What kind of leaders does the world need

Empathy: The managers of the future must lead with love

More love at the management level of companies: Anyone who comes up with such a requirement should know what they are doing. Because he will very quickly be pushed into a corner with alternative nuts and pathetic esoterics. Even the word “empathy” is suspicious. And now even love? First of all, every company needs leadership to be successful, but it doesn't necessarily need leaders.

Companies that mainly rely on self-organization successfully show that there is another way. The attempt to ensure successful leadership by selecting managers with the "right character traits" is also a mistake: In the job profiles we have always found the same expectations of "good" managers for years: assertive, decisive, visionary, authentic, communicative and they should be analytically gifted. But do we actually encounter management personnel with a corresponding character and bundle of skills in companies?

Leading with love does not mean leading with a misguided addiction to harmony. This is based on the opposite of love - on fear and the desire to please everyone. Good leadership first needs its own clarity and inner "coherence" as the basis of real authenticity. We all know this inner voice of our heart, but hardly hear it anymore - because we have learned to solve problems with the (supposedly) rational mind. But even Aristotle knew: "To train the mind without training the heart is no training."