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Dear members and friends,
with the general opening steps from May 19, we can also go to Or Chadash from Friday, May 21st, services with a limited number of participants hold off. The services of God will continue to be broadcast via Zoom and Facebook.
To ensure protection against infections, we have agreed the following conditions for participation:
Apart from the people necessary for the process, 16 members or friends can initially take part. Please report in time, but no later than Friday 12 p.m.r, for Kabbalat Shabbat or Schacharit at [email protected] with name, email address and mobile phone number. The places will be allocated according to the time of registration.
All participants must tested, recovered or vaccinated according to the current opening regulation. The respective confirmation (negative test result, vaccination certificate, medical certificate, evidence of antibodies) must be presented on paper or mobile phone with clear identification before entering the synagogue.
Depending on the test type, the following applies: NegativeSelf-tests with a recording of the result in an official data recording system, 24 hours are valid. Antigen tests (e.g. test street, pharmacy) apply48 hours and PCR tests have a validity of72 hours.
The following applies to those who have recovered or have been vaccinated: Partially vaccinated are from the 22nd day after the first vaccination fora maximum of three months exempted from the obligation to test. Fully vaccinated are exempt from testing for nine months. Apply to vaccinationsVaccination certificate, vaccination card or printout. Vaccines wherejust one vaccination is provided (e.g. by Johnson & Johnson), the test exemption applies from the 22nd day after the vaccination for a total of nine months. For Recovered A test exemption applies for 6 months from the time of recovery upon presentation of the medical certificate orSeparation notice. AAntibody test is valid for three months.
The participants must always have one in the synagogue FFP2 mask wear. Exceptions are children under 6 years of age, the church service leader, readers and board members in the event of announcements, whereby attention is paid to keeping a safe distance.
The synagogue room is well ventilated before the service. All participants should please Hand hygiene respect, think highly of. You have to bring your own kippot and tallitot.
On Congregation chant must be waived for the time being, the chant of the ministry of God is not affected. The services of God will continue to be celebrated with due brevity. The Torah procession is dispensed with in chacharit.
The Kiddush after the service of God must still be omitted. The ministry of God makes the kiddush for all participants.
Crowds at the entrance and exit must be avoided. We also ask everyone to make their own decisions about the form of their participation and to make it as easy as possible for those responsible for checking. People belonging to a risk group should still only participate via Zoom.
Please send any questions to [email protected]
We look forward to seeing some of you in person again soon.

Your board of directors and rabbis


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Dear members and friends,

Dear members and friends,

starting May 21, we will hold again hybrid services with a limited attendance for those who are tested, vaccinated or have had Covid-19. The rules are spelled out above in German and follow the general official directives for public places. If you are unsure about anything, please contact [email protected]

Participation in our events as well as prayer services will stay possible via zoom (prayer services will also have a Facebook Live Stream). Login information will be included in the newsletter. You can request them here: [email protected]

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Your board and Rabbi Lior Bar-Ami

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