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How successful are your competitors' websites actually? At the latest when you do a competition analysis, this question is guaranteed to come up. A simple indicator of success is that Website traffic. You can monitor this for your own page using Google Analytics. But how do you get your competitors' data?

We'll introduce you to the best tools to get the Website traffic Scout out your competition.

Website Traffic Check: What Is It For?

The Website traffic gives an indication of how popular the content and offers of the operator are. The data help you to better assess the competition and to recognize which providers are on a par with you, are lagging behind or are ahead of you. You can, for example, learn content ideas from the more successful websites.

A traffic check enables you to Compare the success of your website with the performance of other sites over a period of time. If you regularly check how the data is developing, you can see early on when a competitor is about to outperform you, for example, and you can react quickly.

The analysis of successful competing websites also provides an indication of how much traffic you need to generate yourself to achieve similar results. And last but not least, the number of visitors also plays a role when they are thinking about serving ads on a particular website.

It is impossible to accurately determine page views

The Traffic to your own website can be easily tracked via Google Analytics or HubSpot Analytics. Various statistical tools are available for analyzing other pages. However, these cannot provide absolute, generally valid data, but are to be understood as estimates.

The closest you can get to the truth is when you use multiple tools and compare the data from them. Even without accurate figures, you will get a clear trend as to which websites are particularly well visited.

You can use the following services for the Website traffic check use:

Alexa: Ranking worldwide and country-specific

The American statistics provider Alexa shows the so-called "Alexa traffic rank”. This shows you which websites are most popular in the world or in a specific country.

The value that Alexa outputs is made up of the estimated Number of visitors per day as well as the number of Pageviews - i.e. user activity - in the past three months.

This data is automatically obtained and extrapolated from users of the Alexa toolbar. The lower the Alexa Traffic Rank, the better the page in question is received by users.

Unfortunately, you can only see the exact number of visitors in the free version via a detour. Find the website you are interested in using the WolframAlpha science search engine. The daily visitor numbers determined by Alexa are then displayed in the results.

SEMrush: traffic checker and SEM tool in one

SEMrush is a paid tool that is actually designed for search engine marketing. After you have entered a domain in the search box, you get access to comprehensive data.

In addition to the pure Number of visitors also find out which ones swell the traffic comes from and which ones Countries the website visitors come. You can also see for which Keywords Your competition in search engines ranks.

Unfortunately, the traffic check only works for websites that ranked in the top 20 on Google.

SimilarWeb: Detailed traffic data and source analysis

The SimilarWeb tool uses hundreds of sources for its evaluations. This includes figures from publicly accessible databases as well as direct information that some websites voluntarily share with SimilarWeb. The tool collects all the data and extrapolates them.

It follows that you have a Variety of information can retrieve. In the free version, you first get an insight into how many users have visited a page per month in the past six months.

The tool also tells you where the Visitor come. From this you can also see which swell drove a particularly large amount of traffic to the examined website. A distinction is made here between direct calls, search engines, social media and referrals through links from other websites.

Image: Screenshot from SimilarWeb

If you can afford the paid version, you can look back for more than half a year and compare several websites with one another.

SiteWorthTraffic: Shows the value of a website

The SiteWorthTraffic tool is complete free of charge. It shows how many people visit a website approximately daily, monthly, and yearly. In addition, it assesses the website's worth.

So if you are interested in which websites are most popular and valuable around the world, you can see a corresponding ranking in the service.

Quantcast: Deep Insights into Great Websites

Quantcast doesn't just provide the sheer number of Website visitors, but also demographic characteristics such as age, gender and income, geographic information and interests. This enables an interesting insight into the target group of your competition.

However, the tool only provides data from websites that have actively registered there. That almost leads to you there information on large and well-known websites only will find.

Image: Screenshot by Quantcast

For the US market: TrafficEstimate

The free check from TrafficEstimate has so far only provided little data for Germany. But if you want to get information about competitors in the USA, the tool can be of great value.

It shows next to the Number of visitors also, since when the examined website has existed and what other internet sites they are connected to stands.

A combination of several tools leads to a well-founded traffic analysis

How much Websitetraffic There are a number of tools you can quickly find out about your web presence. Which service is best depends on the exact information you need.

While SiteWorthTraffic and TrafficEstimate prepare the essential data very clearly, SimilarWeb, SEMrusch and Quantcast go further in depth. If you want website ranking, Alexa is the right choice. Since the services usually only show estimates instead of absolute numbers, it can also be worthwhile to combine several tools with one another.

When doing the analysis, keep in mind that many companies are not only represented on the net with their website. Most of them operate a wide variety of social media channels. If you want to know how many people a company really reaches, you should take a look at its presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Co.

Header image: Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Originally published April 17, 2020, updated 12 February 2021

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