more terrible and threatening than Orwell's 1984 vision ever was." The private sphere is largely abolished, every area of ​​personality is visible, and no one can effectively protect against it. "Just think of the Facebook contacts, all the e-mails sent a million times, the e-books that can be used to determine who is reading what." The cell phone in particular has become a tracking and monitoring device par excellence.

What bothers him most is that Western societies are largely dull or ignorant. Despite his research 30 years ago, the development in Germany had continued as feared. And even the epochal revelations by Edward Snowden did not produce much, Sternsdorff regrets in 2014: "A few discussions by intellectuals, but in any case not a bourgeois revolution for the preservation of human rights and the protection of privacy"

Source: Heise-Online

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01/01/2015 USA supplied ISIS with weapons and equipment.

The Iraqis realize a little late what a shitty game the Americans are up to.
Sputnik-News reports the following about it, in contrast to the German court reporters.

The Iraqi parliamentarian, Awad al-Awadi, said on Monday that aircraft of the USA and the anti-IS coalition they led had dropped supplies for the IS militia first in Tal Afar, then in Sinjar and now also in the Balad area With. "With the excuses that this was done accidentally, we will no longer allow ourselves to be misled."

For his part, the mayor of the Iraqi city of Balad (80 km north of Baghdad) Mufid Al-Baldawi informed that an Apache attack helicopter had dropped a container with weapons and ammunition on the IS terrorists trapped in the village of Al Hudeira last Friday. The mayor called on the Baghdad government to investigate.

Source: Sputnik News

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