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The Moroccan King Mohammed VI. In a statement to the people on June 17th, Berber became the second official language alongside Arabic. Berber, which is part of Moroccan heritage, is to be gradually introduced into school teaching and public life on the basis of law. Morocco is the first North African country to recognize Berber as an official language. In Algeria, Berber is considered the national language.

On the map are areas where Berber languages ​​are spoken. The area of ​​Morocco is marked in red.


- ISO 639-3: calc
- Language and dialect group of the Afro-Asian group in North Africa, sometimes called Tamazight
- Official language in Morocco, national language in Algeria and Niger, speakers also in Tunis, Mali, Western Sahara, Libya, Mauritania, Egypt, Israel
- more than 13 million speakers
- Original language of the inhabitants of North Africa, dissemination through Arabic settlement - Language islands, bilingual and multilingualism of the Berbers and word adoption (Arabic, French)
- earlier dialect continuum, today isolated dialects in predominantly spoken form, limited written form, in Tuareg and Moroccan dialects (Tifinagh script), in northern dialects (modified Arabic script) and in Kabyle (modified Latin script)
- Consonant root as in Semitic languages ​​- Word formation and morphology with the help of suffixes (e.g. identification of the feminine with the help of the morpheme 't' at the beginning or end of a word)
- The vocabulary of the resident and nomadic speakers is different.

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Image: P. Andries under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 license

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